royal strawberry


I had to stop when it was 90% done because I ran out of time but I did it! I got all the products out even if I wasn’t 100% happy with it all I’m still proud it got done.
The top has Strawberry Charlotte Royals, Babas with coconut Chantilly cream and pineapples, a Black Forest cake(that lacks chocolate shavings) and a NY style cheesecake. The bottom from left to right is apple strudels with pecans, a Shirley trifle thats strawberry flavored, crepe suzette(which I had to fuckin do a live action demonstration do you know how hard it is to flambé and flip when people are watching?) and pavlovas with almonds and strawberries.
Chef noticed the biggest problem I have is being a perfectionist that I keep shutting down when things don’t seem to work out instead of trying to find a way around it. She said “you have to go pro before you get anal” and I almost cracked up.

Funny story.

So basically stravvberryprince reblogged a thing that said something along the lines of “Tag your selfie tag and I’ll draw you” so basically I did, but then I felt like I would be overstepping my bounds by posting it. I got permission, but then I noticed that I had made some mistakes (forgetting eyebrows, shortening arms, etc.) and I was on a trip without my tablet. Now that I’m home, I’ve decided to just re-do them.

Anyway, this is the strawberry prince!! *royal-sounding trumpet music*

Drove all over San Jose

Yesterday Mai texted me that she was craving for Pepper Lunch and strawberry royal pudding from Paris Baguette. I knew she wasn’t going to agree to go out and eat so after work I had to do some errands and then I drove all the way to el Camino to get her strawberry pudding. Bought like 15 puddings and a bunch of bread. lol Mai was on the phone with me and telling me so only buy a little but I just never listen. I bought jang su jang for dinner too so we ate dinner with her mom. Korean food is just my favorite ❤️