Tank sizes:
Baby/hatchling/neonate: 10 gal. Minimum
Subadult: 20 gal. Minimum
Adult: 30 gal. Minimum.
Feat. xxxkyrareaperxxx’s Spook, an axanthic ball.
A little bit about Mr. Spook:
“My baby of the bunch. He is a complete sweetheart and is very shy of the world, but has been slowly becoming more confident and will now explore without pressing against mommy for safety! I was worried when I first got him since he didn’t eat until mid March, and I tried everything, but now he eats like a champ! He is a big attention whore and will love to curl around my neck/shoulders and sit for hours if I’ll let him. He’s the best snake to have out when I want to play games or watch TV as he doesn’t explore much and will always stick near me.”
Thank you to Spook and his lovely owner!

This in our opinion is the MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACE IN CHIANG MAI!

Mon Cham(JAM) and Nong Hoi Royal Project

Mon Cham, Mon Jam or Doi Mon Cham is a mountain ridge area in Chiang Mai. It’s part of a Royal Project called Nong Hoi. You must be wondering why we are introducing another name when we haven’t figured out the first one. Well.. the both are interlinked so we have do to two at the same time. So here you go…

Nong Hoi is actually the name of a Village in Chiang Mai comprising of majority Hmong ethnic group. And HOLY, the main crops they were growing for livelihoods were OPIUM poppy, maize and rice.

Now one day His Majesty the King visited the village and recommended alternative agriculture hence the Nong Hoi Royal Project was established. Today, it is one of the largest producers of vegetables in the Royal Project, and also a research centre for herb and vegetable production.

Mon Cham(JAM) is the name of an area included as part of the Non Hoi project. It’s fairly popular with the locals because of the majestic view. Being on a ridge means you get a panoramic vantage point. The place isn’t very big per se as there’s limited area for buildings to stand but they do have a restaurant and some accommodations there. Which means you can actually have your meals by the cliff or even stay around there if you like.

We took about an hour drive to get here. The further up you go, the narrower the roads tend to be so drivers be careful. Besides the scenery down the cliff. On the cliff itself, it’s filled with rows and rows of flowers. Multicolours. It’s just a picturesque place that you’ll probably spend hours taking selfies.

Macro Photography

For those that are not into selfies. Like us. You can also observe many interesting critters flying around. Butterflies, Bumble Bees and even some ‘Flying Prawns’ . The insects here are quite big and you can easy take some flying shots of them hovering around the flowers. The ‘flying prawn’ above was taken with a non-macro zoom lens at more than 3 meters away! So macro photography enthusiasts watch out!

Other things to do

If you are not into photography, they also have some cooking class up here but call and book in advance. (Get your hotel to help you to book)


This has to be the highlight of our trip. The one that everyone loved. The one that brought a smile to us at the end of the long drive. The one that we didn’t want to leave until we were itching all over from mosquito bites. (This is Asia so we have mosquitos everywhere).

How to get there

As usual, print the map before you head out!

The most beautiful place in Chiang Mai – Mon Cham / Mon Jam This in our opinion is the MOST BEAUTIFUL PLACE IN CHIANG MAI! Mon Cham(JAM) and Nong Hoi Royal Project…

[Yoo Yeon Seok’s Past Projects Recommendation Series] #8 (Movie) The Royal Tailor (2014)

Genre : Period, drama, fashion
Cast : Han Suk Kyu, Go Soo, Park Shin Hye, Yoo Yeon Seok 
Summary : The rivalry between two tailors at the Sanguiwon, where the attire worn by royalty were made during the Joseon era, plunges the court into scandal and tragedy [source : Wiki]

Runtime : 127 minutes
Character : King
What to expect : Yoo Yeon Seok playing a conceited new King with inferiority complex.

Download and streaming links :

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120 Beauties: 88) Naya Rivera 

“I think it’s important to be able to say that you did live a normal life and struggled to make ends meet. It all has to do with work ethic and how I apply myself to my awesome job now.”


Princess Sofia at the diploma ceremony for Project Playground and Lugna Gatan on Wednesday (August 19th 2015) in Stockholm.

Organic Mania

Ancora cibo. Questa volta però l'esposizione ospitata al pian terreno del Centro Commerciale Central World è nobile.

Logo della Fondazione del Progetto Reale

Nobile in primo luogo perché riguarda un progetto della Famiglia Reale.

Nobile perché riguarda un progetto che ha lo scopo di sostenere e aiutare le comunità di certe zone della Thailandia meno agevolate dal turismo.

Nobile perchè promuove prodotti, alimentari e non, ecologicamente vantaggiosi.

Piante di pomodori e peperoni portate in mostra nel centro commerciale

Da oggi fino al 3 settembre frutta, verdura, tè ma anche pesce, succhi di frutta, vestiti, prodotti artigianali e cosmetici sono in mostra e vendita in diversi settori di Central World. In programma anche numerose manifestazioni collaterali con dibattiti e spettacoli (nella foto il programma completo: se riuscite a tradurlo me lo fate sapere?

ma non venitemi a dire che il problema è la risoluzione della foto, ok?

La Royal Project Foundation (il cui sito ufficiale è solamente in tailandese) insieme alla Chaipattana Foundation sono associazioni non governative create per volere del Re e degli altri membri della famiglia reale che hanno istituito numerosi progetti di sviluppo comunitario a livello nazionale, aperti al turismo non di massa. Particolarmente importante e attivo la Mae Fah Luang Foundation istituita per svolgere attività di sviluppo affinchè la qualità della vita delle minoranze etniche della Thailandia nella zona di Doi Tung potresse essere migliorata.

Io ho approfittato per fare spesa. Oltre a svolgere nel mio piccolo attività di sostegno alle comunità impegnate nei progetti, ho acquistato prodotti organici a prezzi decisamente più bassi che nei vari supermercati, riuscendo a portare a casa addirittura melanzane e peperoni profumatissimi a meno della metà di quelli d'importazione!

Prodotti in vendita

Ma al di fuori di questa manifestazione ora sono curioso di poter visitare Doi Tung, i cui prodotti sono oramai famosi in tutta la Thailandia e possono essere acquistati in diversi negozi sparsi per Bangkok, che si trova all'estremo nord della Thailandia, al confine con la Birmania.

È vero che non sei responsabile di quello che sei, ma sei responsabile di quello che fai di ciò che sei
Jean-Paul Sartre

Asia Eater does Thailand – The Royal Project

Hi, this is Sofie Lisby, the editor of Asia Eater. I’m currently travelling around Thailand doing research for Smag På Thailand, a book about regional Thai food that I’m writing for a Danish publisher. In this blog “Asia Eater does Thailand” I will share with you some of the amazing food I try, people I meet and markets I visit. Stay tuned!

One of the big suppliers of quality food to Thailand’s best restaurants is the Royal Project Foundation. Founded in 1969 by King Bhumibol Adulyadej to solve problems of deforestation, poverty and opium production, the project promoted alternative crops such as coffee, tea, fruit and vegetables.

Today the farms are highly modernised and supply a range of both local and foreign high quality produce to restaurants such as Le Beaulieu, Gaggan, Opposite Mess Hall and other in Bangkok. Some of the Project’s farms are organic, while others concentrate on hydroponics but common  for them are that the produce is thoroughly researched and well kept during transport in order to keep the freshness.