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Princess Josephine of Denmark deciding that the bouquet of flowers were, in fact, for her and not for her mum, Crown Princess Mary, upon arriving for the Christmas concert in Esajas Church on 11 December 2016 (✿◠‿◠)

Give!! Me!! More!! Dragons!! In!! Shawls!!

I had this idea that some dragon tribes share the tradition of wearing wedding shawls, humongous elegant shawls either hand made by the mother-in-law of the betrothed for more poor class dragons, or and handed down over generations and crafted by ancients or animus for the royal families.

Above is displayed a smaller, less intricate and somewhat poor class shawl crafted by a skywing mother-in-law for her young daughter.  The silk that Skywings use is expensive and imported, so only royal families can afford to have shawls that stretch over their wings, back, and trail behind them in some cases.  

Only the upper class Icewings have a few beautiful shawls stored away for royal weddings, an ancient gift from an animus dragon which are said to give the gift of fertility to those who wear it during their vows.

Rainwings hand craft their shawls from vines to form narrow and small but elegant drapings entwined with beautiful rainforest flowers and leaves.  The male often will present a shawl that he hand crafted to his mate as proposal.

Queen Coral wore a shawl on her wedding night to Gill, though it is not a tradition in the seawing kingdom.

Nightwings, Mudwings, and Sandwings don’t partake in this tradition, each for their own reason.  


The Noonday Gun in Causeway Bay, owned and operated by the Jardine Matheson (hence referred to as the Jardine Noonday Gun occasionally), has quite a bit of history behind. The gun fires every single day at noon, a Hong Kong tradition that dates back to the 1860s.

The gun was originally operated by Jardines’ private militia, and was used to welcome a Jardines senior business executive’s arrival by sea. One British senior naval officer, who did not know of this tradition, was annoyed by this practice - after all, such salutes are usually reserved for military officers and government officials, not businessmen. As some sort of penalty, Jardines was ordered to fire this gun every single day at noon, until the end of time.

The firing only discontinued when the Japanese invaded in 1941; after that mess, the Royal Navy gifted a 6-pounder gun to Jardines, so the tradition could be continued. By that point, it has already become a tradition; no longer the punishment it was meant to be.

Guess what, people complained that the new gun was too loud. In 1961, the Marine Police replaced it with a Hotchkiss 3-pounder which is the one shown in the photo. The gun has a nice bit of history in itself - it saw action in the Battle of Jutland during the First World War.

So, that’s the history behind the Noonday Gun that sits in Causeway Bay!

“Kai put the portscreen away and pulled his hand out from behind him, producing a long, flat box wrapped in gold foil and a white ribbon. The paper was gorgeous, the wrapping job less so.” - Cinder, Marissa Meyer


New photo of the Swedish Royal Family.

According to the information of the Royal family members met with the staff of the Royal House, outgoing. The gift was presented to him a pair of cuff links engraved with the royal seal. 

The photo was taken, possibly before Christmas.

Some people don’t think it’s cool to help others. Personally, I think it’s the coolest thing in the world.
—  Prince Harry - WE day

Chris Evans for W Magazine: The 2016 Royals

Chris Evans’ start in Hollywood wasn’t so auspicious. From his infamous scene inNot Another Teen Movie to playing “Harvard Hottie” in The Nanny Diaries, starring his future co-star Scarlett Johansson, he’s enjoyed a slow burn rise to the top. “I’m glad that I didn’t you know come out of the gates with the first thing being some huge critically-acclaimed success. It’s been very nice and educational,” he says. For the past five years, he’s been known to us as Captain America, one of the most classic roles in the Marvel universe, which is why it made sense to pair him with a new arrival to the superhero genre, Chiwetel Ejiofor, in our annuals Royals package. Here, he talks about his rise in Hollywood, from the his very first part in high school to his roles in the cult-favorite Snowpiercer and the upcoming Gifted.

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For anyone thinking that the BS stories are true. The Inquistr is shutting that down.

If Prince Harry does marry Meghan Markle, the royal couple will be given a Duchy and gifted a Royal palace. Royal protocol would demand that Prince Harry continues to fulfill his royal duties. Prince Harry could refuse to meet his obligations, but he is unlikely to do so. Anyone marrying into the British royal family has duty and expectation thrust upon them, there is no reason to believe that Markle would be any different.

If the couple do marry, it is much more likely that Markle would be expected to live in the UK, and it is unlikely that she would be able to continue working as an actor. Marriage between the pair would see Meghan Markle become something of a fairytale princess, but there will be a price to pay.