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“From the beginning you and the dragon had been one. You are becoming, and the dragon is your higher self.”

The way this show is currently paralleling Will Graham and Francis Dolarhyde is absolutely brilliant. The above conversation is even more significant when you consider Bedelia telling Will that he is capable of righteous violence because he is compassionate, and that extreme acts of cruelty require high levels of empathy, certainly something Will is in no short supply of.

Dolarhyde is not killing his victims because he wants to inflict pain upon them. In his madness he believes he is helping them. He believes he is elevating them to their higher selves by giving them to the darkness within himself that he calls the dragon. This is righteous violence. This is his compassion. But Hannibal knows that this darkness is something that has been inside him all along, and this harkens back to Will at the end of season 2. As he attempted to trick and trap Hannibal, Will unlocked a part of his nature that has always been present, and is just as natural to him as being sweet and good and kind, which he undoubtedly is. But as he said earlier this season, he never knew himself more than he did when he was with Hannibal.

And speaking of which, as soon as Dolarhyde said this:

I was immediately reminded of this:

Molly is to Will as Reba is to Dolarhyde. Through her he has found an escape from the darker side of himself. He consumed the Blake painting because he wanted to desperately to be someone else for her. He wants to step away from the darkness and into the light, but to do so would be to deny half of his true self, and Hannibal is dependent on him embracing that darkness at this point.

Hannibal’s ethics and motivations are fascinating. He is undeniably capable of experiencing love, but the nature of that love and the nature of who he is twists it and turns it into a truly destructive force. He likes testing people, he likes placing them in situations where they have a choice to do right or wrong to see which they will choose, and he is no stranger to a good old game of cat and mouse. But his motivations with Dolarhyde go a bit deeper than that… I believe he thinks if he can help Dolarhyde become his higher self, if he can help him become the dragon, then he can help Will come around again too. He can pull him away from his family (the family that he believes is a poor replacement for the family they were creating together) and back into his orbit. 

A striking difference between the canon of the books and what took place on the show is that Hannibal did not send Dolarhyde after Will AND his family… he only sent him after Molly and Walter. Hannibal doesn’t want Dolarhyde to kill Will in this universe, but he is unbelievably jealous and wants Will’s new family out of the picture as soon as possible. This isn’t simply about playing a game out of boredom for him. In the end it all comes down to his deep and twisted love for Will Graham.

Will and Molly love one another, there is no doubt about that, but we are being shown through visual subtext and absolutely blatant and heavy handed dialogue that Will and Hannibal belong together. They are two sides of the same coin, but Will’s true destiny to be with Hannibal cannot be realized until he learns to, once again, give in to his own becoming.

Will wanted to run away with Hannibal not only because they were friends, or because they truly do love one another on a deep and profound level, but because through Hannibal, Will found his freedom. His transformation at the end of season 2 also felt very deliberate, it began as a premeditated plan to capture Hannibal after all, but it resulted in Will discovering the true nature of the beast residing in his own belly. A part of him will always want to be with Hannibal, will always wish they had run away together all those years ago, and I guess only time (aka the final two episodes) will tell if that part of himself will be victorious in the end.

Royal July 2017 Photo Challenge

Day Five: Favourite Photo of a Royal Child

↳ Princess Estelle (19/10/2012)

I’ve become interested in Royals after Madeleine’s wedding when I saw this precious cupcake Estelle and she’s been my favourite royal child ever since. I’ve especially like this photo of her because she’s just too precious and cute for my heart to get over it.

*they hate puzzles

*While I’m playing catch-up with the Dating Sim scripts I owe, I thought I’d share something I wrote up several months ago to explore RESETs, Papyrus’s death via Genocide route, and the skelebros’ backstory.  It’s actually part of a roleplay post from way back when, where Frisk was struggling with control against Chara, which resulted in the timeline getting LOADed over and over to just before the Papyrus fight… while Sans watched from the sidelines.

*Angst warning.  

