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This program commemorated the coronation of Elizabeth Windsor, as Queen Elizabeth II of England, on June 2, 1953. At the same ceremony, she assumed the title of ‘Sovereign’ of most Commonwealth nations. To this day, the Queen holds sixteen regnal titles and dozens of honorifics.

The program features photos of the Royal Family, poems, songs, an overview of coronation procedures, and a history of monarchal and imperial coronations in Britain. It comes to us as part of the Barbara Denison collection. Ms. Denison was present at the coronation and was a lifelong collector of Royal Family memorabilia. 

a lil draik for my darling jenn (@sugarskeith !) i’ve been meaning to draw her since you posted that doodle of her, and i did but scrapped it, so i tried again! she’s so beautiful oh my gosh and those vibrant colours! so this is part gift art and now also a thank you for the woodland aisha (still freaking out!) and a get well soon for your ankle.

lots of love for you and your whimsical oc’s!


the lost princess of merope >>> the curse of the seven kingdoms

Once upon a time, there were seven kingdoms, known collectively as the Pleiades. Each royal family possessed magical gifts, and with them- a lust for power. There were terrible wars between them, leaving bloodshed and chaos. An enchantress lost her son in battle. In her grief, she cast a terrible curse. If ever each of the seven kingdoms gave birth to a princess within the same year, each kingdom would be plagued by a terrible dragon immune to the royal magic. If the seven royal daughters could come together in time to use their magic as one, the dragons would be defeated. If not, every living creature in the Pleiades would die.

In order to make this task near impossible, the enchantress sent away the entire seventh kingdom- the kingdom of Merope. The kingdom disappeared; the castle, villages, and the royal family all vanished. To find the seventh princess, the enchantress said, the other six would find the answer in each other.

Decades passed. The remaining six kingdoms found an uneasy peace between each other. And then, one year- six princesses were born. And when they turned 22, the demons came.

Now the six princesses of the Pleiades need to come together to find the final, lost princess of Merope.

In the coming days, you will meet the six princesses of the Pleiades and help them solve riddles, decipher clues, and follow paths that will lead them to finding the seventh lost princess of Merope. Follow/block the tag the lost princess of merope as needed. 

Give!! Me!! More!! Dragons!! In!! Shawls!!

I had this idea that some dragon tribes share the tradition of wearing wedding shawls, humongous elegant shawls either hand made by the mother-in-law of the betrothed for more poor class dragons, or and handed down over generations and crafted by ancients or animus for the royal families.

Above is displayed a smaller, less intricate and somewhat poor class shawl crafted by a skywing mother-in-law for her young daughter.  The silk that Skywings use is expensive and imported, so only royal families can afford to have shawls that stretch over their wings, back, and trail behind them in some cases.  

Only the upper class Icewings have a few beautiful shawls stored away for royal weddings, an ancient gift from an animus dragon which are said to give the gift of fertility to those who wear it during their vows.

Rainwings hand craft their shawls from vines to form narrow and small but elegant drapings entwined with beautiful rainforest flowers and leaves.  The male often will present a shawl that he hand crafted to his mate as proposal.

Queen Coral wore a shawl on her wedding night to Gill, though it is not a tradition in the seawing kingdom.

Nightwings, Mudwings, and Sandwings don’t partake in this tradition, each for their own reason.  

My Gift is a Pebble

Everyone wants a pebble.

My Gift is a Pebble

“Roman it’s been three weeks” Anxiety said bluntly, his facial expression turning to a annoyed pout as he stared at the Royal. “I’m sorry, I can’t do anything to speed up the cure. I’m not a dragon-witch” Roman sighed, looking down at the dark trait.

“Though I do think you deserve it at this point” he mumbled, but Anxiety heard every word. His ears bended back and his tail started to slash around behind him. “What do you mean I deserved it! You were the one that started the argument before hitting me with the goddamn potion!” He hissed out.

“Well who is the one that been leaving dead animals near the door?” Roman huffed, trying not to get into another argument. Anxiety was about to speak until he realized how stupid his rebuttal is. He crossed his arms, looking away from the royal. “They’re gifts…” he grumbled.

“Well the offer is kind, and your intentions are good but how about getting something that wasn’t breathing earlier” Roman sighed, slightly regretting his response as he saw the darker trait’s head down in shame as he walked to his room.

“Wow…just wow..” Morality said softly, walking next to Princey.

