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It’s an old music industry maxim: You have your whole life to write your first album, but only months or years to write your second. If there’s anyone who knows the pressure of the sophomore record, it’s Ella Yelich-O'Connor, better known as Lorde. Her 2013 debut album, Pure Heroine, sold a million copies in just five months and launched her to stardom, buoyed by the blockbuster single “Royals,” two Grammys and praise from the likes of David Bowie.

With such a heady start, it’s no wonder Lorde’s new album, Melodrama, took another four years to make. “I would go to sleep thinking about it and I would dream about it, and I’d wake up in the morning thinking about it,” she tells NPR’s Michel Martin. “Its grip on me was unrelenting. I knew I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I didn’t make something different, singular and something that I would be proud of.”

Lorde On Dialing Out And Turning Inward

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Happy Valentine’s Day everyone :-).


1.  A SINGLE MAN (2009) This story of love and loss stars John Lautner’s 1949 Schaffer Residence. The film’s immaculate Mid-Century style is the result of a collaboration between director Tom Ford and Mad Men production designer Dan Bishop. 

2. IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE (2000) Widely considered to be one of the most beautiful films ever made, this is as much a lyrical portrait of ‘60′s Hong Kong as it is a tale of doomed romance. The 12th Century Temples of Angkor Wat also make an appearance. 

3. BEFORE SUNSET (2004)  As in the previous instalment of this trilogy, the pleasures of wandering around an unfamiliar city provide this film with its context and structure, and also reinforce its romantic theme of a journey of accidental discovery. 

4. THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS (2001) Wes Anderson’s signature aesthetic had its most elaborate outing then to date, with the iconic 111 Archer Avenue, home to (amongst others) star-crossed lovers /adopted siblings Margot and Richie. 

5. LOST IN TRANSLATION (2003) The loneliness, cultural disorientation, and general sense of freedom and discovery that come with being in an utterly foreign city provide the catalyst for an unexpected romance. 

6. MANHATTAN (1979) See this film for a visit to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim Museum, and for the fact that its central love story actually takes place not between the characters of Isaac and Tracy, but between Woody Allen and New York.

7. HER (2008) Spike Jonze’s near-future LA is a cleaned up, greened-up amalgam of the actual present-day city and the Pudong business district of Shanghai, infused with the palette of a Jamba Juice store.

8. BRIEF ENCOUNTER (1945) One for all the urban designers out there, this is a film about two individuals who are drawn into each other’s lives by the use of public transport :-). For a less iconic riff on the same theme, there’s also the Meryl Streep / Robert De Niro FALLING IN LOVE (1984) (in which De Niro plays an architect). Both films celebrate the kind of chance encounters which are missed when sitting alone in a car on a motorway.

9. ONCE (2006) Again the city streets (in this case those of Dublin) are the catalyst for romance, here between a Big Issue seller and a busker, whose relationship evolves during a lunchtime spent in an local music shop. 

10. BLADERUNNER (1982) As with some of the others, this isn’t technically a romance film, but its love story is as integral to the movie as Frank Lloyd Wright’s Ennis House, Sumner Hunt/ George Wyman’s Bradbury Building, and that perpetually rainy cyber-punk city. Cinema’s most beautiful (and romantic) urban dystopia.


(Image: Schaffer Residence by Joe Fletcher, via Remodelista)  

Eddsworld According to Someone Who has Never Watched Eddsworld but Follows an Eddsworld Blog
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righteverytime-deactivated20160  asked:

can you give me three good horror manga?

Just three?! Okie doke! I’ll do my best! 

Right off the bat, I have to recommend you ANYTHING by Junji Ito and by that I mean literally anything he has ever written ever. 

ALL JUNJI ITO IS GOOD JUNJI ITO. He is the master commander of horror and he is almost required reading when it comes to horror manga. It is really that good! 

Onto more specific manga! 

I AM A HERO. It’s my all-time favorite zombie manga ever. It has fantastic characters, great art, an interesting plot, an accurate representation of what it might be like in a zombie apocalypse, and it is overall just one of my favorite manga in the world.

