Trimberly Week (D5)


  • The year is 1916 and Tsar Victor II is having a ball to celebrate the Romanov tricentennial
  • His father Emperor Zordon is visiting from Paris with a gift to give to his youngest granddaughter, six-year old princess Trinity
    • it’s a music box and a necklace that says “together in Paris”
  • But the ball is cut short by sorceress Rita Repulsa, the former royal advisor who was banished for treason and who sold her soul to place a curse on the Romanov family, sparking the Russian Revolution
  • The palace is under attack and in the chaos Trinity runs back to grab her music box and is chased by her grandfather
  • They escape with the help of a young servant girl named Kimberly, who opens a secret passageway and fends off the invaders until they knock her out
  • Rita catches up to Zordon and Trinity but drowns when she falls in a frozen river
  • While escaping on a train Zordon manages to get on board but Trinity falls on the platform and hits her head and Zordon loses sight of her as the train takes off
  • Ten years later, Kim is a con-artists who hears rumor that the princess Trinity is still alive and that her royal grandfather will pay a reward to anyone who finds her
    • so Kim and her two friends Jason and Zack plan a con to find a girl to play the princess and scam the royal emperor, and then get the fuck outta dodge
    • only problem is they can’t find anyone to play the part
  • Trini is being kicked out of the orphanage that took her in ten years ago
    • she has no recollection of who she was, only a necklace that says “together in Paris”
  • On her way into town she finds a kitten she names Saber that leads her towards St. Petersburg and she decides to catch a train to Paris, but she doesn’t have a passport, so no ticket
  • a lady directs her to the abandoned palace where she will find a woman named Kimberly who can get her a passport
  • As she’s walking around the palace she stumbles upon the ballroom and vaguely recalls a ball, but her vision is interrupted by a woman calling out to her
  • Trini runs up the stairs but Kim catches up to her, and when Trini turns Kim can’t help but notice the similarities between the girl and the princess in the painting
  • Jason and Zack go along with Kim’s plan as she tells this girl that she’s the missing princess and that they can take her to Paris to find her grandfather
  • However Trini’s presence in the palace reawakens Rita and her minion Alpha-Five and she sets out to kill Trini
  • Trini and Kim don’t exactly get along, but it amuses Zack and Jason to no end
  • On his way to the food car Zack discovers they’re visas are invalid and they move to the luggage car but Rita’s demons detach the car and send them on a crash course
    • Kim hops outside to fix the train car while Jason and Zack get trapped by the luggage
    • Kim nearly falls off but Trini’s able to catch her and yank her back on board, losing her footing so that when they land Kim’s on top of her
  • They’re able to hop off in the snow banks beside the track just before the train falls off the bridge
  • From there they travel on foot an Jason gets word from his “friend” (wink wink) Billy, one of Zordon’s advisors, who says he arranged a boat for them to take them to Paris and he will meet them there
  • Trini finds out she will need to convince Billy that she is the princess in order to see her grandfather so Jason, Zack, and Kim spend the trip to the docks teaching Trini about her upbrings and how to act like a proper royal
  • on the boat ride Kim instructs Trini on how to waltz because she’s the only one who knows how to
    • its soft and slow and Kim finds herself blushing and stuttering through most of the dance
    • and she’s tempted to kiss Trini but she pulls back quickly, much to Zack and Jason’s disappointment, and bids them all goodnight
  • That night Rita casts a spell on Trini that makes her sleepwalk with the intention of making her jump overboard, but Saber wakes Kim who is able to save Trini and hold her as she cries
    • Trini falls asleep in Kim’s arms from sheer exhaustion and Kim carries her bridal-style back to their room and before she can stop herself she kisses Trini, chastely and without waking her
    • She tells herself it was just a response to seeing Trini okay and goes to bed
  • Rita, fed up with her failed attempts to kill Trini decides to go topside and do the deed herself