“Maybe I was a bit harsh”

“A bit?” the Moral trait sighed. “You should give him something, I know a dead bird isn’t the best gift in the world but he’s trying to be nice”

Princey nodded.


Logan and Anxiety were currently sitting on the couch, well Logan was, Anxiety was laying over the top of it. The two was currently watching Epic Rap Battles of History, Walter White vs Rick Grimes, seeing as Anxiety found them interesting and Logic enjoyed anything relating with poetry.

Roman looked at the two from the hallway, holding a wrapped present in his hands. He looked behind himself to see Morality giving him thumbs up for encouragement. He gulped, walking towards the two. He usually wasn’t this nervous, especially when giving someone a gift, probably because he was worried that Anxiety was still upset at him, seeing as he got a small scratch on his cheek after he first talked to Morality.

He cleared his throat, earning the attention of the younger traits. Sure enough, Anxiety seemed slightly annoyed. “Before you tell me to go away, I wanted to apologize for earlier’ comment, I shouldn’t have been so harsh. So I wanted to give you this”

Anxiety looked down at the royal’s hands, seeing a black and grey wrapped box. He hesitantly took the gift, and then teared away the wrapping paper. He opened the box, revealing a giant black and red mouse plush with a feather tail. He picked up the plush and set it down on the couch before stepping tow ards the prince. He looked up at him with a blank expression before giving another scratch on the royal’s cheek.

Roman hissed, but expected that reaction. What he didn’t expect though was that Anxiety grabbed his hand and placed a small, red, ring box in it. “Open it” Anxiety said in a monotone and slightly demanding tone. Roman followed the demand and opened it, seeing small broken piece of a smokey quartz and a small onyx. “It’s pebbles” Roman hummed.

“My gift to you is pebbles and rocks, accept it” he growled.

Roman looked down at the cat trait, and began to pet behind his ear, which Anxiety reluctantly leaned into the touch and started to purr.

“I’ll cherish them”


the princess of pleiades >>> the northern three

here is a brief introduction for the characters in the story the lost princess of merope. here are the three princesses of the north, their kingdoms, and a snippet to their story. see: the plot, the southern princesses.

Princess Oona of Alcyone >> Alcyone is a kingdom by the sea, known for the people’s love of water, their happy attitudes, and their strong belief in fate. Their colors are blue and white. When Princess Oona was born, everyone expected her to have the traditional royal gift of water manipulation. But Oona had a different gift- thread manipulation. Considered odd by her people and weak by her family, Oona is eclectic, dreamy, and quirky. xx

Princess Evangeline of Sterope >> Sterope is the most prosperous kingdom of the Pleiades. The people value romance, beauty, and wealth, as demonstrated in their colors of pink and gold. Princess Evangeline has the traditional Sterope gift of lightning. She’s taken to trying to improve the strained relationship between her kingdom and the kingdom of Celaeno. She makes frequent visits to Celeano, where she uses her determined optimism to try to crack Celaeno’s severe princess. The more she spends time with the princess, the more Evangeline sees the beauty in Celeano- and in their princess. xx

Princess Tate of Celaeno >> Celaeno is the furthest kingdom, farthest north. After a perceived slight from the kingdom of Sterope years ago, Celeano has all but removed itself from the Pleiades. They are known for their strict practicality to survive their deadly winters, with little time for things like romance and beauty. Their colors are black and white. Princess Tate’s gift of iron manipulation mimics her personality- severe and cold. She resists every charm of Princess Evangeline’s, or at least she tries. It’s hard not to feel something when you see a pink princess among a kingdom of black and white. xx

Ephemeral [Ardyn/Reader]

“Ardyn, Deconstruction” by Wroniec

Much love to @wroniec for letting me use their beautiful artwork! <3 Much love for their work, please check out their page, everybody!

Anyways, since I fell in love with Ardyn’s character, and I’ve yet to see any story taking place before the events of FFXV, I’ll brave the possible rebuttal in posting this (contradictions in the timeline/story might pop up)

My New Years gift. This story will dive into the grit that my mind can come up with. It is everything that makes up my being, traumas, passions, and all. A morbid start to what I hope to be a good year. Happy 2017!

Warning: Possible Triggers!

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The Fortress Method
fort|ress meth|od · /ˈfɔːtrɪs mɛθəd/
A method to divert all attention from yourself when asked an uncomfortable question. You practise the Fortress Method by drawing attention to the nearest fortress instead. The Fortress Method was developed and refined by Prince Henrik of Denmark when questioned about his dachshund’s tendency to use his employees as chew toys.