so yeah.

Yesterday i had a fight with my mum and now im living with my dad, so now everything’s different; I dunno if I can be here as much as before, but I’ll try my hardest. I don’t like to be here with my dad tho, I hate it so so so so muchhhh, but pff who cares. I dont know what to say, i just.. whatever, my mum has my phone, so no aim for the time being, but i think my dad will buy me a new phone or will talk to her i dont know anything ughhh. Well, uh, ahhhhhh. If you’re tagged is because you’re important to me ok, and i dont want to lose you. You need to stay strong as much as i need, i cant with this anymore but idk, some people need me and pff. 

P.S: Te amo mucho, don’t forget that<333 sometimes i’ll be on aim i think, i dunno.

tumblr break

Okay guys, i feel like a need a break, i feel bad with myself and with everyone, im broken, i feel like i need to end all this, but i made a promise and im gonna keep it, sometimes i’ll be on aim, i dont know, and i dont know when i’ll come back too..

stephi (thisnashvile) will be on my account, so dont worry :) bye guys, i’ll be back soon, i think, dont forget me, i wont forget you