British Royal Marines Commandos, put ashore by a U.S. naval vessel deep in the heart of North Korea, plant demolition charges along an enemy rail track on April 13, 1951 near Songjin, South Korea during a daring daylight raid. About 100 yards of the vital Chinese Communist rail line were destroyed within a few miles of two enemy divisions.

(AP Photo) 

christopherspoonhayes  asked:

So many feels. I'm aRoyal Marines commando as a corporal I've been around the world on tours afghan Somalia etc I always thought that was my way of doing something to help people more impoverished and less fortunate or oppressed. After reading this blog and crying all 17 stone of my green beret commando self and showing all the other marines in my block your blog we've all decided to do more and more when we're not on ops to help everyone we can :) thank you so much!

Wow Christopher, I applaud you and all other marines in your block! It makes me smile to picture you all reading and crying over this blog - you must all be such wonderful guys!

Your idea of helping people less fortunate as a Royal Marines commando is very admirable, and I am positive you will do many more great things - both on and off duty! Can’t wait to feature you (again) on this blog some day! :-)