“Cramps and bleeding awoke the Crown Princess. She cried out for help. After losing her baby boy, she was faced with speculation whether she and her husband would – or could – deliver another baby, an heir to Norway’s throne.”

Queen Sonja of Norway speaks out about her tragic miscarriage 47 years ago and sure as hell breaks your heart.


The Royals attend the second day of the celebrations of King Harald and Queen Sonja 80th birthday || 10.5.2017

little norwegian things <3
  • when ppl ask if uve seen a polar bear (u have)
  • having to explain to ppl that ur not the capital of sweden
  • tesla cars clogging up the bus lane
  • tesla owners as a sub-species of mankind 
  • polarbrød is surprisingly popular
  • everyone hates drammen
  • never talk to anyone?? literally ever???
  • at the centre of bieber’s worst publicity stunt ever
  • jævla brunsnegler kommer tidligere og tidligere hvert år
  • loving the royal family but is torn due to your democratic values but omg the royal family is so cUTE!!!!

Prince Sverre Magnus (11 years old) of Norway , Crown Prince Haakon of Norway , Princess Ingrid Alexandra (13 years old) of Norway and Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway surfing in Hoddevik (on September 2017) on the occasion of the opening of Eurosurf 2017 in Stavanger , Norway 🏄 -October 7th 2017.

anonymous asked:

When Haakon of Norway will become king, will his son HH Prince Sverre-Magnus get the HRH upgrade?

I don’t think so. In Norway they have a distinction between the Royal House and the Royal Family. The house includes the monarch and spouse, the heir and spouse, and the heir’s oldest child and spouse. So even when Haakon becomes king Sverre Magnus won’t be in the Royal House. I think he’ll remain HH. But it might be better to ask an expert like @norwegianroyalfamily

Wearing her father’s necklace and looking radiant, Elizabeth made her entrance into the ancient abbey in a dress that had taken 3,000 clothes coupons and bore 10,000 pearls. Some 2,000 guests were waiting, among them one of the largest gatherings of royalty since the time of Queen Victoria. All eyes were on the silk-clad figure as she walked down the long nave. There was an awareness that history was being made; all the ritual of a royal wedding in this building so alive with past spectacle. Princess Marina, who had helped to facilitate the match with private meetings at Coppins between her young cousin, Prince Philip, and her niece, Princess Elizabeth, was delighted. The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester were waiting in some trepidation as Prince William was to hold the long train of her dress as a page. From across Europe they came drawn to this great royal reunion, like times of old. Many were direct descendants of Queen Victoria, such as King Michael of Romania, Queen Victoria Eugenie of Spain and Queen Ingrid of Sweden; others were related by marriage, such as Uncle Charles.

The wedding of Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip

Princes At War by Deborah Cadbury



Queen Margrethe, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary go down from the ship