In all of his fragmented memories from other timelines, Sans only saw happier times ahead, times where his SOUL was drawn to Frisk’s as he followed them throughout the Underground, always watching.. always making sure they were safe. And every time, they had always been so good, so full of Mercy, that he just knew they would never–

                                              [  R  E  S  E  T  ]

And then Sans was hiding behind some trees in the woods, watching his brother stand across from the human they had discovered. A human coming into the Underground? That was hilarious! And Papyrus interacting with the human was pure gold. His brother was so cool, and Sans getting to participate in the japes alongside him had been a surprising amount of fun. The human had loved puzzles, had gone through all of them humoring Papyrus and easily figuring out the solutions. It was only because of this, and watching the human continually Spare every monster from the Ruins to Snowdin, that Sans trusted them across from his brother now. Papyrus was harmless; he would never actually kill anyone, human or not. And this human, so filled with kind words and gentle smiles, would never raise a hand to Papyrus, either.


Sans watched as the human approached, but something.. wasn’t right. It felt like he was missing something important.

* they hated puzzles. we couldn’t get them to cooperate through a single one.


* but that’s not right.. no, they loved the puzzles. they even solved them so quickly that i think they may have seen them before.. if that’s possible.

The human was moving closer, and Sans felt.. conflicted, and then berated himself for that emotion. He was being stupid. He may not have known the human that long, but he was observant and an excellent judge of character. There was no reason–

And then Papyrus’s body jerked suddenly, a sound much like a surprised gasp escaping him. In slow motion, his body faded away… crumbling to dust in the snow.

Sans stopped. Everything stopped. Papyrus’s skull continued to talk, but the words were lost on him. He took a shaky step forward before his legs gave way just outside the treeline where he’d be in view, and he crouched over on his hands and knees, hollow sockets staring blankly ahead.

A pleasant breeze went by, leaving a trail of dust across his jacket.

*  w    h    y  .   .    .   ?

He couldn’t be gone. He couldn’t.

It wasn’t possible.

Sans had watched over his brother since he was just a babybones. For as long as he could remember, it had only been the two of them. He had always tried his best to be a good big brother, to make certain that Papyrus was taken care of before his own needs were met. Thankfully, Sans may have been young back then, but he was clever. He always had some kind of quick money scheme (like the time he gave tours of the Capital City and made up bullshit facts), so he was able to keep his brother relatively well-fed and clothed, even if they had to bounce around from one place to the next as he came up with other scams.

It wasn’t until he was able to secure a job in the Lab that their situation was able to become stable, and Sans had done everything in his power to make that possible. By then, Papyrus had nearly been as tall as him. They lived in Hotland for a while, then moved to the outskirts of Waterfall when Papyrus had become enamored with the soft glow of the foliage and the novelty of the Echo Flowers. Sans himself became drawn to the sparkling rocks embedded in the cavern’s ceiling, and just like everyone else, he found himself wishing.

Wishing those were real stars.

But everything he had worked for crumbled overnight.

An experiment went too far.

His mentor was lost to the Void.

All attempts to retrieve him proved fruitless.

He moved Papyrus to Snowdin because the town was quaint and it was a chance for his brother’s boisterous, Great personality to really shine. By now, Papyrus was fully grown and had a burning desire to join the Royal Guard, ever since he had found out how amazing (“UNDYE IS STRONG, COOL, AND LOVED BY ALL! I CAN ACHIEVE ALL OF THOSE THINGS, TOO! GETTING INTO THE GUARD SHOULD BE NO PROBLEM FOR SOMEONE AS GREAT AS ME!”) its Captain was. Sans retained his job at the Lab to support his brother’s endeavors, but any joy he had felt with his work had been snuffed out. What was once a passion became mundane, something bothersome. There were no answers to be found, no amazing results to be shared.

Another failed experiment.

And another.

Notes in his basement, blueprints, and a machine that he could never get to work again. Pictures and fragments of notes in his own hurried, cramped scrawl started appearing in the drawer shortly after, ones where he couldn’t remember the faces of the monsters or ever writing the contents of the notes. It became clear that there was more going on, that what had meant to be their Salvation was their Undoing instead.

So, he quit.

Sans let his apathy take over and became fueled only by his love for his brother. Papyrus once again became his sole reason for going through the motions, and he took menial jobs and continued with his quick-gold schemes to pay the bills. There were times when he felt as if he had lived the same day over and over again.. and times when he remembered things before they happened. Then, there were the nightmares, the repetitious nightmares that he could never quite remember but gave him a general… uneasy feeling around flowers.