  • The next morning they arrive in Paris and Trini has no recollection of what happened the night before and Kim tells her not to worry about it, just to remember everything they’ve taught her
  • The gang meet up with Billy who quizzes Trini
    • At the end, Billy asks Trini how she escaped and Kim winces because they never went over that, but then Trini whispers:
      • “It… it was a servant girl. She… opened a wall, I think.”
    • And Kim’s in shock because she was that servant girl, which means Trini is the real Princess Trinity
  • Billy takes them out shopping to pick out an outfit for Trini to wear to the Opera house where she’ll meet Zordon
    • And Kim realizes she’s in love with Trini but knows that when she introduces her to Zordon she’ll never get to see her again
  • Outside the opera house Kim tells Jason and Zack that she was the servant girl who saved Trini and that she is in fact the princess
    • Jason can tell that Kim’s in love with Trini but she just brushes him off
    • Although resigned to her fate she isn’t prepared to see Trini standing on the staircase in a beautiful gown, waiting patiently for Kim to escort her
  • When the play is over Kim and Trini go to talk to Zordon, Kim going in first while Trini eavesdrops by the door
  • Zordon however refuses to meet the girl Kim brought, having heard that Kim was a conartist who held auditions to find impostors, and she gets kicked out
  • Trini yells at Kim and Kim tries to tell Trini that she really is the princess, but Trini feels so betrayed and she slaps Kim before running away
  • Kim then waits outside the Opera house to highjack Zordon’s vehicle and drive him to Trini, demanding that he just talk to her
  • Trini and Zordon meet and Trini gets her memories back and they hug
  • A few days later Zordon arranges a ball where he will announce Trini’s arrival
    • He also confronts Kim on why she didn’t take the reward and Kim merely says that she was just glad to return Trini home
  • As she’s leaving the palace Trini and Kim bump into each other and exchange a few words before Kim leaves to catch her train
    • but at the station she decides she can’t leave and heads back to the palace
  • The ball is in full swing and Trini is hiding in the back, nervous and wishing Kim were there, when Saber leads her out to the gardens behind the palace
    • Rita confronts Trini on a bridge and tries to throw her over but then Kim shows up and manages to pull her to safety, only for Rita to throw her into a pile of rubble
    • Trini breaks Rita’s staff and Rita perishes
  • Trini races to Kim’s side and believes her dead, but then Kim wakes up and Trini accidentally slaps her and tackles her in a painful hug
      • Trini: “You didn’t go-”
      • Kim: “I… couldn’t. Not without you.”
    • And Trini goes to kiss her but they’re interrupted by Saber, who’s playfully batting at Trini’s crown
  • Later Zordon, Jason, Billy, and Zack find a note from Trini that says she’ll keep in touch but that she and Kim are headed out on an adventure
    • Zack fangirls and everyone celebrates
  • Trini and Kim dance around in their dirty and torn up cloths, laughing and signing without music
  • And Kim sweeps her up into her arms and they kiss until they can’t breathe


  • After a few years the two return to Paris with their adopted daughter, Tommie Oliver
  • Zordon gives them a huge fortune and they use it to open an orphanage
Royal AU - One

Niklaus Mikaelson was different from his siblings. His older brother Elijah was next in line for the throne (but was unamused by it), his younger brother Kol was what the commoner women called a bad boy charmer and his little sister Rebekah was for the most part a saint. As for Niklaus, he was just a bastard child living in a dysfunctional family that just happened to rule a good portion of the east, so he mainly did his own thing. Their father Mikael had an iron fist and everything had its place. Their mother, Esther, was quiet and reserved but was one to stand her grown when things were threatened. 

“Nik, we’re going to the river.” Rebekah said, holding up her dress as she shuffled her way down the hallway to catch up with him. 

“Who’s we?” 

“Kol and I…” She said, trailing off for a moment. “And this boy that lives down there. We’ve spoken a few times. Written too.”

Klaus looked at her, raising a brow. “What’s his name?”

“Matthew. He likes Matt, though. Rather charming.” Klaus shook his head. “What?”

“You can’t swoon over a man you just met, Rebekah.”

Rebekah simply scoffed. “I am now swooning. Come on, now.”