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Still haven’t spoiled myself about this game too much, but I came up with this from Leo and Elise’s supports. Having siblings sure is painful, isn’t it?

I wonder what the other siblings looked like…

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Jeffmads Headcanon: Thomas literally will let James do anything to his hair if it makes James feel better

James is sick again. Not the kind of sick that means he can’t move, can’t breathe; the kind that lands him in hospital, the kind that has Thomas worrying for days on end.

No, it’s the kind of sickness that turns James into a miserable, sniffling blanket burrito of a man that doesn’t leave his bed for a week, hopped up on Nyquil and binging House of Cards on Netflix (while simultaneously pointing out all of its political inaccuracies). The kind of sickness that means he won’t feed himself or sleep, so Thomas has to force him to eat something and at least take his meds.

Thomas can’t stand to see him like this - James’s immune system has never been kind to him, and he has never been able to stop worrying about his Jemmy when he’s ill. He’s seen how bad it can get after a particularly bad flu strain five years ago that had landed him on a ventilator in the hospital, and he just can’t go back to feeling that helpless so he does what he has to – which normally involves camping out in Jemmy’s living room until the worst has passed.

Other people would probably say that Thomas  is too much of a mother hen to James when he’s unwell, but Thomas will staunchly deny the fact. The truth is that he’ll let Jemmy get away with almost anything if it makes him feel better. He knows that Jemmy likes to keep busy, and tends to get fidgety when he has nothing to do. He’d found this out the hard way after falling asleep on the sofa one day and waking up four hours later with his hair plaited together in tiny little braids all over his head. It had been a pain to take out all the braids and get his hair back to normal, but James seemed so relaxed afterwards that he almost didn’t mind at all.

So now Thomas indulges James, lets him do whatever he wants to his hair when he’s sick. He’s content to sit for hours on end while Jemmy twists and turns and braids his hair, running the ringlets between his fingers. Today he’s sitting on the floor in front of the sofa while James fiddles with his wild locks; he knows this makes him calm, takes his mind off the fact he feels miserable and his immune system has royally fucked him over.

He’s always gentle, Thomas thinks as his friend carefully styles his hair back into french braids, and he’ll never tell anyone this but he actually doesn’t hate the way he’s the one person Jemmy leans on when he’s ill. He’ll never tell anyone that he shivers, warmth bubbling up inside him as James’s fingers graze the nape of his neck or the tender spot just behind his right ear. He’ll never tell how he just wants to scoop Jemmy up in his arms and cuddle the shit out of him - blanket burrito and all - when he’s feeling unwell; and he’ll never share that in the darkness he imagines how he might kiss; would their lips slotting together be like a fire lit from within, or like coming home at the end of a long day?

No, Thomas thinks. He’ll never tell. He’s content to stay in this moment for now, with his best friends’ fingers meticulously combing through his curls, smoothing out the tangles. He’d gladly sit here for hours more. He’d gladly sit here forever.



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What are the roads in Westeros like? Do they have regular matinence and upkeep? If so who does the upkeep? Are the Gold Road, Roseroad, Kingsroad, etc the Westeros equivalent of highways? Because somewhere it's said Ellyn Reyne built roads. So I'm curious, what were medieval roads like and what would you expect Westeros roads to be like?

(First off: there’s a big caveat here that GRRM hasn’t put every road on the map, so there may well be roads we can’t see that change our perception. But based on what we know…)

They’re not great. 