He tried to keep Papyrus away from Echo Flowers after that.

Despite all of this, everything he did was aimed at bolstering his brother’s Greatness and generally trying to make sure he had fun, he had friends, he had everything he wanted. It was still pretty much the two of them; nothing else really mattered except Papyrus.

The scent of dust hit him as grit carried by the wind clogged his nasal cavity.

Nothing mattered now.

He couldn’t be gone. He couldn’t.

                                                   [  R  E  S  E  T  ]

*they loved the puzzles. paps was so happy that a human finally got to use his puzzles. i’ve never seen him so excited.

Something was wrong. There was panic in his SOUL; he could feel it fluttering restlessly in against his ribs. His thoughts were momentarily disoriented, memories overlapping in a way that felt so wrong.

There was something glinting in the human’s hand.

No.. He was wrong.

*they hated puzzles.

                                                   [  R  E  S  E  T  ]

He knew something bad was going to happen.  

Sans was hyperventilating just beyond the treeline.  The fact that skeletons didn’t have to breathe spoke volumes for this particular anxiety attack.  

Clutching the front of his white T-shirt, his hand over his SOUL, he doubled over and tried not to vomit magic bile all over the snow.  It took him a moment to try to recall why he was so upset, before a name was uttered between clenched teeth, his body tense and voice strained.


He lurched forward, his slippers having difficulty finding purchase in the powdered snow.  His eyelights fell upon the sight of his brother’s body just as it crumbled away, and this time, he finally heard his farewell speech.  


As the human retched into the snow, Sans clamped a skeletal hand over his mouth to bite back a wail.  

                                                  [  R  E  S  E  T  ]

*they hate puzzles.

He could never connect the dots fast enough to do anything.

Papyrus still believed in them.  

Sans got a faint glimpse at a memory–or wishful thinking?–where he had once had the warmth of the sun on his bones and saw the human (*frisk.  their name is frisk.) give him a sincere smile that caused such fucking HoPe to well up in his SOUL that he realized his world had expanded beyond just him and Papyrus.  He had more to live for now.  They had given him a future, and they were good, they were so good, and full of more Mercy than any monster he’d ever met.  

Was it all a lie?

                                                   [  R  E  S  E  T  ]


He was wearing the expression of someone who’d watched his own brother die five times.  Five.  The number of fingers on a human’s hand.  

Fingers that were curled around a knife.

He made it just past the treeline again before he collapsed onto his hands and knees.  His magic prickled to the surface, and one eyelight expanded, casting a vibrant cyan on the pale snow.  He should kill them.  He should make them suffer.  

*even when you ran away, there was a smile on your face.

Glimmering tears rolled down his zygomas, leaving little circular imprints in the snow below him.  His fingers clenched into it, and once again, dust hit his face as a breeze swept by.  

Could a murderer pretend to be a good person, if they really tried?


                                                  [  R  E  S  E  T  ]

*they only pretended to like the puzzles.

*but they were so nice to papyrus. 

Papyrus was dead.  

He didn’t even try to run forward this time.  So many overlaps occurring so rapidly had kept the memory fresh in his mind.  Over and over, they’d forced him to watch his brother die.  Did they get some kind of sick pleasure out of knocking off his head?  Out of breaking his complete trust, spitting on his utter Mercy?  

He had once considered them one of his closest friends.  They had gained his admiration, his trust, and even a portion of his heart.  A little while longer, and they could have reached the same status as his brother–of someone that Sans would do anything for.  He had already wanted to protect them, promise or no promise.  He had already put his faith in them, and they had broken the Barrier, but..

If that was the case, then why were they still Underground?

And why was Frisk forcing him to watch this, over and over?

He waited, standing numbly in the trees.  It was pointless to move; he was just going to end up right back where he started, but with one more nightmare.  If this was his life–if this moment was stuck on loop for an eternity–then he would rather be dusted.  But not even that was permanent now.  

No, that would be too much of a Mercy.

