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RFA + V and Saeran reacting to MC being royalty (Maids, government stuff, crowns & etc.) Sort of fantasy.

(I ment to post this before the new year. But since I was swamped with family I;m starting the new year with this royal MC. Happy new years guys, gals, and nonbinary pals!)

Royal mc is a good Mc~Madre Mod


  • “can you pay off my student loans?”
  • is so freaking surprised
  • he wouldn’t’ve (Would not have) guessed that you were royalty
  • honest to god tries to act better and fancier
  • baby no I like you for who you are, please don’t change
  • you have to tell him that just because you’re royalty doesn’t mean that he has to act different
  • the bean only wants to be the best boyfriend for your royal ass


  • ????
  • “My Princess/Prince/gender neutral royal term really is a Princess/Princes/gender neutral royal term????”
  • He is so freaking happy
  • but also sad
  • he wants to give you the world, but you already have it.
  • He asks if you could wear your royal attire for him
  • when you did he had to leave the house to calm down before the beast takes you right where you stood
  • he WILL show you off to everybody AGAIN
  • “Zen you already told us that they are your partner.” “But did I teLL YOU THA T SHE  I T RO YAL  T Y??????” Zen please
  • will try to spoil you
  • he treats you like the royalty that you are
  • And you can’t stop him


  • well shit
  • he honest to god went to bow down
  • you had to tell him that he didn’t need to do that
  • he does it anyway
  • he just like zen will treat your ass like royalty like he already wasn’t
  • but he does want to know what it’s like being royal
  • not those questions like “How much money do you have?”
  • He asks “Is it hard being royal?” and “Does everybody treat you kindly?” he is ready to sue if they don’t tbh
  • tries to buy you expensive things
  • you repeatedly tell him not to
  • but he does anyway
  • you can’t stop him


  • she is indifferent on the outside
  • but on the inside she is screaming
  • “Holy shit my partner is royalty.”
  • but she treats you normaly like you didn’t tell her that you are royalty
  • but you notice that when she does something for you (Like making you a latte) it looks like she put hella time and effort into it
  • subtle jaehee is subtle
  • other than that she acts like it’s not a big deal


  • look me in the eye and tell me that he didnt already know this
  • I mean he did a BACKGROUND CHECK when you showed up in the messenger
  • he just kept it a secret from the others
  • and waited for you to tell him that information
  • he will get you anything you ask
  • well not ask, more like looked at
  • he will spoil you even more
  • like
  • you WILL have a space wedding


  • He actually bows down when he finds out
  • he already is a gentleman, but now he will be MORE of a gentleman.
  • he will do the best he can to protect you
  • if he found out your parents were going to make you have an arranged wedding this man will fight them
  • well the best he could
  • verbal fights, but face him in the right direction
  • takes more pictures of you than normal


  • holy shit he didn’t know you was royalty
  • shitshitshitshit
  • he tries to make up for his past bullshit
  • he tries really hard
  • like he nearly buys an entire store 
  • needs consoling that he is forgiven
  • tries to be as normal as possible
  • “Saeran please, you don’t have to force yourself.” “No MC a (Princess/Prince/gender neutral royal term) like you needs somebody normal…” “Saeran I like you for you.”
  • Need constant reminders that you love him for his version of normal.
Untold Stories of a Smarter Woman

I used to be the kind of person that couldn’t say no if I knew someone liked me. Not saying I was easy. Not at all. But I entertained a lot of foolishness to spare people’s feelings. Went on the worst dates, had the strangest phone conversations and accepted a lot of useless gifts. I’m not the person anymore.

I have very little care for material things especially if that is all you have to offer me. I am quite alright without brand names and dollar signs clouding my brain. PLEASE don’t get me wrong, I like nice things and aspire to be financially stable at some point in my life, but my world is not built on the foundation of wealth and my happiness can not be found in money.