There’s some pretty obvious missing connections when it comes to the system of royal roads created by Jaehaerys:

  • The River Road should absolutely extend to Maidenpool, and there should probably be a Trident Road connecting Riverun Fairmarket and Seagard. 
  • The Kingsroad should connect to White Harbor and Barrowton, with feeder roads linking White Harbor to Ramsgate, Barrowton to Torrhen’s Square to Winterfell, Kingsroad to Last Hearth to Karhold, and maybe Winterfell to Deepwood Motte to a ferry to Bear Island?
  • The High Road should continue past the Eyrie to Gulltown, with a spur connecting the Eyrie to Ironoaks, Old Anchor, and Longbow Hall.
  • We’re missing a north/south connection from Riverrun down to the Gold Road via Stoney Sept (which also connects you to the Blackwater Rush), and then down to the Roseroad via Bitterbridge.
  • The Ocean Road should extend west to Kayce and north up the coast to the Banefort.
  • The Reach needs an orbital road connecting Old Oak, Red Lake, Goldengrove, Bitterbridge, Ashford, and Horn Hill, connecting back to the Roseroad south of Highgardern. 
  • The Stormlands should have a direct route from Bronzegate to the Roseroad that doesn’t require going more than a hundred miles north out of your way through a congested King’s Landing. It also needs the Kingsroad to extend further south than Storm’s End, linking up with the Weeping Town and Stonehelm where it can connect to the Boneway. 
  • Dorne could use an eastern road continuing the Boneway from Wyl to Yronwood and Yronwood to Godgrace, and a western road linking Skyreach to Sandstone to Hellholt to Vaith. 


There are not enough bridges in Westeros, and a lot of the bridges that do exist are wooden structures that don’t fare well under heavy flooding. So I would definitely add the following:

  • Bridge over the Trident at the Ruby Ford, so that the main north/south highway in the whole kingdom doesn’t have to rely on a ford and some ferry boats. 
  • Bridge over the Rush at King’s Landing, so that southbound traffic from the capitol to the Reach and the Stormlands doesn’t have to rely on ferries.
  • Bridge over the Mander at Cider Hall or Longtable, over the Blueburn at Grassy Vale, and over the Cockleswent at Ashford, and over the unnamed Silverhall River at Goldengrove. In general, the Reach is bizarrely under-bridged and seriously impedes land traffic in favor of river-traffic. 
  • Bridge over the Red Fork south of Riverrun, and a more secure bridge over the Blue Fork at Fairmarket. 

And yes, I know in some of these cases bridges might not exist due to defensive reasons (although that’s a double-edged sword; bridges work really well to stop Ironborn sailing their longboats up your rivers), but that’s why swing/draw bridges were invented. 

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What is the Falling Kingdoms series about? Is it good?

falling kingdoms follows four main characters in three different kingdoms:

  • cleo, princess of auranos, who is very much ready to Fight at any given moment even tho she’s a smol bean. she’s the second daughter so she won’t be queen.
    • auranos: a prosperous and beautiful country with a fair king whom everyone loves. worships the goddess cleiona
  • jonas, commoner (subsequently a rebel) from paelsia, who is VERY ANGRY BECAUSE INJUSTICE!!!!!! 
    • paelsia: barren and poor country, where the land has been completely exploited and is stuck between two major kingdoms. they have no king and therefore are very much a mess
  • magnus (BAE!!!!!! I WOULD DIE FOR MAGNUS), the angriest prince to ever exist, heir to the throne of limeros
  • and lucia, princess of limeros, magnus’s (adopted) sister, and a prophesied sorceress with the power to Destroy The World™
    • limeros: big ass country made of ICE with a very power-crazy king. worships the goddess v-something (i forgot her name but it starts with a v. i think it was valoria or something????)

OKAY SO the plot of the first book follows a brewing war between the three kingdoms (2 vs. 1, the aforementioned 2 trying to overthrow the 1) and the rise of a rebel cause in paelsia (led by jonas) and lucia discovering how powerful she is and her father wanting to use her as a weapon and also uncovering the myth about four little crystal balls called ~the kindred~, which contain the very essence of fire, water, air and earth and can be used as Very Powerful Weapons™, and i honest to god can’t remember what cleo and magnus do in book 1 other than…… exist (IN A GOOD WAY THOUGH I LOVE THEM BOTH)

falling kingdoms is one GIANT snowball effect okay??? everything that happens between the characters + the plot happens for a reason but anyway this series is !!! THE EPITOME!!!! of YA high fantasy. it’s got it all. Magic? yes. kingdoms/political intrigue? sure. struggling royals? yep. battling religious systems? yeah. rebellion? u bet cha. incest (a little bit)? yes. medieval soap opera-esque situations?? yup. slow-burn romance TO DIE FOR????? yes!! GAYS????? YEEEESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!

