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I like to think Alter!Tori might have helped her dad with science projects and stuff once, but I don’t really know WHEN Asriel became… Gastriel, so I just kinda drew Tori as a teen or something with her own outfit and stuff. Or maybe this is how she would look if she WAS the royal scientist herself (or at least one of the Underground’s scientists). I’m rambling now so I’m gonna stop now okay bye hope u like ok im going bye


Graffiti Bridge

Jeff Munson worked on various projects for Prince, Paisley Park Studios, Paisley Park Records, Paisley Park Enterprises, PRN Productions, NPG Records, and Glam Slam from 1988 to 1994.

“In early 1990 when I was still relatively new to working at Paisley Park, I was asked to go visit the set to get approval from Prince for another project. This usually would have been a quick exchange and I would be on my way, but this particular day he asked if I could to stay and help make a movie. Of course I said yes, and was then assigned to work with the art department headed by Vance Lorenzini of Lorenzini Design. Those were long days, and I would return to Paisley Park to do my other “normal” work at night. I joined the shoot when we were shooting in sound stages in New Hope, MN. Later we would shoot the remainder of the film in the sound stage at Paisley Park. 

I did the original logo for the film, using old style pen and ink. Prince liked and approved it but Warner Brothers didn’t let us use it. It remained the logo for the Graffiti Bridge Corporation and I later did his name in the same style. It was used on several other projects, and was also made into jewelry.

My main tasks on set were doing the graffiti on the buildings, helping with props, and painting the lyrics on the wall. I also assisted the art department in everything from set construction to sweeping up.  It was a blast to be a part of this project. I had never been on the set of a movie before, let alone with such great artists as George Clinton, Mavis Staples, The Time, and Jill Jones.

I had one shot to get it right with these lyrics on the wall, we had to paint over it a few times during the course of filming to put up different song lyrics. It would take several hours to make the wall look weathered and blank again, so there was no room for error, you can’t keep a whole major motion picture crew waiting because you messed up. I had sketched out a rough miniature of the live area of the wall and had to make it work the first time and hope the words would all fit at a legible size.

I have great memories of working on this movie. Making movies is a lot of hurry and wait, repetition and long hours but we also had a lot of fun at the same time. One afternoon in the sound stage at Paisley Park, during the bridge sequences, Prince, Jerome Benton and other members of The Time started picking up wood chips from the set and throwing them at each other, sneaking around objects and ambushing one another. Then it was right back to work, they had a movie to make after all. 

It was amazing to see the speed at which sets were created and torn down to make room for other sets. The driving of the jeep through the window of Glam Slam had to be done in one take. There was no time to rebuild the set if it didn’t work.”  


Chelsea Flower Show 2005 by JR P