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Mount Royal - Montreal - Canada (by annajewels

This is a PSA for all people who use hotels:

Skip 3rd Parties. 3rd Parties are those nifty sites that let you book rooms online.

They will scam you over and over. The “Confirmation numbers” they send you are fake. If you want confirmation, you need to call the hotel and confirm with them that they recieved your reservation. If they don’t have your NAME anywhere, then you don’t have confirmation.

If you directly book with a hotel (as in call and talk to a clerk), 1.) You will have confirmation, 2.) You will have better service and a face to match to it later, 3.) You will know exactly where your money is (3rd Parties frequently misplace your payments, which can result in you having to pay TWICE because the hotel can’t check you in without a form of payment!), 4.) You won’t hear more than maybe 2min of Hold Music in your entire experience dealing directly with the hotel.

I’m telling you all this so you can be Good Customers and not be the trashbags we all hate so much. Please do not yell at hotel clerks because a 3rd Party royally ruined your vacation. Please. We don’t own them, we are just forced to do business with them.