anonymous asked:

I once saw that Queen Elizabeth had to borrow a tiara in the 70s and have not been able to find that picture with it. Can you post a picture and the full story about it?

Yes, I’ve discussed it here and here.  The story is that on the way to the Fanfare for Europe Gala at Covent Garden in 1973, Queen Elizabeth II’s tiara broke.  Based on the other jewelry she’s wearing I would guess that it was the Vladimir Tiara which we know was in bad shape because Garrad had to completely remake the frame of the tiara in the 80s.  Patrick Plunket, 7th Baron Plunket, who was the Deputy Master of the Household to QEII apparently lived just around the corner so he went home and grabbed the family tiara for her to wear.  It’s the only time I know of her borrowing a tiara.  It was also on Plunket’s advice that Princess Margaret bought the Poltimore Tiara so all in all he was a good guy to have around when it came to tiaras.