                                              [  R  E  S  E  T  ]

guys i still think about that prince and knight au 😩

i mean cmon….a rowdy and clumsy Knight Alfred who’s been a friend of the royal family ever since he was orphaned by a raid on his village as a kid, and Prince Ludwig, the youngest member of the royal family and thus cursed with the ability to turn into a dragon….

that’s some damn good stuff.

anonymous asked:

This has been going around my head for a bit and I don't really have anyone else to talk about it with, so I'm leaving it here: if Gaster and Asgore got married, would that make Sans and Papyrus royalty? Step-royalty? Would they be princes? Or maybe dukes; Duke Papyrus sounds a little better than Prince Papyrus imo. Imagine the shenanigans Sans and/or Paps would get up to with their new royal status. Would Sans whoopie-trap the throne(s) more or less often? Does Papy cook pasta for other royals?

ever since Asgore and Gaster got together, a long while after Asgore’s ex-wife started a weird lowkey relationship with Gaster’s son, everyone just kind of agreed to not think about all the weird family relations too much, it’s best for everyone’s peace of mind to just Not Think About It

that being said, if the old dads ever did get married, you friggin bet Sans at least would have a field day with the whole “I’m technically royalty now, which is hilarious and terrible, and there’s gotta be a way to exploit this for awful jokes” situation

Papyrus would probably try to tell him that their father’s marital status really shouldn’t have any bearing on their lives at this point in time, with the both of them being adults with their own lives separate from his

primarily because oh god he’s already got a hundred different mental images of the chaos Sans could cause in high society and he’s preemptively embarrassed at being related to him

it is very difficult to remain a respected and cool member of lawful society when your brother is so very very far down the chaotic side of the lawful-chaotic-spectrum

which of course only encourages Sans more, because the only thing that rivals his love for his bro is his insatiable urge to mess with him every second of every day of their lives

everyone already knows Papyrus is cool, it’s fiiine

anonymous asked:

Do you have any cracky ideas about Jaime in the iron throne?(with Brienne as his queen obvs) because I agree it'd be hilarious


