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A Dance With Death

Summary: Dan is the God of Death, who helps people to the Underworld when they pass. One day, he randomly pops up at a masquerade ball for Prince Philip’s coming of age ceremony. He doesn’t know why he is there, but it’s hard to focus on his job when the prince asks him to dance.
Word Count: 7,919
Warnings: character death, blood, graphic depictions of dying
A/N: Many thanks to Haley ( @haleykinz) for this WONDERFUL idea! I just kinda took this idea and ran with it, and now it’s far too long. As you can see, this does have character death in it. BUT, it is a happy ending. I mean, Dan’s the God of Death, what do you expect? Also thank you to Jillian ( @jilliancares) and Elizajane ( @snowbunnylester) for helping me develop this fic, and thank you to Hannah ( @flyingstarshowell) for betaing this for me :’) love u all

tag urself, god edition
art by haley
art by @dilshamster​

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Dan has a guilty pleasure.

It’s a weird one, that’s for sure, something that most people like him don’t have any desire for. But he can’t seem to help it, honestly. He likes the way people move around him, how they laugh and dance and genuinely don’t care about anything else in the world. He likes the way girls’ dresses flow as they twirl and the way men wear little bow ties around their necks. Hell, sometimes girls wear bowties, and Dan likes that too.

And for a single moment, nobody thinks about death.

Masquerade dances are the perfect excuses for Dan to be himself. Well, kind of.

He’s dead. He’s been dead for thousands of years, in fact. He is a creature of the underworld, one made of bone and paper-thin flesh that he can mould to his liking. He have s changed his appearance sometimes, just because he could. Once, he had found himself moulding into Shrek and had laughed for a good three weeks before deciding to change it up.

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Royal Mail’s latest stamp collection celebrates the UK’s “renaissance of contemporary architecture" 

Zaha Hadid’s London Aquatics Centre, EMBT’s Scottish Parliament and Haworth Tompkins’s Stirling-Prize-winning Everyman Theatre are just some of the landmark buildings featured on a new set of UK stamps dedicated to contemporary architecture. Designed by London design agency GBH, the Royal Mail Special Stamps Collectionfeatures 10 of the most famous public buildings from the last two decades.

To mark the 70th Wedding Anniversary of Her Majesty The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh, new photographic portraits have been released worldwide. 

 The Queen and His Royal Highness will celebrate their Wedding Anniverary on Monday, 20th November 2017. 

The portraits, by British photographer Matt Holyoak of Camera Press, were taken in the White Drawing Room at Windsor Castle in early November. 

 In this first release, The Queen and His Royal Highness are framed by Thomas Gainsborough’s 1781 portraits of George III and Queen Charlotte, who were married for 57 years. 

The marriage of the then Princess Elizabeth to Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten took place at Westminster Abbey on 20th November 1947.