royal red robe

Thimble 16화

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You weren’t supposed to be there. No one really was, out of palace servants crowding around you, but again no one would be there to tell you to go back to work, because every single of your superiors were out there in the field.

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Book aesthetics –> Septimus, Jenna, and Beetle

All people in The Castle know that when Magyk begins to show up in young children their eyes change to a bright green.  Consequently, green is also the color of the robes of the Apprentice to the ExtraOrdinary wizard.  The current Apprentice is relatively friendly and can often be seen with his sister, The Queenling (in her royal, red robes), and the current Chief of the Manuscriptorium.  Our Chief makes sure all the deep blue-clad Scribes (not to be confused with Ordinary Wizards!) are working hard to keep our books, living history, and spells in working condition.

When visiting The Castle, please take note that though these three may be young, they are leaders in our community, and are beyond experienced in their respective fields.

(If the visitor does feel a need to call out anything rude, please keep in mind that our ExtraOrdinary Apprentice is a fully-realized dragon master, and his dragon has very keen hearing.)


Red robed royals rapidly rob,
The tacky tenacious townspeople with taxes,
And the radical regulators of rates take the riches, All while in the sanguine sunsets people play saxes,
the independent resplendence go rolling home in their britches

There is only flickering fire in the flame,
Surprisingly the familiars look similar
Every peculiar pub patron peered at their beer,
And all astounded actors that attended stopped to look at the killer,
Clueless carefree customers carefully call for a bill.

Bitter blue wind blows bringing brightness,
Your eyes spring a few simple sad spills of tears,
Through the lovely lucid clouds light is let leak,
Pretty but plain and placid peaks of piers,
Look loosely over late lakes with love,

Absolute abandoned ablazing apartment,
Called coldly for caboodles of caring casual captors,
Deathly dawning days drag dates to the dark doors,
Everything ends in the expiring exotic exclave,
Forever forgetting the fine fancied fools outside