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So apparently Nexon who merged with PB last year is trying to mess up PB by cancelling It Lives in The Woods 2, Most Wanted 2 and Hero 2. This means they want to focus on romance novels and why books like The Junior and The Royal Romance came out so quickly. The Royal Romance could also be cancelled, its already on a hiatus and as fans speculate, it could end as soon as chapter 12 like Endless Summer. I like The Junior but its repetitive and annoying, I don’t want to fight with my love interests and Zack for small reasons that never affected us before, we need a diverse range of books.

I guess I saw this coming, PB is a small company who broke from EA but money is tight, Nexon wants to control everything and ruin what the fans have invested in. I’m also worried for the people who write fanfics on here and then not even get credited when it appears in a Choices story having been blatantly stolen.

This is info I’ve seen online so don’t attack me thanks. 

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‘I actually kind of like the direction the PB writers put for the third book of TRR because in the first book MC figures out life at Cordonia and fights for the Crown, then later has to redeem herself in book 2, and now in book 3 she has to learn how to handle noble life. Also the ending had me all the way fucked up. As soon as the lights cut off I was like “OMG SHIT IS ABOUT TO GO DOWN”’




Cordonia in Real Life

Cordonia in Real Life 2 **NEW**

The Forgotten Falls in RL **NEW**


As of right now this is the only book and pairing that I do. Maybe I will branch out in the future, who knows! But for now, this is all I can focus on. Shout out to darley1101 for making the beautiful image for my AU series!!


New Chapters Coming Soon.

There has been a second attack on the palace, a bombing, is everyone okay? Did they all make it out unscathed? How will Riley handle the unfolding events? (This series is set at the end of Book 3, Chapter 10. In this series, Chapters 11+ never happen)


The Aftermath (1) - Someone has attacked the palace, is Liam okay? Did everyone make it out? How will Riley handle this all?

The Waiting Game (2) - Riley tries to be strong. She tries to be productive while waiting for Liam to wake up.

The Awakening (3) - Liam is awake! What does he remember? How will that effect the future?

The In Between (4) - Drakes near slip up forces the gang to plan a group meeting to go over how to approach telling Liam about the last year. Regina finds out about Liams memory lose. Liam and Olivia have a heart to heart.

The First Step (5) - Riley heads to the hospital to set the list in motion. Liam has a nightmare and wakes to Riley in his room, big steps happen and they have their first talk. But will the talk lead to unanswered questions?

The Plan (6) - The friends hold a group meeting to determine a plan of action. Riley visits Liam in the hospital but finds him in the middle of a nightmare.

The Wasted Effort (7) - Liam had a flashback about the Coronation Ball, how will that affect them both? How will it affect the future?

The Plot Thickens (8) - Drake gets some bad news when he visits Liam. He and his friends quickly make a change to the plans, but will it help? Can they really fix this?

The Consequences (9) - Riley finds herself lost and emotionally crippled after the nights events. Liam tries to cope with the last few days, and ends up having a heart to heart with a very unlikely ‘Friend’.

The Deal (10) - Riley begins to pack for her trip to Valtoria but before she can leave she is forced into an impromtu meeting. Meanwhile Liam has another flashback and a talk with Dr. Young.

The Visit (11) - Liam has an unexpected visitor who forces him to listen. Will it work? Will their words make any difference?

The Encounter (12) - Liam and Regina return to the palace, but what will happen when they get there? Who will they encounter and how will that effect the future?

The Breakdown (13) - Liam deals with his late night run in. But will Riley be okay? Will she be able to get through this?

The Decisions (14) - Liam and Leo share a drink and a few laughs, all while unaware of the situation that was occuring in Riley’s room.

The Final Hurdle (15) - Riley wakes up the morning after her panic attack, only to be thrusted in front of the press and people. While Liam finds himself in another flashback.

The Jig is Up (16) - Liam just had another flashback, but who was at his door? What will they have to say? Elsewhere in the palace, Riley starts to pack so she can leave for Valtoria, but gets a visit from a true friend. However, both are interrupted by an urgent matter.

The News (17) - Liam and Riley learn what the urgent matter is. How will they handle that? What will the outcome be?

The Journey (18) - Riley heads to Valtoria but hits a snag along the way. Liam makes hasty plans and preparations.

The What Ifs (19) **NEW**

Liam gets an evening visitor then retires early for the night. Riley wakes up in Valtoria for the first time……Pearls, views and chicken, oh my!

…..More to come, I don’t want to give to much away, so stay tuned! ;)


Distracted - W/C 2,000 - Riley hasn’t put her phone down in days, and Liam has started to notice. He confronts her at breakfast and things take an unusual turn, resulting in a pretty eventful morning.

Today of All Days - W/C 1,570 - This is a birthday one shot for hopefulmoonodject. In this, Riley has a very long and lonely day.

Sweet Tooth - W/C 1,350 - Riley volunteers to help plan and prepare Penelope’s baby shower.


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