A bunch of people already????

…Well, he wasn’t surprised. He did gather a lot of attention, didn’t he? Sigh, he just hoped they didn’t assume he was his charming, charismatic stage-self in school. 

He turned to one of the students stepping closer to him, and raised a brow. 

“………What ith it? D'ya need thomething?”

Gosh, to even say that I’ve reached this level is astounding. Really. I know things have been really rough lately, and I know I’ve been kind of bitchy as of late. But, hey. We all have our ups and downs, and I wanted to thank those that have stuck around for the thick and the thin. Below I want to thank those that I’ve always admired on my dash. I won’t be writing any little blurbs about anyone, because I don’t want to somehow move them to tears for whatever reason. But I do love you all so, so, so very much.

☾life-changing friends☽

undxrtaker ✧ shslbreakfastclub ✧ shslnaturalhealer ✧ shslunholytrio ✧ intxrrogator ✧ shsllabrats ✧ pxpuruburu ✧ superhighschoollevelnerds ✧ shslnerdsquad ✧ rxvolutionist ✧ spooky-stxdents ✧ spookymuseclub ✧ nekophxnes ✧ shslshort-ladies ✧ shslmagesocs ✧ tapdxncing ✧ 

☾people i want to become better friends with☽

shsl-mentalist-trio ✧ superduperhighschoollmuses ✧ shsl-rebel-idol ✧ royalreality ✧ astrxphysicist ✧ shslspokenseams ✧ kigurumx ✧ shslherdofocs ✧ ultimatetalents ✧ shsl-action-crew ✧ flxame ✧ txpidjudgement ✧ foreign-harpist ✧

☾people i enjoy having around☽

shslgiantnerds ✧ theshortnerds ✧ spookycreators ✧ superhighschoollevel-biologist ✧ shslpartyplans ✧ shslhopespeakstudents ✧ shxunen ✧ bigtopbxbes ✧ theshslgeneticist ✧ shslfxmme ✧

☾people i admire from afar☽

shsl-kindergarten-assistant ✧ shslmultitude ✧ ultimateidolmanager ✧ shslcoffeehouse ✧ shslcollective ✧ shsl-uneasyutaite ✧ shsl-utaite ✧ shslvisualkei ✧ spyxstrategist ✧ lucky-underdog ✧ yua-himura ✧ shslphotojournalist ✧ shslsexeducator ✧ shslinsectcollector ✧ vermillion-chessboard ✧ shslfirefight ✧ meidokyua ✧ shslcrimewriter ✧ internatixnal ✧ shsldmmarco ✧ shsl-alternatives ✧ shsl-aunaturel ✧ shooting-petals ✧ shsl-multi-muse ✧

And even if you aren’t on this list, it doesn’t mean that I love you or admire you any less! All of the above have made an impact in my life somehow, someway, and I strive to learn something from every single one of them, and maybe even befriend a lot, or become even better friends than I already am. Please do also remember that this list is in no particular order!

♡ Thank you all again, and I love each and every one of you! ♡