In 2017, a crack Fire Emblem: Heroes unit was sent to prison by a royal court for a crime they didn’t commit. These heroes promptly escaped from a maximum security castle to the Askr underground. Today, still wanted by the government they survive as heroes of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can stop that takumi in the arena, and if you can afford them….maybe you can summon The A-Team.

hello, roleplayers! the opening was a huge success and you guys have no idea how happy i am as an admin to be seeing all of you interacting on the dash. thank you so much for taking interest in royalkrp and hopefully you’ll stick around for the future, because there are a lot of events and plot drops i have in mind!

but first thing’s first, there was a huge influx of people both with the very first batch of acceptances and who came in later throughout the night. to keep up with this i’ve been working extra hard and extra fast, but that could lead to a lot of mistakes and mess-ups. so if you guys could go through the ooc page, the masterlist, and the royal families + courts pages and make sure all of your information is correct, that would be wonderful! if something is wrong, do send the main a message so i can get the issue fixed. if everything looks good, then there is no need for a message and you can continue roleplaying as usual. there is no due date for this, but i would like any issues fixed asap so we don’t have to worry about it later. plus, who wants incorrect information about themselves or their muse on the main?

have a good day/night!

- admin joy

The signs in royal court

Aries: the hotblooded prince that can’t wait to be king

Taurus: that one guard/knight who would rather be a gardener but still won’t let you pass

Gemini: the socialite that gets everywhere and knows everybody’s plans but doesn’t give a fuck

Cancer: the princess whom everyone likes even tho they can be super melodramatic

Leo: is the king and everyone has to know it but otherwise is super chill

Virgo: the trusted advisor that always reminds the royal family they have shit to do and makes a list for them of what that shit is

Libra: the queen that tries to keep everyone’s shit together and looks super fab

Scorpio: the count who could probably rule themselves but won’t betray their royal family /don’t like the limelight so they just pull strings from the shadows 

Sagittarius: the prince who’s always out on a quest and brings home dragon heads/eggs with glee

Capricorn: the neighboring overlord who seems very intimidating but is actually a okay ruler

Aquarius: the resident alchemist who is way ahead their times with ideas for technology, probably sells their shit to Capricorn and keeps the rest for ‘later’

Pisces: the royal magician who’s a little mad but nobody questions them

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i'm finding it a little hard to plot with people who aren't of the same royal court ;; would the admin kindly suggest some ideas!!

i had a feeling someone would ask about this, so i came up with some ideas! first, the monarchies are constantly working together as leaders of the country. while they may have their own land and industries, it’s not rare for them to meet up to close deals, work on projects together, etc. second, royal family and court members are not always in their homes 24/7! since they are of the higher class, it’d be common for them to have the same stylists, tutors, shop at the same stores, eat at the same restaurants, etc. they could easily run into each other outside of their houses. and third, subplots. a lot of characters have taken on the same subplots regardless of court/family, so they’re bound to at least be on an acquaintance level. you could use that to flesh out a little bit into a more detailed plot! hopefully this helped, anon.


When I was trying to come up with a stage name, I thought ‘Lord’ was super rad, but really masculine—ever since I was a little kid, I have been really into royals and aristocracy. So to make Lord more feminine, I just put an ‘e’ on the end!                           Some people think it’s religious, but it’s not.

I am SO EXCITED for when we have less white Disney Princesses than non-white Disney Princesses. Current ratio is at 7:6 with Elena & Moana

Anna and Elsa do not count because there are currently no known plans to include them in the Princess Royal Court. Elena & Moana are both planned to join. 

We are still nowhere near proper representation but we are slowly going in the right direction. 

What Lorde songs feel like pt. 1
  • Tennis Court: driving through a desert at night, a red eye flight, solitary walks at dawn, pink
  • 400 Lux: fast highways at night, walking home at 2:00 am, a party full of teenagers, melancholy and nostalgic, neon
  • Royals: A rage you can't really contain but are trying your best to be smart about, watching people have amazing lives through windows, isolation, magenta
  • Ribs: sitting alone in your bed at 1:00, wishing to be just a little more interesting, a sunrise, watching street lights on a deserted interstate, lilac
Ludwig the virtuoso
  • Ludwig was annoyed at a Berlin audience for weeping over his performance. He complained to a friend, “That’s not what we artists wish. We want applause!”
  • Carl Czerny recorded how Beethoven mocked his audiences for breaking out into sobs and emotional displays after his improvisations. “You are fools! Who can live among such spoiled children?” 
  • In Beethoven’s twenties, the piano was still a delicate, all-wooden instrument. Ludwig once broke so many strings while performing a Mozart concerto that his friend Anton had to untangle broken strings from the piano as he played.
  • Friedrich Himmel, royal pianist of the court of Prussia, once improvised for Beethoven. After Friedrich had played for a moment, Ludwig snapped, “Well, when are you going to start?” He explained later, “I thought Himmel had just been preluding a bit.”
  • In 1797, Ludwig dedicated a four-hand piano sonata to Countess von Browne, who gave him a horse in thanks. He rented space for it at a stable and forgot about it until he was shocked and infuriated by a huge feed bill.
  • Ludwig lived across the street from his student Babette. He showed up for her morning piano lessons in a sleeping cap, dressing gown, and slippers. He dedicated several pieces of music to her, including the passionate Grande Sonata op. 7, nicknamed “The Beloved.”
  • An amateur pianist named Carl described Ludwig: “Whoever sees Beethoven for the first time and knows nothing about him would surely take him for a malicious, ill-natured and quarrelsome drunk who has no feeling for music.”

[Need more Beethoven? Read about how his house flooded when he was a child and what it was like to have lessons with Haydn.]

source : BEETHOVEN : anguish and triumph 

Spanish Vocabulary: El castillo (the castle)

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el castillo: castle

la fortaleza: fortress

el palacio: palace

la muralla: wall

la torre: tower

la torre principal: keep, donjon

el rastrillo*: portcullis

el foso: moat

la cadena: chain

la almena: battlement

la atalaya: watchtower

la mazmorra: dungeon

el aposento**: bedroom

el pasillo: corridor

el calabozo: cell, dungeon

el caballero: knight

la defensa: defense

la corte real: royal court

*the same word means “rake”

**this is a very literary word, one would not use it in a coloquial conversation