BATTLE ROYALE. Every single horror manga fan has to read Battle Royale. It is hyped up, but for a great reason. The movie is good but the manga is GREAT. You discover everything about every single character in the story. It moves so fluidly and so interestingly that you just want it to go on forever. You want to see everyone die but at the same time you want some characters to stay forever alive.

FUAN NO TANE. If you want to feel true paranoia about your surroundings, this is the manga to go to. It is very subtle, but absolutely terrifying. It’s about discovering all the creepy shit that can happen to you anywhere you go. All the little ghosts and shit that maybe is happening around you but you just haven’t noticed. Yet.


I cannot just let you go without also recommending you more manga because there is just so much more that I absolutely love and adore. So here it goes! You can just skip this over if you really don’t want anymore recommendations but HERE IT GOES. Also, slug-chicks is a great place to go read btw. They’re super hardworking and update really frequently with new chapters! Just throwing this in there.

KAZUO UMEZU. Junji Ito’s idol, and mine as well. I found this guy not too long ago and he is probably the master commander of this genre. It is WONDERFUL. His are a must read for any horror manga fan.

Personal favorites that all should read: Drifting Classroom | Orochi

Ill name some more below! Oh! And please keep in mind that a lot of these are still on-going. Some of them have only a few chapters, some of them have more! Up to you if you wanna read ongoing mangas!

If you are a little more into taking risks, may I suggest Shintaro Kago. His manga isn’t for everyone though. He is the master at eroguro which is erotic guro. He finds a lot of comedy in depicting very graphic and quite often, very uncomfortable, scenes. I personally adore eroguro.

If you want kind of a taste of his work but not to jump into his darkest waters, I suggest Fetus Collection. One of my favorites by him. ;u; And surprisingly, not as disturbing as the rest of his work. I found it funny tbh. Then again, I have a pretty dark sense of humor.

Oh and to make things easier!

♥ means horror!
★ means psychological!
✖ means gore/abuse/dark shit involved!
☁ means on-going that i know of…
✿ means personal favorite!

Kakegurui ★✿ ☁ 
Sekai Oni ★ ♥ ✖ 
Zero - Kage Miko ♥ ☁
Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service ♥★✿☁
Okitenemuru ♥ ☁ 
Parasyte ♥★✿✿✿
Kamisama, Kisama wo Koroshitai. ♥★✖✿☁  
Tenkuu Shinpan  ♥★✖✿☁
Apocalypse no Toride  ♥★✖✿☁    
I Am A Hero ✿✿✿✿✿✿♥★✖☁
Death Sweeper ♥★☁
Coelacanth ★✿
Ousama Game ♥★
Ousama Game - Kigen ♥★  
Judge ♥★☁
Rabbit Doubt! ♥★✿  
Corpse Party: Another Child ♥★✖☁  
Homunculus ✿✿✿★
Yuureitou ♥★
Torikago no Tsugai ★  
Mahou Shoujo of the End ♥★✖✿
Darwin’s Game ♥★☁
Zekkyou Gakkyu ♥★✖✿☁
Kamisama no Iutoori ♥✿✿✿★✖  
Higanjima ♥★✖✿☁
Hakaijuu  ♥★✿✿☁
Scumbag Loser ♥★✖    
Battle Royale ♥★✖✿✿✿
Ibitsu ♥★✖
Fuan no Tane ♥★✿✿✿
Jisatsu Circle ♥★✖
Zashiki Onna ♥★  
Fetish ★
Portus ♥★
Pupa ♥★✖
Emerging ♥
8.1 Yamada Yusuke Gekijou ♥✖★        
Kouishou Radio ♥★☁  
Sprite ♥✿☁
Green Worldz ♥☁
Dolly Kill Kill ♥☁
Karada Sagashi ♥☁
Delusional Boy ♥☁★
Jinrou Game ♥☁
Death Tube ♥★✖✿☁

A couple of ones I wanted to talk about:

PARASYTE. If you enjoyed the anime (which is just like the manga), the manga is just as fantastic. It is interesting, full of action, the characters are likeable… I was actually rooting more for the parasytes than the humans. A classic and a great one.

