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I know we all love the idea of Jasper having a Pearl and all, but after doing some research I've decided that it would seem a bit out of place for a quartz soldier to have a PEARL. I propose that Jasper should have a Goldstone for a servant, since they are neither gem nor mineral, they might be treated lower than Pearls and be servants for gems who can't afford Pearls? What are your thoughts

:o that’s really interesting,, i never thought of the possibility of there being any other servant-class gems other than pearls but that makes sense, as peridot said only the most elite gems have/are given pearls and jasper is just a soldier. an honoured and widely respected veteran, but a soldier all the same, and regardless of how infamous she is that doesn’t break the rigid hierarchy that we’ve learned all homeworld gems fit into. we don’t know if the royal court system that we caught a glimpse of with BD is still a thing, but jasp isn’t exactly a member of the upper class yknow. and for a gem who doesn’t fit into that upper level of the hierarchy, it doesn’t really make sense to have a symbol of status and wealth trailing along behind you wherever you go

also, the existence of another class of servant-level gems that have an even lower status than pearls is really interesting (and awful) and gives another level of complexity and social dynamics to gem/HW society - what purpose do they serve? what role do they fill? are they seen as disposable and used for menial labour or treated more like house servants/slaves? why would jasper have one and how would she feel about it? there’s so much opportunity for story-telling and world-building here

don’t get me wrong, i like the jasper’s pearl headcanons as much as the next jasper fan (as you all know), but this is a really neat idea. QUICK go make goldstone/servant class oc’s

What Lorde songs feel like pt. 1
  • Tennis Court:driving through a desert at night, a red eye flight, solitary walks at dawn, pink
  • 400 Lux:fast highways at night, walking home at 2:00 am, a party full of teenagers, melancholy and nostalgic, neon
  • Royals:A rage you can't really contain but are trying your best to be smart about, watching people have amazing lives through windows, isolation, magenta
  • Ribs:sitting alone in your bed at 1:00, wishing to be just a little more interesting, a sunrise, watching street lights on a deserted interstate, lilac
  • what she says:i’m fine
  • what she means:i really need Lorde to release her album right now. pure heroine was the best album of our generation but nothing has been going on for the past few months. royals was a smash hit along with tennis court and team but her absence from the spotlight has been felt throughout the music industry. sure the mockingjay soundtrack gave us a quick break from the music drought but things are back to what it was like before

I am SO EXCITED for when we have less white Disney Princesses than non-white Disney Princesses. Current ratio is at 7:6 with Elena & Moana

Anna and Elsa do not count because there are currently no known plans to include them in the Princess Royal Court. Elena & Moana are both planned to join. 

We are still nowhere near proper representation but we are slowly going in the right direction.