I used to joke about being a charmer. I could charm anyone to give me anything. But truth is, with all I had and with all I could get most of the times, I still felt EMPTY. I needed more. I wanted more. I still need more. I still want more. Settling is not an option for me ANYMORE! I refuse it even acknowledge that this term exists. It only exists for those who are content with just being. I want more than to just be. I have a purpose, a destiny which requires me to do more that settle. And it requires me to do so much more than “exist” —-

I have to LIVE.

Often we hear the quote, “When someone comes into your life, they should COMPLIMENT what already exists, not COMPLETE it.” Although this may sound good, it didn’t really make sense to me until I actually applied it to my life. It helped me realize that some people come into your life automatically thinking what THEY have will make you a BETTER you. Just the mere fact that they pay you attention should make your life THAT much better.

Well …excuse me!

I’m not perfect and couldn’t imagine being with someone who is. God is the only perfection I know his son is who I aspire to be more like. Man is nothing but a melting vessel, allowing themselves to be mended and molded by the experiences of their lives. I want to be mended, molded and completed by God.

I used to be a girl that fell in love at HELLO.

I used to be a woman who was letting her life be controlled by the wealth of man.

I used to be a teacher that thought all students around the world were the same.

I used to settle.

I used to think having a man would complete my “perfect” little life.

I used to exist, but since I have come to China I have found it much easier to LIVE.

By no means am I saying I want to be single for life. Most single women grow old to become very sad women. God did not create us to live our life alone. But, in my time of singleness I will not live looking for someone to be with but I will live knowing that someone out there is looking for me. And when they find me, I will be ready. 

A Good Friend is Like a Bra

My Grandmother always said, “A good friend is like a bra, supportive and close to your heart.”

I know a good friend is exactly what I have found in Miss JoJo. So far she is the only person I have connected with here. She is not just another person I have to make up excuses in order to avoid. When first arriving in China, you want to make friends so badly that you must take risks with other foreigners. You have to cling to anyone who speaks English in order to survive.

Later in my experience I have found that most of the people who I have made connections with, are like those friends you make in your classes in college. You are friends with them only because you share a common cause. In college it was passing the class, here it is surviving.

Surviving is not living though. I need a friend like JoJo who is past the stage of survival and on to living a real life.

JoJo and I are the same age with very different backgrounds. She is a Haitian woman from New Jersey while I am Mexican woman from Michigan. She has already accomplished so much. She has her masters degree in Education. I have yet to decide what I want to study for my masters degree.

JoJo is intelligent, beautiful, and strong willed. She tells it like it is and is not afraid to speak her mind. She knows when she should speak her mind and when she should just sit back and listen. It is wonderful that I have found someone so similiar. It is nice to not feel completely over powered in a conversation since I am more timid about saying what I want to say. She can give me advice and listen just as well.

I love spending time with JoJo. It just comes so naturally. I don’t have to try to be anyone but myself. It is like she is cheering me on every step of my experience in China. There are things that have happened to me that I didn’t realize were exciting until JoJo got excited about them. She is my rock while here in China. She knows exactly what I am going through and knows exactly how to make me feel better.

She has so much passion for life. I know she will become a superstar here in Guangzhou and I am there ready to support her every step of the way. Through her I have been coming out of my shell a little more and just going along for the ride. It recently occured to me, last Wednesday to be exact, that I would drop everything if she needed me.

We want to share our success with our family and friends and being successful in China can be extremely stressfull. There are not a lot of people who are willing to get excited for you and not just want to use you. It is much harder to share your success with someone on the other side of the world. While skype dates might be nice to share the news, it is not the same as being together.

JoJo makes it easier to be a better person. I have recently started going to Church again. This has helped me immensely when I miss home and makes it worth while to spend time with people who care about you. When we go out she doesn’t egg me on to drink. I can drink if I want but it is so much easier not to when I am around her. We have fun just dancing and hanging out. I have been able to be myself without worrying about what others think and I have her to thank for it. 