HOMUNCULUS. Incredible art, amazing story, and just overall one of my favorite mangas in the world. It is right up there with I am a Hero because it is so fascinating. It is more psychological than anything, but it really fucks with your head. You feel something change inside of you as you read it. As the character’s mind unveils, so does yours.

MAHOU SHOUJO OF THE END. This is just a little side note but while the manga does contain a lot of horror scenes, the story has actually taken a turn for the confusing. It’s gotten very hard to follow and honestly, the characters have all become incredibly annoying to me, especially one in particular.

It was really good but now it’s borderlining on the “eeeeh”. So if you want to try it out, it is very similar to Dolly Kill Kill. It’s good and interesting, but honestly, I’m kind of over it by now because it has gotten far too confusing to keep up with.

And I thiiink this is it… I might’ve read and loved more but I can’t really remember everything! ;u; I hope this helps! 

COMPLETELY FORGOT TO MENTION GANTZ, one of the people who reblogged it, a lovely person, just reminded me! Gantz is also FANTASTIC. Its one of the mangas I am currently reading through barely but so far I really love it. 

~40 something yr old killua travelling back in time to beginning of hxh would be soooooooooooooooo good lol

some guy that looks like silva but just slightly different showing up and wanting to help young gon and killua but killua totally doesnt trust him, and gon has little interest in anyone really helping him find his dad because what he really wants is the work/adventure in finding ging on his own

also this is a lot of random word barf

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Steal My Heart (steal my whole life too) (1/24)

Title: Steal My Heart (steal my whole life too)

Genre: Chaptered, fantasy AU, Prince!Phil, Thief!Dan, romance, enemies to lovers, angst and fluff, slow burn (like serious slow burn)

Warnings: some violence, mentions of death (no main characters), dark magic, descriptions of wounds/blood, some hints of sexual scenes (but no actual smut), murder, dangerous situations, stealing/thievery

Summary: Captain of the Royal Guard and Prince of Morellia, Philip Lester has never been given the chance to find love. Instead, he’s run from a system that works to end class differences and improve equality for its citizens. Happy as he is to make the world a better place, Phil can’t help feeling bitter towards his ancestors for making it impossible for him to find someone who will actually love him for more than just his title, and strives instead for a life of justice and doing good - only to meet his match in the King of Thieves, a man who will change everything he once thought he knew in life. Together, they must depart on a quest to save the kingdom, and, in the process, destroy their differences and find their own form of love.

Word count: 240,000+

Updates: Sunday

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Things I care about:

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  • Just watch it ok
Let's Be Honest Here

We’d all much rather prefer a guy/girl in a marching band uniform than a knight in shining armor.

I love Riliane. I love Riliane, the “evil” princess who brutally murdered anyone who she felt was even mildly unpleasant (she killed someone just for smiling). I love Riliane, the petulant child who surrounded herself in extravagant dresses, dolls, and desserts while leaving the rest of her country struggling to survive. I love Riliane, the jealous teenager who starts a genocide over a broken heart and a rejected proposal.

I love Riliane, the child whose cards were stacked against her from the start, being possessed by two demons without her consent due to circumstances beyond her control. I love Riliane, the 14-year-old girl living in a palace full of people, yet alone like the sun, without anyone who truly loved her. I love Riliane, the daughter who just wanted to be strong like her mother. I love Riliane, the sister that realizes too late that she had what she wanted all along, the other half she had been subconsciously been looking for.

I love Riliane Rin, the new nun who refuses to lift a finger without a threat to her meal ticket, or worse, her pride. I love Rin, the girl who gradually, after years of living in austerity, finally asks for forgiveness for her sins. 

There isn’t one thing I don’t love about Riliane, the girl who goes from being a selfish, self-absorbed, tyrannical royal who single-handedly destroyed an empire and threw several more into chaos, to a compassionate nun, filled with regret, wishing only for an eternity of peace. 


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Please excuse my rant:

Why does Prince Adam and Hercules bear a striking resemblance?

