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Day 1 : Royalty/Cardverse

“The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it. Resist it, and your soul grows sick with longing for the things it has forbidden to itself.” — Oscar Wilde

Le seul moyen de se délivrer d'une tentation, c'est d'y céder. Résistez et votre âme se rend malade à force de languir ce qu'elle s'interdit.

I know it’s not even July 9th in the USA but in France, it’s already 5am (i really need to sleep lol). And I really want to post my contribution with this aesthetic.

I like the idea that in the Spades kingdom, that if a citzen, or any one under Spades royalty and immediate servants for that matter, looks into the King/King to be eyes, that there is a tale that they will descend into madness from being able to see the raw form of time in their eyes. So, because of that, it is now tradition for the king to wear a hood that covers their eyes when out of their chamber.

Yeah okay so I know I keep saying that I’m done drawing fanart for cosmic-dare’s fanfics but then I remembered “Royalty in Spades” and then I remembered “You Can’t Take the Sky from Me” again and then I remembered “Faerie Path” and it all just went downhill from there.


Maybe that got it out of my system. 8T

I added excerpts from the scenes that inspired the drawings, but I’d highly suggest going to read the entire stories because they’re just so wonderfully written! >< Her account:

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Royalty in Spades- The Legend of the Four Kingdoms

Although this will be in chapter two, you can have a preview of it here. Chapter two would honestly be done right now if it weren’t for a health setback I had this week, but I am at least a good chunk into it! One thing to note is that the traits of the kingdoms are pulled from traditional card lore. And yes, they aren’t necessarily consistent with what the kingdoms are now (which will be pointed out), simply because things have changed over time. For example, the Kingdom of Spades does still have a strong military, but Clubs is considered the military kingdom in recent times.

Long, long ago back when there were no kingdoms and no rulers, and the people of the continent were looking to their elders for leadership, four citizens came forward; one man and three women, and they brought forward a plan.

“Let us divide this land into fourths. Four kingdoms, one led by each of us, as King,” one of the women offered. She had fiery red hair, and had made her living through revolutionizing the manner in which the people of the land harvested their crops; making it more efficient, safer, and hardier. She took a black paintbrush and drew a symbol on the wall, that of a club. “I shall rule over the kingdom of clubs.” She circled her claim on the aged, yellowed map they’d splayed out. “Its lower lands are fertile and green, and its upper lands are barren, but under my touch, I will make them rich.”

“This is a most brilliant idea,” piped up the sole man of the group, an older man, and the leader of a self-established church throughout much of the land. “I have always believed most in two things; our great God above and the power of love.” He painted a red heart on the wall. “My claim will be called the Kingdom of Hearts.” He outlined it on the map. “Our kingdom will be founded on the idea that the two most worthwhile callings in life are that of a man of the church, or that of a husband or a wife.”

The second woman rolled her eyes at this, but the new King of Hearts, a jolly, kind man, did not notice. “Military prowess is the most important skill of all,” she said. Her dark hair was thick and curly, and her green eyes piercing. Her face had been the last thing many, many men had seen, who had fought against her tribe in the northern uprisings a decade before. She was widely considered the most brilliant military tactician in the history of the land. “With the right leadership, my people will be able to overcome any adversity, any challenge.” She painted her shape, in rich black, on the wall. “The Kingdom of Spades shall be mine.” And outlining a large area on the map, she smiled. “And it will be here.”

The last of the group, an enormously wealthy woman who wore jewels at her throat, sighed. “The remaining land shall be mine then, of course.” She was a merchant who had made her name throughout the years, and through her resourcefulness and skill, she’d become the wealthiest person in all the land. She painted a red shape on the wall in bold strokes. “Diamonds are the hardest jewels in the world, and also one of the most valuable. My kingdom will be wealthy, intelligent and productive. We will be a kingdom that you all rely on.”

The new King of Hearts kneeled down on the ground, raising his hands and praying to God above that he would bless their kingdoms, and that he would always assist them in choosing the greatest and most ideal rulers for the lands.

God did listen, for the next day, eight people came forward; two for each new kingdom. They were marked upon their chest, the symbols of their lands emblazoned upon their flesh. These were the queens and jacks, and they were also to be members of the royal court. The queens and jacks were one with the king, in body and soul. They lived and died beside the king, so when the king passed away, the kingdom could start anew.

And this is how it is, and how it has been for centuries upon centuries, and until end.

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A Little Sample from the upcoming Royalty in Spades Part Two

AKA a snippet of the scene featuring Arthur’s (dysfunctional) family. 


My mother gave me the briefest of hugs, never one for physical contact, as she believed it improper. My father merely clapped his hand on my shoulder and nodded.

My sister, Erin, was far more open with her emotion. She wrapped me up in her arms, her thick, curly red hair pressed into my face and shoulders. She spoke kindly, for she’d always been, although a spitfire of a woman, a bit friendlier than my brothers. She inquired as to how I was and marveled at how I’d grown up, and when she pulled away she said, “Blimey. When I last saw you six years ago, I’d have sworn I could break you. But now, look at you? All strong and grown up and the barkin’ queen of our kingdom.”

This was extremely embarrassing, as my brothers had always made fun of me for being slighter of figure and physically weaker than the rest of the family. That was far from the case now though! I was still smaller, but I reckoned that I could kick at least Cadwgan and Liam‘s arses. Maybe not Rory, but he’d always been a bit of a beast, and that hadn’t changed. I blushed, in spite of myself. I’d grown into myself, and it shouldn’t have been surprising that, being on my own for six years, I was far from still being a child.

“People to tend to grow up, Erin. I was only sixteen when you last saw me,” I retorted as she pulled away. She blinked, her green eyes, the same green eyes that we all had, wide.

“Well of course. It’s just that… we sort of expected you to not have changed so much. Look… you’ve even got freckles now,” she said, placing the tip of her finger on my cheek.

“Oi, he still looks like a scrawny git to me,” Rory finally spoke, and I glared at him. “Ye bas. It figures that out of all of us, it would be you that ended up all the way up ‘ere.”

I huffed, crossing my arms. “And this is a bad thing? I rather think that someone as hotheaded as you would make horrid royalty, Rory.”

Liam, the brother closest to me in age, let out a short laugh. “Yeh still act like such a girl though, crossing your arms and getting all pissed.”

I glanced to Cadwgan. He’d always been the mellowest of my brothers, preferring to donate his free time to taking care of his pet sheep than to harassing me. He was smirking though. Bollocks. “Arthur’s always been like that. Perhaps being a queen is—“

I stomped my foot and glared, angry and intense. “If you could kindly belt up, all of you! I would like to speak with you. It’s only right that I spend time with my own family, especially considering I was away for so long but…”


Erin- Ireland

Rory- Scotland

Cadwgan- Wales

Liam- Northern Ireland

I think Royalty in Spades might end up with an epilogue...

I’ve had the last scene planned forever, but I honestly don’t think it gels that well with the second chapter. Plus, the second chapter will probably go past lj’s word limit if I include it. So yeah, I think there will be an epilogue (of no more than about two thousand words, I imagine).