if u wanna hear about my personal experience with this series, i marathoned the first four books (the fifth one came out in december and the sixth one is coming out this year!!!!!) and i honest to god enjoyed them to death. they just all blur together for me at this point because i read them so fast and back to back so i honestly can’t tell them apart for the life of me but i!!!! loved!!!!! them!!!!! they’re a little trashy/cringy at times but they’re the guilty pleasure trashy/cringy type. like?? honestly high quality trash™ i love falling kingdoms and u should too there’s literally like five people in the entire fandom PL EA SE

  • Boss designer 1: Hmmm, this boss is too weak...we need a creative method to make the fight more difficult.
  • Boss designer 2: Just increase the number? Like maybe 3 at once?
  • Boss designer 1: But we already did that with some bosses.
  • Boss designer 2: Idk man just include some minor enemies. Let them induce toxic, whatever.
  • Boss designer 1: N I C E!



Arctic Monkeys (Old) & (New)




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Update 1

Purity Ring


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Update 2

RX Bandits

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Mount Kimbie

Update 3


George Ezra

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Little Dragon

Crystal Fighters

Send me bands to add to the list! xx

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After years of people making fun of the European royals fir retiring and abdicating. Claiming that the British are stronger and have more sense of duty. that they would never do that. Now with Philip retiring i think cranks open a little bit for the queen to retire or abdicate in the future

People made fun of the European royals? I think their system of retirement and abdication is brilliant and would love the BRF to do it. But the queen won’t abdicate. If she has to, she’ll ask Charles to be her regent. But she won’t abdicate. She is a deeply religious woman and she made an oath to god on her coronation day. As far as she is concerned, she is in this until her last breath because she promised her god.

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Cleaning the castle was always tedious work. From dusting to wiping down and polishing surfaces, there was plenty to be done– especially considering how large the castle was. At the very least, he was only assigned to clean a few areas for the day. 

Once he finished up with one room, Taranza grabbed his cleaning supplies and began to head for the next. As the mage floated through the castle halls, all was silent…


Taranza jumped, the cleaning supplies slipping from his grasp and clattering onto the floor. Eyes wide, he turned to face that direction of that noise. W-what… was that? An explosion? Why would there be an explosion? Did someone active Royal Road’s security system, or…

The Floralian grimaced, fidgeting. Should he investigate? If there IS a problem, that would be for the best. He’d much rather not get involved in any trouble, but his magic makes him better suited for dealing with it than the typical guards.

With a deep breath, the mage would begin drifting towards the source of the ‘boom’, unsure of what to expect…

Rebel Colours: Chapter 1

Fiore has descended into Civil war following a coup that destroyed the Monarchy and existing government, the throne falling into the hands of the Dreyar family. In the wake of the coup rebelling factions had risen, sending the country into chaos, with some fighting to protect and others to gain power. In the midst of this an unlikely Rebel and a Pirate Captain might be the best hope for restoring peace, if they can overcome their differences. 

Inspired by @zelkam and This Post

Chapters:  2 / 3

Disclaimer: As always Fairy Tail and its amazing characters don’t belong to me, I’m just borrowing them.

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I’m going to say that Zuko and Katara were in love. They were always in love. Even when they got married to other people. Katara had to marry Aang. Because Aang loved her and he was the last airbender so….someone had to repopulate the airbenders. And Zuko married Mai because he couldn’t marry Katara and because Mai’s family was already in the royal system. (i.e. Mai’s dad and uncle.) but yes. Zuko and Katara were forced away from each other. They had to abandon their love for each other to help the world. 😕