I may have been doing a lot of things just to be different. I felt like I had to prove I could do things out of the ordinary in order to get attention. With JoJo, I don’t have to do any of that. I can just be me and make decisions that set me in the right direction. I only have to please myself. I am still that small town girl who may have been a “goody-two-shoes” in high school but I like that person so much more than “the bad girl”. 

JoJo never pressures me into sharing my entire past history with her. I never feel the need to share more than I need to in order to get my point across. We can be friends reguardless of how we acted back in the U.S. What is most important is who we are now, what we want to accomplish while here, and who we want to be.

It is amazing that two women with such different figures can wear all of the same clothes. The “JoJo Friendship Store” seems almost unlimited. I am glad that she likes shopping as much as I do. I miss my sister and going shopping still but shopping in China with JoJo is a whole other experience. We have come to the conclusion that almost everything in China is a fake. If you want the real thing it is probably going to cost you more than it does in the U.S. but if you want a knock-off, it is dirt cheap. It is fun to see how much you can bargain down the vendors in order to get what you want. We are still learning but it makes it so much more fun to learn with a friend.

JoJo has made China so much more barable for me that I have considered staying another year. It seems like with her, nothing could stand in our way. We can rule China!

<3 you JoJo. Follow her blog

Chinese Fact #5 Colors & Numbers

The Chinese people consider the number 4 to be an “unlucky” number.

Most elevators read

This is my 444th post. Luckily for me I don’t believe in anything being “unlucky” or “cursed.”

The color RED is considered a lucky color. With Chinese New Year right around the corner, the whole country is being decked out in RED with touches of gold.

YELLOW symbolizes pornography: dirty pictures, movies, sex toys, sex shops, lingerie, etc.

If someones room is decorated in PINK, or you can see a lot of pink things from their window— this means they are a prostitute.

Guangzhou, China is doing me very very well…

Out on the town of Guangzhou, heading to the battle of the DJ’s at CD with Ariana! The night was okay, but my outfit made it all the more enjoyable. Funny thing is I brought the dress on Canal Street (China Town) in New York and used to rip the runway in the actually country of China. After wearing it, I thought —- “I should have saved this dress for my 23rd birthday party…”

but too late for that now.

cheers to the freakin’ weekend…

Picture: After climbing the Baiyun Mountain –Báiyún Shān— with the Vice Principal of my school, “Josh” and his son, “Matthew,” I took my trophy pic at the top.

I was overwhelmed with a feeling of accomplishment and content, because I really didn’t think I was going to make it. After staying out late and finding it hard to fall asleep, a 9am mountain climb seemed almost impossible. But by the grace of God— I got up there and enjoyed the trolley ride back down.

The garden reads, “Welcome to the Baiyun Mountain.” With a blazing temperature of 85 degrees and sunny, the crisp mountain air was just what I needed to put a lot of things in my life into a grand perspective.

Apologies & Forgiveness.

I just can’t understand why some people think it’s “so easy” to get over when someone does you wrong.

Paper cuts hurt. Sometimes leaving an open wound or a scratch. Both hurt.
Wounds leave scars. Reminders of the pain you once felt.

It would make the incident so much easier to forgive if people were just as willing to apologize. To me it makes complete sense, if you make someone upset- apologize with sincerity then they should be mature enough to forgive you. You should also understand that just because they forgive you doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt anymore. An apology does not just erase the fact that something was wrong at one point, although sometimes I wish it did. But your apology begins the healing process.

The longer you wait to apologize, the more complicated the situation becomes. The longer you leave the wound untreated the more susceptible it becomes to germs and infection. Treat the hurt IMMEDIATELY.

Women appreciate apologies. Real ones.

At some point we have to take our positions as ADULTS and stop beating around the bush. We can’t keep expecting other people to “figure out” what we like, what we don’t like, what we want or what we don’t care for. We have become so worried that telling the truth will make people LOVE us LESS. We should be worrying about drowning in the sea of lies and failed expectations that we lay on our conscious every time we think we are doing someone a “favor” by sparing our hearts.
—  a sick and tired Royalnotes


China gets crazier and crazier to me. Okay so as we are coming out of “Tomatoes” (Italian Restaurant in Taojin Lu) we witness something SO BIZZARE.

