Hello, everyone in Class B!!! You are the lucky class chosen for this year’s Battle Royale! Congratulations!!!” – Battle Royale (2000)

Painting from my cinema-inspired solo show, which opened June 7th at NYC’s Bottleneck Gallery! Limited edition prints available here.

There are four kinds of Tumblr fandoms: 

  1. The fandoms that are HUGE AND INESCAPABLE for a little while, but then just kind of disappear, randomly reappearing every now and then (OFF! , Five Nights at Freddy’s , Dramatical Murder, over the garden wall.)
  2. the fandoms that focus on a single character or ship and never shut up, destined to fade into Tumblr lore (Onceler, Kaneki Ken, Superwholock maybe???)
  3. The fandoms that remain mostly underground, with lots of fanart. Everything anybody posts gets over 500 notes, but usually below 20000 notes. The fandom is incredibly devoted, though, and every now and again a post ends up on your dash. (Yume nikki, Kagerou Project, Mother, Battle Royale)
  4. The fandoms that never die. They just kind of stick around. New fanbases gets compared to them, every single new meme gets a weird revamp, new updates are met with bursts of activity in the tumblr subconcious, and fans still make funny and popular posts years after the fandom should have ended. Everyone loves them for the most part, but sometimes you get people who hate on everything about them (pokemon, fullmetal alchemist, beyonce, nicki minaj, kids shows that adults can still watch)
  5. the mythical fifth fandom that is all of these things and truly immortal in ways that we cannot comprehend (homestuck, evangelion, harry potter, disney)

3D Weaver - loom designed for weaving in three dimensions using the x y and z coordinates

The 3D Weaver was designed for Sosanya’s The Structure of Protection graduate project. Similar as 3D printing’s layer process, Sosanya’s concept weaves together layers of material at different heights to create 3D shapes. Once the design is woven it can then be dipped in silicone to make it stronger.


“I looked at a few different machines when designing this one and got most inspiration from a sewing machine and an industrial knitting machine. Both of these machines allow thread to move freely through the mechanics using springs and guiding to hold the tension. With the 3D Weaver, once the first row is layered, the thread maintains its tension, due to guide tubes and a initial winding of the thread programmed to run before the weaving of each structure. I coded a bit of software that allows any solid geometry to be split into layers and woven.”


“I am currently working on a material that I hope will address several of the issues caused by body shape that surround stab resistant vests worn by female British law enforcement officers.” But he didn’t mention when or if the 3D weaver might be available commercially.