At Royal Holloway, University of London - it’s so pretty here, it’s a really small uni and has such a nice old feel to it. I’m off to the classics department welcome talk and example lecture, then off to my interview! I hope it goes well!

Princess Elizabeth in Prison at St James’s (1879). John Everett Millais (English, 1829-1896). Oil on canvas. Royal Holloway, University of London.

Elizabeth, second daughter of Charles I and Queen Henrietta Maria, and her younger siblings were put under house arrest following the outbreak of the civil war in 1642, Elizabeth was an excellent scholar. Millais symbolises her extraordinary capacity to learn by depicting her writing and adding books on the floor. She died while still under house arrest aged only 15.


Laura Tobin: Meteorologist. Physics & Meteorology Graduate, Reading University. Joined Met Office in 2003. 

Sally Nugent: Journalist. BA in Communication Arts and French, University of Huddersfield. 

Carol Kirkwood: Weather presenter. BA in Commerce, Napier College, Edinburgh. 

Kate Williams: Author, historian and TV presenter. BA and DPhil, Oxford. MAs from Queen Mary University, London and Royal Holloway, University of London.

Steph McGovern: Business journalist. Winner of the Arkwright Engineering Scholarship. Won “Young Engineer for Britain” award. Studied Science Communications and Policy, University College London. 


The building is a splendid & unique one, in the style of the French Châteaux, built & given by Mr Holloway. After he was presented to me, we drove round the whole College, which stands on a hill, above Egham, with a beautiful view. The architecture is said to be copied from the Château de Chambord. We then got out & were conducted to the Chapel by Mr Holloway (a very modest man). It was very full, & I saw many acquaintances. The style is rather too gaudy, though fine in proportion. Here, the Arch Bishop delivered up a prayer & an Ode was sung, composed by Sir G. Elvey, the words, by Mr Martin Holloway. From here we were taken to the Picture Gallery, where there are fine specimens of modern art, & many well-known pictures, such as “The 2 Princes in the Tower” by Millais, Landseer’s “Palace Bears”, Frith’s “Derby Day”, Long’s “Marriage Market”, &c. I was given a beautiful key, & a fine album of photographic views, by the architect Mr Crossfield. Walked through one of the long Corridors, & saw all the admirable arrangements. It is a Ladies College, & each student has a bedroom & sitting room, charmingly furnished, besides a large sitting for every 4 or 5 together. After waiting a moment, in a very pretty little room, we went out on to the Dais, erected in the upper Quadrangle, which was filled with people. Here 3 verses of God save the Queen were sung, an address was presented, not read, & I handed my answer to Mr Holloway, saying how much gratified I was to open this magnificent building, & expressing my best wishes for its success. Then Ld Kimberley (acting for the Home Secy) announced that the College was open, after which there was a  flourish of trumpets, & much cheering.

Queen Victoria writing in her journal about her opening and visit to my university, Royal Holloway, on 30th June 1886

I love this so much. 


Founders Building x blossom, Royal Holloway, 23.04.15

Rather coincidentally, the new Avengers film was released the day that I took these photos - and while I haven’t seen it, my Facebook timeline exploded with statuses from friends who had spotted our campus in the film. We’re all procrastinating somehow, hah. And here I was feeling like a dork for photographing the campus (it’s a slightly cringey thing to do once you’re past freshers…). This is literally the only thing that I have ever had in common with Joss Whedon. Feels good.

I need some information about Royal Holloway...

So as it turns out, I’m going to be studying there for Law this September. Now, before, I was excited about going as it is a UoL and it was considered a good school. 

Now, the number one complaint I’ve heard is about how the ‘night life is dull’, which I honestly don’t give a crap about. In my opinion, you can still have a good time as long as you’re with the right people.

But lately i’ve come across some forums about Royal Holloway saying how it’s unsafe, there’s plenty of theft crimes and cases of sexual abuse or violence against racial minorities…yeah, as an Asian, you can imagine that I freaked out a bit.

And of course, there’s the delightful rumor of practically being an outcast if you’re not a rich white Conservative local and any notion of being different in any way automatically makes you a pariah. 

In regards to the education, I knew that Law was a new subject, but because it’s a new subject I have very few information on it. I liked the modules, but now I wonder if the professors are good? Are they willing to help if asked? Because so far these forums make them sound like uptight, strict people who who hate their jobs and will barely help you.

Any help and insight about the RHUL lifestyle is appreciated…maybe this forum is exaggerating and it just freaked me out, but I need some assurance…I guess I’m asking how accurate are these claims? 

One of the classic images of the frozen North, Sir Edwin Landseer's Man Proposes, God Disposes was first exhibited in 1864 and praised for its “tragic grandeur”.

It was later purchased by the medical entrepreneur Thomas Holloway and so found its way into the Picture Gallery at what is now Royal Holloway, University of London. Around 1970, however, rumours began to circulate that it upset some students sitting exams and had even driven one mad. Hence the tradition shown here of covering it up with a Union flag while exams are in progress.


When I gave exam in 2010 in the Picture Gallery I did not find any paintings covered up with a flag !! Strange Fact - but I was bit confused to keep a control of my eyes - how could someone give final written exams in a picturesque Victorian picture gallery!! Paintings were much more interesting than exam questions.. :)