  • first thing he does after going like …. I have spent my entire life trying to avoid this and now it’s up to ME? really??? is doing away with the kingsguard. like ‘sorry guys I can defend myself and if not my wife can and honestly either you’re wasted or you could do better elsewhere and anyway this is a crappy institution so BYE DO WHATEVER YOU WANT OR BETTER DO WHAT YOU SIGNED UP FOR AWAY WITH THIS RIDICULOUSNESS’
  • then he realizes he literally knows nothing out of most technical things he should do as a king so he grabs brienne and goes like ‘now we’re interviewing every sort of decent competent person in the realm and we’re taking them just if they convince both of us’ so they spend a month going through every competent person for anything and at the end he has a small council made of people who know what they’re doing
  • before then, though, he openly sacks randyll tarly like you tried to tell my wife women couldn’t be warriors well fuck you very much bye and this is how people realize that trying to get into jaime’s graces by corrupting him or something is totally useless because he can’t give two fucks about it
  • then he goes like shit I need a hand of the king, well I don’t trust anyone and even if he patched it up with tyrion he’s def. not gonna do it so he looks at brienne like ‘k here you go’ and brienne goes like ‘jaime I don’t think it works like that’ and he goes like ‘if I’m the king and I can’t even do that fuck this noise’, so for the first time in westeros there’s a queen who’s also hand of the king. (jokes on that abound. jaime is the first making them probably.)
  • obviously also some people in the small council are women because he’s not an idiot and he didn’t only ask lords but their wives too especially if the husbands didn’t survive the war
  • then he’d realize that the city watch has to be a thing but the way it’s going it’s just not gonna work so he sacks everyone who was there under janos slynt and sends the worst elements off to the wall - meanwhile since in this verse jon most probably stayed there and they have a correspondence he goes like ‘listen if you have some decent people there who don’t deserve to be freezing on the wall just send them here and I’m putting them in place of the ones you’re getting’ so the city watch changes commanders and is refilled with the wall’s best people TM (jon sends pyp and grenn to at least train recruits and so on and they’re very smug about it)
  • ‘brienne, you think you want to do something so that women who want to be in your trade can do it?’ ‘well what are you proposing’ ‘meh I can just make it so literally everyone can be a a knight’ ‘are you serious’ ‘who would even try to kill me for that’ (fifteen years later a quarter of the city watch is made of women)
  • ‘why are nobles paying comparatively less taxes in comparison to poor people’ ‘it’s always been like this his grace’ ‘fuck this noise let’s rectify it’
  • obviously he does audience with commoners regularly and he makes crude jokes during said audiences but everyone approves and it only makes him much more popular which in turn makes people realize that trying to kill him or anything would be a very bad idea especially post zombie apocalypse
  • the ‘killing dwarves at birth’ practice is very much not a thing anymore but just to make sure he outlaws it blatantly
  • he’d probably take time to go talk to zombie apocalypse survivors
  • also under his reign no one even dares denying cripples some sort of employment if they can do it because every time such a case has ended up in front of jaime it’s not ended too well for the employer
  • at some point some dumbass lord who had it a lot better under everyone else pre-jaime tries to destitute him with the ‘but who says the woman is really his queen’ excuse which doesn’t work out because everyone is aware that jaime’s there because no one else wants the damned job, so it ends bad, but jaime goes like okay well we married in front of a heart tree but it’s valid just for the northerners I guess so we should totally give people a show and have the best royal marriage since ever, brienne’s like it’s been years since the heart tree and he’s like why you think I wouldn’t marry you twice, so obv it’s not opulent or anything because post-zombies resources are what they are but they have the amazing public marriage and all of KL is there and everyone is like omg this is the best wedding ever how did we luck out (the reception is open to everyone ofc they’re not classists) btw they totally swapped cloaks rather than have her put his on
  • ‘too bad clegane is in the north, he should have been the maester at arms’
  • let’s say that in this verse myrcella is VERY HAPPILY MARRIED TO POOR TRYSTANE AND OUT OF KL COMPLETELY and tommen either met his show fate or died because like hell cersei’s not going to end up with the poor kid dying as a result of her actions but cersei is somehow not dead but they imprisoned her for life or something (listen I don’t want him to suffer oKAY) and like she gets updates from whoever’s her jailer and she pretty much seethes inside. she’s totally not happy when eventually she learns that king jaime first of his name has a heir on the way OPS
  • ‘people getting sent to the wall for stealing a fucking piece of cheese is not a thing that should even exist for the love of the seven let’s change seriously the list of crimes that srsly warrant going to the wall and for the love of everything let’s stop putting kids under sixteen in jail what the fuck is this system’
  • ‘if your daughter wants to be in the royal army I sure as hell won’t stop her, pls refer her to my wife she’s in charge of that’
  • the city watch has express rules of ‘if the king is ordering something really fucking dumb like trying to make the city explode the commander can destitute him and you don’t have to swear contradicting oaths’
  • ‘brienne this job is shit, can’t we just leave everything and be hired swordsmen in essos’ ‘jaime we can’t’ ‘but why’ ‘OBLIGATIONS’ ‘why did I ever say yes’ ‘because you’re doing your duty and no one else would’ ‘fine but I’d still rather be a hired swordsman in essos’
  • at some point not too late into his reign he decides that he can’t even look at that damned throne without feeling sick and honestly what was even the idea behind it it’s fucking uncomfortable, so he does away with it, uses all that iron to forge new swords or smth and orders a nice new comfortable one
  • ‘anyway this thing that you can get married in front of heart trees should be a law everywhere’
  • ‘where the hell is the king, hunting?’ ‘depends’ ‘what does it mean depends’ ‘he’s definitely not hunting game’ ‘then what he’s hunting’ ‘he’s hunting down bandits with the queen’ ‘wait what there’s the city watch for that’ ‘he says it helps him relax man you think I actually question that’

in the span of five years he’s definitely the most loved king since way before aerys and he still thinks it’s a shit job but he supposes he’s not doing it too wrong ;)

gooseberrybabe  asked:

alright !! either "Come home with me." or "You don't need to protect me." with Hoperai x3

Lightning had lived in the kingdom of Eden for her entire life. Even so, she’d never given much thought to the royal family. Sometimes they’d catch her eye when she passed by a newsstand or caught a headline online, but it pretty much went one eye and out the other

At least, this was so…until the fateful day when she was told she was the heir to the throne.

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Maid: Anakin Skywalker imagine

He seemed as he moved perfectly, his muscles tight and bulging. His perfectly sculpted body was glazed over with sweat. His hair sticking to around his face, framing it. I never thought there could be anything so alluring in any of the galaxies.

