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Feeling ambitious as hell and my second round of monsters, all still a WIP but I’m pumped to get them nice and finished in Illustrator. I can easily do these guys for commission for all those monster hunter fans out there. Just refer to my previous post about that. 

Maxwell Beaumont in black-and-white. This took about thirty minutes of me scrolling through Xavier Serrano’s photoshoots, and another three hours to actually draw it.


Anyway, I’ve been collecting victuuri fic for forever now and I wanted to make this rec to store them and for others to view. I’ll be updating it as time goes on; as of right now, there are approx. 200 fics below the cut. It’ll include the link, title, rating, summary, and my own review on it including details such as POV. Assume all fics are complete unless I say so. 

 Enjoy, I hope you find something you like!

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My ‘The Magicians’ fic masterpost

So, I’m just gonna start adding all my Magicians fic here as a masterpost … it’s mostly Queliot, but there’s also stuff focusing on the Quentin x Eliot x Margo friendship dynamic, and idk what else I’ll end up writing at this point. 

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Sam/Lara fanfiction recs (Complete if not stated otherwise) :

[Edit : 15 Feb ‘14  ’ * ' I’ll try to keep this post uptdated ]

- She traces your scars and rebuilds your world

-The King of Ithaca 

- Never let me go

- Infection  (WIP)

- The camera loves you ,  Dinner Date The Dreaming

- Ten Things I Hate About You 

- MAR 03 2013 00:00  

- Can’t Go Home , Easier to run (WIP)

- Royal Affection (WIP) 

- Target Practice 

- Calm Before

- No Heroes (Only Survivors) 

- Discovery 

- Combact the Storm (WIP)

- Good Night, Good Luck 

- Ser Croft (WIP) 

- Many Meetings (WIP) 

- Old Flames  

- In This Togheter  , Lessons , Scars , The Swear Jar and Other Stories (WIP)* 

- Two Halves of the Whole 

- The Sun Must Set To Rise (WIP) *

- Dirt and Blood * , Coconut Rum *

- War and Peace (WIP) *

Any suggestions are more than welcome. 


Oh, and if anyone wanted to see my digital painting process for this silly portrait, the image directly above is a gif (Seems to not work on mobile in tumblr app though, grarrrrh. Seems to work in my mobile browser though when I copy paste the link ) that shows some of my steps (be prepared to see some clunky wip shots!)  :) :)