rebelcaptain appreciation week ✩ day four  alternate universe

After her parents are killed in a separatist prison, a six months-old Jyn Erso is rescued by Orson Krennic. He takes the infant girl back to Coruscant, looking for a suitable home for her. Senator Bail Organa and his wife eagerly bring her home, making her Jyn Erso-Organa, Princess of Alderaan.

When she is two years-old, Jyn gains a sister. Her name is Leia.

Jyn is an adventurous young girl, always tumbling through the snow, running around in the forests and trekking through the mountains of Alderaan. But, as a princess, she isn’t always able to do whatever her heart desires. A royal title comes with a lot of royal responsibilities.

When she finds out her father has secretly been a member of the rebel alliance, she wants nothing more than to join him in his fight against the empire. Listening in on one of his holo conferences with the alliance council, she catches wind of an imperial defector, a pilot, on Jedha. In the dead of the night, she slips away with a scarf tightly wrapped around her head.

Upon discovering his daughter has taken one of his ships and disappeared, Bail Organa sends one of the best alliance intelligence officers to try and locate her. Captain Cassian Andor.

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Ooh thanks for replying! I have another question, what is the character of Sans swapfell? (The mauve) at the moment I am very interested in them!

The Purple version swapfell sans created by Kkhoppang is actually very sad.

Depends on the new part that my friend has translated to me of the script,Sowdin of mauve swapfell is a slum,the richer monster lives more far away from ruins.

The Mauve Sans is extremely anxious and aggressive,got a bunch of unpaid bill in his mailbox,he is the true reason why the Purple papyrus went so broke and tried everything to gain more money,he desired power of join in the royal guard,desired being respect.

Anyway,the mauve swapfell skelebros are underclass citizens strives on survival. Papyrus seeks for the satisfaction physically(money),and sans seeks for the content mentally(power).,they are actually the BULLY of the snowdin,everyone of snowdin hates them and scared of them.

LEO: The Skittish Lion

i love the leo archetypes: the royal child, the lion, the shining, radiant being amongst the other members of the zodiac. and i believe it - oftentimes they’re just like scorpio in that they’re so difficult to ignore! but beneath this sun-like, glowing exterior, there may lie inside a baby pink layer of marshmallow fluff right around their ego.

leos are much like a royal child in the desire to be recognized for their efforts. much like one’s son wants their macaroni art on the fridge, leo wants a firm hug, a gold star, a “you did great” at the end of their hard work. otherwise, they may feel very wounded- even betrayed. the egos of these soul types are incredibly malleable in that they can be built up just as quickly as they can be torn down- reminding me much of the wizard of oz’s lion, who wants so badly to appear brave and mighty, but inside is feeble, loveable, and scared.

on top of all this, leos require, and some may almost demand, being taken seriously. some jokes do NOT reach the leo psyche in the way you might intend… and just like their need for recognition, their dislike of being teased can leave them feeling extremely hurt and fragile. 

despite these feelings, and the higher maintenance personality of the standard leo, they are incredibly warm individuals who can learn their own courage and chance to beam their natural radiance outwards when given the right attention. they love devotion just as much as they love to give it to the ones in their life they care for. this makes leo a very wonderful and enjoyable personality.

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“Of course I did…” he stated as he moved closer to his partner, looking rather pleased with himself. He had finally achieved it, he had finally taken his father’s crown and conquered the rest of the surrounding kingdoms, becoming the strongest there was. His father actually still being alive in the torture chambers was only icing on the cake.

“What have you been up to, mon amour?” Lysandre questioned, stopping in front of him to cup his cheek.

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Hey, if you have time, could you write another bit of bike lock au? I love the Lexa you wrote for it!

when lexa is eight years old, a new family moves in just down the road. her parents make her and anya go with them to make polite conversation and lexa counts the letterboxes between her house and theirs—four on their side of the road, her own included, and three on their side of the road so seven in total, which is an okay number but she’s eight now and eight is a better number, she thinks. 

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