I averted my eyes from him. I knew it was wrong, I shouldn’t be watching the Jedi having his early practice. I also wasn’t suppose to be up this early. I just wanted to sneak away to the beautiful waters to take a early morning swim, just as the sun goes up. I do this almost everyday. It was my only get away.

Every since I was a young child, my mother and I were taken away to Naboo to work for the royal family. And ever since then, I was stuck here on Naboo, never getting to see anything more than the palace walls. I hated working for the queen, I wasn’t one to take orders. I was stubborn and had too many thoughts to control.

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 The Braganza Tiara

The Braganza Tiara, often called the Brazilian Tiara was made in France with diamonds from Brazil in 1829 for the new Empress of Brazil, Amelie. The name Braganza comes from the name of a duchy in Brazil, the Emperor was also known as the Duke of Braganza.

Amelie had this tiara reworked several times to suit her best ending up with the design we see now. 

When Amelie passed away in 1873 her sister, Queen Josephine of Sweden inherited the tiara. The tiara has been apart of the Swedish Royal Jewel Collection ever since. 

This tiara is one of the tiaras in the Swedish Jewel Vault that is only ever worn by the current Queen.

Since coming to Sweden the Braganza Tiara has only left Sweden twice; the first time it was worn by Queen Louise of Sweden who wore it to the coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth in 1936 in Great Britain.

The last time it was taken out of Sweden was when Queen Silvia of Sweden wore it in on a state visit in 2007. Silvia made this exception because Denmark is so close to Sweden, both geographically and family wise. She thought “Queen to Queen it would be nice to wear it [for Margrethe]“ since Margrethe is also interested in the histories of the Swedish Royals Jewels. According to Silvia she will never taken it out of the country again.

Silvia has made a lot of use of this tiara as Queen, it holds a very special place in her heart because of her own Brazilian roots (her mother was Brazilian). Silvia famously wore this tiara for her first official portrait as Queen of Sweden in 1976 (shown above).   

Silvia states that this tiara is reserved for “only very very special occassions" ; as a young Queen Silvia wore it to almost every state visit, however she has never worn it to the Nobel Prize Awards. 

However lately Silvia has opted to wear other tiaras for special occasions, this is probably due to the heavy and uncomfortable nature of this tiara. Silvia has said that this tiara is "complicated to wear… it moves [as you wear it] and is not easy to fix.” It has also been said that is is very heavy to wear and hard on the wearer’s neck.

The last time Silvia wore this big gun tiara was at her daughter, Crown Princess Victoria’s wedding in 2010 (shown above).


Royal Tiara Challenge: Day 15 - Tiara I’d like to see Princess Sofia wear

The Napoleonic Amethyst Parure Tiara

The tiara actually didn’t start out as a tiara at all; in fact, it’s only been a tiara for a few decades. Instead, the piece was original a necklace made of diamonds surrounding fifteen large amethysts. The demi-parure also included drop earrings, two bracelets, and a devant de corsage. The dark purple amethysts are set in gold, while the diamonds are set in silver. 

The original owner of the jewels is said to have been Joséphine de Beauharnais, the first wife of Napoleon I. Lots of royal jewels are said to have belonged to the empress, but this suite apparently actually did. Joséphine gave the amethyst parure to her daughter-in-law, Princess Augusta of Bavaria, who had married Eugène de Beauharnais in 1806. (Augusta’s father, King Maximilian I Joseph of Bavaria, later made the couple the Duke and Duchess of Leuchtenberg.) In turn, Augusta passed the suite along to her own daughter, Joséphine of Leuchtenberg, when she married the future King Oscar I of Sweden and Norway in 1823.

The amethysts have been in the Swedish royal collection ever since; today they are a part of the Bernadotte family jewel foundation, and so they cannot be sold. But it wasn’t until after Silvia Sommerlath married King Carl XVI Gustaf in 1976 that the parure was transformed to its current state. Silvia decided that the amethyst set really needed a tiara, and because the necklace was heavy and difficult to wear in its original state, she chose to have it set on a tiara frame. (One amethyst and diamond element was removed from the necklace in the process, and it’s able to be worn separately as a brooch or a hair ornament.) 

