Toffee has ridiculously chubby cheeks.

Important reminders:

  • snakes are obligate carnivores. They cannot be vegan, under any circumstances.
  • snakes have a single, primitive lung. They cannot get high with you. Do not blow smoke in their faces.
  • ball pythons (and many other snakes) cannot swim well and will become stressed and potentially drown in deep water. Never put them in anything deeper than the thickest part of their bodies.
  • keeping snakes on sand or any other loose, fine substrate is highly dangerous. Ingesting substrate can lead to impactions and death, and ground walnut moulds easily, leading to problems such as scale rot.

If you’re knowledgeable of the above but continue to do any or all of those things, it’s nothing short of animal abuse. Thanks.


Tofu’s rather fond of curling up on my desk, so I bought him this kitten bed a while back–it has a squishy bit inside you can heat up in the microwave so he stays nice and toasty. Some days I can’t believe how adorable this snake is.


Someone didn’t want to take a bath today.