415-LARVLOOD [Larvae-Blood]
-The Larva pokemon
-Ability: Swarm - Tinted Lens(HA)
-Dex: “Despíte their small size, this pokemon is always hungry, moving in large groups looking for food, feeding on the blood of wild pokemon, and even unsuspecting human. They eat and eat storing energy to evolve, looking to fulfill a role in the life of their colony, or even, in rare occasions, to form a new one .”
    -Bug Bite
    -Leech Life

–>Evolves at lv. 50, female only<–

416-PLASMONARCH [Plasma-Monarch]
-The Regal Queen Pokemon
-Ability:  Queenly Majesty - Tinted Lens(HA)
-Dex: “This pokemon is a rare sight for most trainers, and even some researchers to, as they live deep inside large nests, and are always protected by wild MOSQUITEER and PARAPSYCH’s, making finding one not only hard, but dangerous. Despite having so many servant and protectors, this pokemon is not a weakling in any sense, and it is said that an enraged PLASMONARCH can clear a whole forest highhandedly.”
    -Draco Meteor
    -Attack Order
    -Giga Drain
    -Tail Glow

–>Evolves at lv. 25, male only<–

???-MOSQUITEER [Mosquito-Musketeer]
-The Royal Guard Pokemon
-Ability:  Speed Boost - Hyper Cutter(HA)
-Dex: “This pokemon lives in large swarms, which serve as PLASMONARCH’s army, protecting their nest and all the pokemon inside of it, even to death. They wont budge or retreat from a fight, relying on its blingin speed and the help of its comrades to achieve victory, all for one, and one for all.”
    -Sacred Sword
    -Smart Strike
    -Sword Dance

–>Evolves at lv. 25, male only and If a PLASMONARCH is in the party<–

???-PARAPSYCH [Parasyte-Psychic]
-The Royal Drone Pokemon
-Ability:  Synchronize - Telepathy(HA)
-Dex: “This pokemon are always on small groups around PLASMONARCH, serving as the queen’s royal court, they telepathically communicate with their queen and among themselves to obey every command almost in an instant. Their brains are twice the size of a human one, allowing them not only to communicate with humans, but to overpower them with their psychic abilities.”
    -Bug Buzz
    -Signal Beam
    -Magic Room

anonymous asked:

What exactly does detriment/fallen, etc. mean?

I like to think of them as almost like a royal court. At the top is the rulers, the king and queen of the royal court. They have the most energy and power. For example, that’s Taurus and Libra for Venus.
Underneath that is exaltation, the princess/prince of the royal court. For Venus, that’s Pisces. They have power and dignity like the rulers, but not as much.

Then you have the opposite, the bottom of the court, so to speak. The very bottom is detriment, which actually are considered weakened and troubled within the court. Using Venus again, that’s Scorpio and Aries.
Slightly better off that them are the falls, but again they are weakened and under stress within the court because, like detriment, it is isn’t their preferred place to be. For Venus, it’s Virgo!

Rulers and exaltations tend to have more power in a chart because of their natural preference to the planet they are in. However, that doesn’t mean that fall and detriment are not also powerful in their own way. Fall and detriment are troubled within the planet because they are opposite the natural ruling sign, and this can form complications for this area for the native.

Sun - Aries
Moon - Taurus
Mercury - Virgo (also the ruler, but it is debated that Aquarius may actually be the exaltation)
Venus - Pisces
Mars - Capricorn
Jupiter - Cancer
Saturn - Libra
Uranus - Scorpio
Past these, there is a lot of debate as to where the exaltation lies. I’ve heard Cancer or Leo for Neptune, and mainly Pisces for Pluto, but it is debated. So is Uranus, but again, I think most favour Scorpio

The signs in royal court

Aries: the hotblooded prince that can’t wait to be king

Taurus: that one guard/knight who would rather be a gardener but still won’t let you pass

Gemini: the socialite that gets everywhere and knows everybody’s plans but doesn’t give a fuck

Cancer: the princess whom everyone likes even tho they can be super melodramatic

Leo: is the king and everyone has to know it but otherwise is super chill

Virgo: the trusted advisor that always reminds the royal family they have shit to do and makes a list for them of what that shit is

Libra: the queen that tries to keep everyone’s shit together and looks super fab

Scorpio: the count who could probably rule themselves but won’t betray their royal family /don’t like the limelight so they just pull strings from the shadows 

Sagittarius: the prince who’s always out on a quest and brings home dragon heads/eggs with glee

Capricorn: the neighboring overlord who seems very intimidating but is actually a okay ruler

Aquarius: the resident alchemist who is way ahead their times with ideas for technology, probably sells their shit to Capricorn and keeps the rest for ‘later’

Pisces: the royal magician who’s a little mad but nobody questions them

Roles Of The Royal Court

The court of a monarch, or at some periods an important nobleman, is a term for the extended household and all those who regularly attended on the ruler or central figure. 

It can also refer to the physical residence of the monarch where the court resides or a series of complexes. 

The court of the monarchy would gather in the throne room.

In the largest courts, the royal households, many thousands of individuals comprised the court. 

These courtiers included the monarch or noble’s camarilla and retinue, household, nobility, those with court appointments, bodyguard, and may also include emissaries from other kingdoms or visitors to the court. 

Foreign princes and foreign nobility in exile may also seek refuge at a court.

So I bring to you just some of the many roles of the traditional royal court.

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What is the chances.....

So this evening I got see the incredible production of The Ferryman by Jez Butterworth, at the Royal Court. Been looking forward to seeing this production since it was announced. So I was in my seat before it started and who comes and sits in front of me, Anthony Boyle. I knew he would wanted to see the production cuz it based in North Ireland and that it’s the hottest tkt to get in London atm. Show goes on and I think he’s on his own but when the interval comes I go to the bar and Sam there too but sat elsewhere, they were with other people there too but I didn’t recognize them. I hope both Sam and Anthony enjoyed the Play as much as me. Probably one of the best things I’ve seen all year maybe even ever. Jez Butterworth is a master writer!! Oh what’s funny I’m seeing both of them in HP tomorrow.