Silvia also had the bracelets from the parure altered so that they could be worn together as a single-stranded necklace, with the pendant from the devant de corsage suspended from it. But none of these transformations are permanent. The tiara can be taken off its frame, and the extra amethyst can be reattached, meaning that the set can still take on its original form.

What the frickle frackle is the point of "the Darkness"?

Is there something we can derive from 10x23 that makes sense?

Sam and Dean were created by an angel breeding programme to be the vessels of archangels, one “good” and one “evil”. They defied that destiny and saved the world, but (in conjunction with Cas) have been royally screwing up ever since.

We see a trail of dead innocents as a consequence of the decisions and mistakes our three “heroes” have made (Cas, Sam and Dean) since S8.

The Nephilim  

Ellie, and no doubt many others like her, who were duped into selling their souls to Crowley and who would have been saved if the Winchesters had closed the gates of Hell



Cyrus Styne


The angels have fallen, Metatron has the demon tablet, and the Darkness is loose.  

Really, at this point, the audience is left to wonder whether perhaps the Michael vs Lucifer apocalypse wouldn’t have been preferable.

The questions the writers seem to be asking are:

What is the nature of good and evil?

We have an angel antagonist (Metatron) a witch antagonist (Rowena) and a partial demon ally for the Winchesters in Crowley, along with their steadfast fallen angel ally, Castiel. Good and evil are mixed up right here. Moreover, Sam and Cas have just participated in a human blood sacrifice to remove the Mark of Cain, whilst Dean slew an innocent child (Cyrus Stein) and Death himself. Our “heroes” cannot be said to be heroes at this point. They have committed evil actions for the sake of “saving” one another, and in so doing they have damned the world.

What is the psychological damage between Sam and Dean, thanks to their shitty childhood?

It was because the Winchester brothers loved each other, but were prepared to let go, that Sam and Dean were able to overcome Lucifer and Michael and save the world in Swan Song at the end of S5. It is because the Winchester brothers love each other, but were not prepared to let go, that they unleashed the Darkness at the end of S10.

That inability to let go stems from Dean, psychologically. We saw what it cost Dean to have allowed Sam to jump into the Pit, the year he spent struggling with PTSD living with Lisa. It is as if, after that terrible year, he has not been able to contemplate letting go ever again. Sam on the other hand, did let go again, during S8 when Dean was in Purgatory. Sam was lost and grief stricken but he didn’t try to undo the natural order of the world to find his brother. He attempted to move on with Amelia. And Dean was so pissed at him when he got back, that since then, Sam has taken on Dean’s brother-saviour complex and mirrored it back to him.

Now, we know Dean acquired that brother-saviour complex way back when. His Dad made him his brother’s keeper when he thrust young Sammy into his arms and told him to run out of that burning building. Dean has been a substitute parent for Sam from then on, particularly as their Dad was often away on “hunting trips” and when around, frequently drunk. But that responsibility, thrust upon a child for another child, has warped the Winchesters’ relationship. The consequences of that warping we have seen in “Brother’s Keeper” 10x23. The brother-saviour complex has unleashed the Darkness upon the world.

S11 therefore, has two key tasks which come together:

1.       In the further contemplation of the nature of good and evil, our “heroes”, Sam and Dean need to come to a place where they understand that the brother-saviour complex is toxic.

2.       In the struggle to rid the world of the Darkness, Sam and Dean will have to discover how to be heroes again, no doubt by working both with their angel (Cas) and demon (Crowley) allies against their angel (Metatron) and witch (Rowena) antagonists.

It’s not, perhaps, the most interesting story on the board, and Chuck knows it has cost us dearly in terms of loved characters (Kevin and Charlie in particular) and the hope of a more ensemble cast, but it is the one the writers are telling.

The brother-saviour complex is the darkness within and the “evil before creation” is the Darkness without. The psychological darkness within is now directly responsible for unleashing the Darkness without. “The Darkness” is in fact a giant metaphor for the brother-saviour complex. The title of the episode 10x23, “Brother’s Keeper”, is the clue to this. This is how melodrama works - external dark forces are reflections of internal ones. Both must be vanquished, and one cannot be so without the other.