If - a big IF - they’re related their blue-eyed kinda ginger-looking blood line could connect the Disney lineage theory from Hercules/Ariel with Prince Adam. Here’s a SUPER brief summary. YouTube it (it’s worth it). This theory would be really nice assuming that Adam’s tale is far in the past where he and Belle had the descendants of Jane from Tarzan. Separately the young Ariel COULD have been investigating the partial wreckage of the ship that Elsa and Anna’s parents “died” on (on the way to Rapunzel’s wedding because Elsa/Anna’s mother is sisters with Rapunzel’s mother thus the ladies are all cousins; the theory is complex) only to discover they survived of the coast of Africa and produced Tarzan wherein Tarzan and Jane meet (reunite????) As their past lives had once had???

Granted the existing conspiracy theory has some huge holes in it but I won’t discuss them. I’m personally inclined to believing that Disney would play with the idea of past lives reuniting because it’s just enough romantic and cliché that Dinsey may consider it. I’d still ship it though.

After watching enough Disney growing up and knowing Disney and (admittedly) some basic mythology: actions of the past invtitably tie into the fates of the present/future actions of the descendants. Plus the Disney royal conspiracy theory essentially wishes to tie all princess into one, single originating royal line. This particular fandom/conspiracy is already in a pretty deep hole.

Don’t even get me started on how the Fairy Godmother = Blue Fairy, Eilonwy = Maleficent (and possibly not a kin to Aurora’s family), Alice lead to Wendy, or on how Snow White = Mother Gothel


This begs the question of:

“On which basis can Adam and Hercules be related?”

Aside from the obvious that a Pre-Revolutionary French Prince could be as prestigious as a Greek Demi God; I have no basis on which to connect the two.

Dear Tumblr:
Please help me theorize this connection


Theorize the other princes/princesses’ possible connections to one another or through association/interaction such as Jasmine (although I’ve heard a compelling partial answer with Aladdin possibly being a Prince already) Tiana, Moana, Merida, Cinderella, Mulan, Aurora, Pocahontas, and other heroines such as Alice, Esmerelda, and Anastasia (but she’s not considered a traditional princess???) to name a few without distorting their cultures, origins, and significance more so than what Disney and this conspiracy has already done.

If we can expand this idea to all stories; neat. Otherwise I’d like to know if there’s some merit to my theory or if I’m just believing this nonsense simply because I think the two look alike.
With a Wham, Bam - remmyme - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
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Relationships: Castiel/Dean Winchester
Characters: Castiel, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Jessica Moore
Additional Tags: First Meetings, baseball games, dodger stadium, kiss cam, dean has no chill

Sam convinces Dean to attend a company-funded baseball game. There, he meets Cas.

Sneak Peek:

“Dude,” Dean laughs around the mouth of his beer. “You hate baseball.”

Sam’s face does that thing it does when he thinks Dean’s being overdramatic. Dean rolls his eyes on principle alone.

“I don’t hate it,” Sam says, “I just don’t understand why we have to have the exact same Twins vs. Royals blowout every. Single. Year.”

“Hey, that’s on you,” Dean says, pointing an accusing finger. “You know how Mom and Uncle Bobby get after a couple’a egg nogs. The fuck do you even put in there?”

Sam smirks, entirely too self-satisfied. “Wouldn’t you like to know.”

Dean only snorts, draining his bottle before signaling the bartender for another. Sam twists in his stool to fix Dean with imploring eyes. “You like baseball. It’ll be fun, I swear, and I hear they’re good seats! Only the best for Santa Ana’s top firm.”

Dean scoffs with exaggerated disgust, “Really, Sam? Give me the $15 nosebleeds over one of those bullshit glassed-off boxes any day.”  

Sam rattles out a groan and Dean huffs a laugh. Yeah, Dean’s totally the one being overdramatic, here.

“Please, Dean? I’m still the new guy up there, this is my opportunity to make some connections, get to know people!” Sam turns the puppy eyes up to 11. “I don’t want to be the loner friendless loser. Please just come.”

Dean considers Sam for a long, silent moment.

“You’re buying my beers.”

Sam puts up both hands, palms out. “Done.”

“And a hotdog.”


“And you’re driving,” Dean says, turning back to face the bar, reluctant smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. “Hell no am I leaving Baby in a fucking lot.”