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Lost and Found

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The 13-year-old wasn’t sure why he came by this timeline anymore when it came with such painful memories. Perhaps…because it came with good ones as well. The integration of monsters back into surface life the past year had gone…surprisingly better than most people expected, not that that’s saying much, and Justin was doing a fairly decent job as ambassador with the help of the other souls. Sure, there were major hiccups and incidents here and there, but society seemed to be more or less on the right track in the long run.

After a quick walk in New Home, Sasha stepped into the elevator. He took a breath and sighed, selecting the CORE level and watching the doors close. He stood and waited as the elevator chugged away, expecting he’d be arriving at the old power plant soon.

But…something was off. The ride started feeling shakier than usual. And all of the sudden, it came to a halt as if the elevator car got stuck on something. Just as Sasha feared it couldn’t get worse, he heard something sturdy snap–and the elevator went tumblring!

In his panicked state, the young teenager balled up barely even felt the elevator land. And it was another good moment or so before he uncurled and saw the elevator doors now open, with a dim light shining into the now dark interior. Gulping to steady his nerves, Sasha poked his head out and peered around.

Was this…the True Lab? How odd–according to Justin, the Asgore of this timeline had ordered this lab decommissioned and stripped of everything shortly after the Barrier’s breaking. …A week or so before she was taken. Yet…it looked like some had been here since the king’s ordered were carried out…

The Underground Historical Exhibition ( Part 1)

The Royal Family


As one of the first artifacts loaned to the Smithsonian after the Great Monster Exodus This piece is a historical artifact of great significance. The piece was given to the Smithsonian by Former Queen-under-the Mountain Toriel Dremurr. It is a portrait depicting the royal family of the underground as they were approximately 100 years ago. While most people will be familliar with the couple in the middle  the children are slightly less well know by the public. The children have been identified by Queen Toriel as her biological son Asriel Dremurr and adopted child Chara.

( Hey guys I thought I might do a series of paintings like this exploring the historical documents of the underground. I hope you enjoy it! full view please! tumblr ruins the quality)


Undyne first costest,first time attempted the fishscales…the last pic makes me laugh.. alot XD I look like a fish XD. But honestly I cannot wait till I try this when i have proper time on my hands…and more paints r.i.p lil blue paint.

Edit: Freakinf out my bro did a metta ton make up cause they were inspired by my Undyne(we’ve been punning around the game for the past month XD) and I am just so freaking… ughhh *happy hop* I love good surprizes!! <3…

maybe we should do a video?  after the holidays..

Reference sheet for Alphys!! (I inspired myself from this, it’s sooo cute!)

Alphys is too cute and pure for this world u/////u <3

Alphys is the current royal scientist of the Underground; even though she’s shy, and really nice, the experiments and projects she has are top secret… and way darker than expected.

She really admires Dr.Gaster; a figure in the world of science, known to be one of the most loved scientists in history of monsters… It’s kinda like her senpai, yeah. She wishes she could’ve be able to meet him; unfortunatly, he died during the war against humans.

She also designs armors for the royal guard; she did a special armor for Undyne herself. It has lots of cool features.

(In return Undyne made her wear this little red bow… Asgore has no problem with it, he thinks it’s adorable)


Hopping on the bandwagon and making my own Undertale AU - Vamptale!

In Vamptale, all the monsters beneath Mt. Ebott are vampire versions of themselves, and Frisk is a dhampir (half-vampire) that falls into the underground. After they fall, Frisk is led through the ruins by Countess Toriel, meets a sad ghostpire, buys some sweets from a vampire spider bake sale - and discovers a few surprises about the Underground’s royal family and the previous children who had the misfortune of falling down.

Next planned sketches - Skeleton Vampire Brothers, Papyrus the Great and Sans; Undyne the Slayer Vampire


Sarcophagus of Sennedjem

This sarcophagus was found among the grave goods in the intact Tomb of Sennedjem in Deir al Medina, the settlement of the builders and craftsmen that undertook the construction works on the royal tombs in the Valley of the Kings. Found in 1886, it was identified to date back to the Nineteenth Dynasty, during the reign of King Ramesses II (1279-1212 B.C.E.). This sarcophagus belongs to one of the members of the family of Sennedjem, one of the necropolis workers who were responsible for building and decorating royal underground tombs in the Valley of the Kings.

The man’s mummy was housed within two sarcophaguses. This outer anthropoid (mummy-shaped) sarcophagus pictures the man wrapped in bandages standing in the Osiride-form with his arms crossed and his left hand holding Knot of Isis (also known as the Tjet Tyet, Tet, Tit, Tat, That) and the right the Djed Pillar, the emblem of Osiris (now partly damaged). The body is decorated with various Hieroglyphic texts painted in intersected rows, between two of which appears a funerary scene involving the deceased and other protective deities , such as Anubis, Nut, Isis and Nephthys. The deceased is depicted with black hair on one side and white hair on the other. Over the head is a wig typical to the style of the Ramesside Period embellished with a frieze of leaves and fruits. Hanging down from the neck is a broad shoulder-to-shoulder necklace known as the ‘usekh collar’ decorated with multiple strings. It is fastened to the shoulders with clasps in the shape of the lotus flowers, symbol of rebirth.

Guardtale AU

AU Creator(s) : Jetstertsyko

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AU Canon: Asgore, after the great war, is extremely paranoid of the humans. So, he issues that the whole Underground must be a part of the Royal Guard. The whole Underground is also remodeled into military bases, and each one you come across is a different section. Each monster is rigorously trained, and each given a job to fit them. They are armored and armed at all times. They also have their clothes and bodies shaped with the Delta Rune. No matter what, they always must be ready to defend their king and land.

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