In this scene are 4 actors…

The Drunks
—Tall White Man
—Overdrunk Shortman
—Persistent White Girl
—concerned Cop

Pay attention to the in the background, at some point before I started the video the Tall White Man was shoving the Persistent White Girl away, pulling her hair, slapping her, hitting her and she started bleeding.

Take 1—– action.

I open the box and …. TA DA!!!! It’s a Gucci Flores gift set.

Ok ok ok. Now really. If I was even the least bit upset, what lady — a true lady— could hold a grudge after fresh flowers and some Gucci smell goods??!! Seriously.

I opened it, inspected it to see if it was a China fake, but no everything is legit. After my lesson, my supervisor came to meet me at my school. She told me that the mother wanted to apologize to me in person and have the student apologize to me in front of his entire class!!!!

HA!!! NOW THAT’S WHAT I CALL “Justice in the Education System…”

This is a video of the children that I tutor English. We have one lesson a week and we are currently on our 4th lesson. The children love to sing, which happens to be my secret weapon of education. They have a hard time remaining focused for the entire session, but I get paid regardless of it they just sit and pick their nose or actually read, write and repeat.

I believe I introduced Oscar to you all a few post ago, here is the rest of the crazy crew.

Jenny, 7 years old
Rita, 7 years old - Oscar’s older sister
Isabella, 7 years old (a cutie

Watch closely…

You ever just wake up and go crazy on yourself??? Like —

Today I will go on a diet.
Today I will start reading my Bible more.
Today I will stop drinking soda.
Today I will actually put my yoga mat to use.
Today I will stop procrastinating.
Today i will do my laundry.
Today I will email EVERYONE back.

Seriously, sometimes I just wake up and go straight irrational on myself and then wonder why I can never see half of them through. Through those moments of insanity, I have learned to pace myself and become patient with change.

Relax a bit.

—  Royalnotes
Wish List (Birthday / Christmas)

***1. Huffy 26" Ladies Panama Jack Cruiser Bicycle (Walmart)****

By far a bike is the thing I want the most. NOT any bike, but I WANT/NEED that bike specifically.

2. Monopoly (Walmart)

3. Taboo (Walmart)

I miss a good board game with friends. It is so practical to have these in your house for some good home fun.

4. Juicy Couture Necklace & Bracelet Charm Set (Gold)

5. an iPad2 - I know I’m kind of stretching it but that is why this is a “wish list.”

6. a Kindle / Nook

7. Pink George Forman Grill

8. 15 BRAND SPANKING’ NEW pairs of those ever so lovely 5 for $25.50 Victoria Secret Pink™ Underwear

9. Gucci -Flores- Perfume Set

10. ALL the seasons of Law & Order SVU on DVD

11. Victoria Secret Pink Bling Velor Sweatsuit (flare pant and zip up hoodie) 

Or $500-$1,000 CASH. (preferably in singles)

My insides are going to turn into tea leaves. In China, that’s all I drink. Sugarless herbal hot water with some occasional sugar crystals or liquid sugar. Water.

I’m over it. China doesn’t have that good ole’ Tropicana Orange Juice or that tart Welch’s Grape. Can someone send me a V8 Splash? Minute Made?? A carton of Ssips Kiwi Strawberry??

Juice, that’s what I could use right now. Juice.

This is actually the bathroom of one of the clubs I had to entertain.

The amount of $$$ that Chinese people put into these establishments is CRAZY!!! There was a whole set up in the bathroom with blow dryers and curlers at the “Hair” station of the bathroom. Decked out in pink walls, I was too tempted to take this pic!!!

CatWalk Club - Guangzhou, China

Mind you my outfit is super blahhhh…