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Jonghyun is just a lazy pathetic clown. He does not have time to promote his career but he has time to go to Japan to advertise to Taemin. He left the radio for health problems but he is healthy enough to make two concerts in one day so he could go to Japan. And he has never been to a musical of Key in Seoul but went to another country for the concert Taemin. But of course gain the support of the fans of the popular Taemin >>>> everything else, right?

solo activities that jonghyun has supported of onew, key and minho’s:

1) attending a performance of onew’s musical, rock of ages, on 100923 with his older sister.

2) attending a performance of key’s first stage musical, catch me if you can, on 120501.

3) one of the (many) times that he casually supported minho’s first leading role in a drama, to the beautiful you, back in 2012 on his twitter.

4) tweeting a proof shot of him supporting / watching key’s livestream for my little television back in 2015.

5) supporting key’s collaboration single with axodus, “hold on”, back in 2015 by having it played multiple times / hyping it on blue night radio.

6) talking about descendants of the sun, onew’s first drama, last year on blue night radio - and specifically going out of the way to mention onew being in it / hype his role.

7) promoting / doing an in-depth analysis / review of onew / lee jin ah’s collaboration for sm station last year, “밤과별의노래 (starry night)”. 

8) promoting onew’s special appearance as a dj on kiss the radio while on his own radio show.

these are just off of the top of my head / what i could find that hadn’t been lost in translation or deleted over time. he also tweeted about onew’s sitcom back in 2013, royal villa, but i can’t find that tweet. anyway: thank you for giving me a reason to share more moments of support between the members! (also remember that not supporting in public doesn’t mean that no support happens at all - there’s such a thing as behind the scenes / private support.) have a nice day!