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The Confession (”The Visit” Pt. 5)

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It has been a week. A week since Celaena has spoken to Rowan. They haven’t spoken since the heated argument in the bookstore alley. But she sure as hell has seen the warrior. Everywhere she goes he is not that far behind. Tonight, she was up in the rafters of the Royal Theatre. She had just finished a job. It had been quick and clean, but she needed some time to herself before going back to the Keep. But, there he was, squatting on a beam in the corner. She knew he was there stalking her, because that was the only way to explain his constant eye on her every movement. She was really hoping to enjoy the music. The highs and the lows and the dips each note made, creating a story of its own. But now, she would have to talk to the brooding warrior, if only to find out why he kept following her. Celaena got up from her perch leaving the wondrous music behind, balanced on the beam, and made her way out through the small window, down the building, and onto the street.

She was waiting in the shadows of the theatre when Rowan emerged, hood pulled over his silver hair to cover up his tattoos as much as possible.

“Hello, Prince,” Celaena said. Rowan whipped his head at her, surprise on that harsh face. Apparently, he hadn’t realized that she might figure out that he was following her. She jerked her head for Rowan to follow her down the quiet street.

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Omg this was one of the show I was working on just before I left my workshop last summer and I have FINALLY been shown a production shot!!! Each crucifix and each Jesus was hand made using a lengthy process involving hand made fibreglass moulds, various plastics, metal, and silver paint. I think we made about 1000 of them? I can’t remember, those months are fogged by how much plastic vapour I inhaled.

But doesn’t it look amazing? Norma for the Royal Opera House

HMS Liverpool after crossing the Atlantic, passing through the Panama Canal and heading up to California with a temporary bow to reach the Mare Island Naval Shipyard for repairs. Her bow was badly damaged when an Italian SM.79 Sparviero torpedo bomber found its mark on 14 October 1940 as the ship made for Alexandria, Egypt - 30 killed, 35 more wounded.

Taken under tow from the stern a fuel fire had further compromised the structural integrity of the bow. The subsequent combination of drag and turbulence removed it completely on the first day of a two day reverse journey to Alexandria. Once there she was given a temporary bow fix and sent on her way to California, where she was photographed above and made anew. The ship survived another torpedo hit from the same type of aircraft in June 1942.