royal pumpkin

in the presence of royalty.

Sitting in the living room with a magazine in her hands, Jackie hummed to herself and swung her legs back and forth whilst flipping through its pages.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door! She lifted her gaze away from the article she was reading and towards the front door. “I’ll get it!” she exclaimed, putting the magazine aside and hopping off of the couch. Opening the door, her eyes were widened when she saw who was waiting on the other side.

An old man, not much taller than the princess and dressed in kingly attire was standing there with royal pumpkin-themed guards behind him. “☟♏●●□, ♎♏♋❒” he said in a monotone voice.

The girl squealed loud enough for anyone in the apartment to hear her and jumped into her father’s arms, “Daddy!” 


Hindi talaga matanggap ng kalooban ko na sa tuwing sasakay ako ng tricycle, palaging magkaiba yung rate ng pamasahe sa umaga at gabi. Ano yun, may special promo sa umaga at may night differential si manong sa gabi? Unang-una, ganun pa rin naman ang ruta. At pangalawa, pakshet pa rin si manong.

“Kaninang umaga po 40 pesos lang ah. Bakit ngayon, 120 na agad?”

Ang manong was like,

“Ganun sadya.”

Medyo napakavalid ng sagot niya ha. Nairationalize niya ng maayos ang point niya. Sobrang bigat at matindi yung justification. “Ganun sadya”

Eh ako pa naman yung tipo ng tao na dapat may paliwanag sa mga bagay-bagay. At dahil hindi katanggap-tanggap ang dahilan niya, ako na yung nag-assume at bumuo ng sariling theory, conjecture, supposition, speculation, postulation kung bakit magkaiba yung rate ng pamasahe sa umaga at gabi.

A. Ang tricycle ni manong ay isang autobot. Nagdidisguise  ito bilang rocketship na gawa sa alulod at yero at makakarating ako sa aking point of destination in less than the speed of light. “Transformers na ituu!”

B. Solar-power operated yung tricycle ni manong. At may pa- kape at pa-footspa pa siya  sa loob.

C. May ultimate portal kaming dadaanan. Isang lihim na lagusan na walang ibang nakakaalam kundi siya lamang like “time-space warp na ituu!”

D. May dalang fairy dust si manong at iisprinkle sprinkle niya ito around his tricycle pag may time para maging royal kalesang pumpkin like, “Cinderella na ituu!”

E. Miyembro siya ng kulto at katropa-tropa-chill-chill niya ang mga first class kampon ng kadiliman na nakaupo sa senado na katulad niyang mapagsamantala, ganid at tuso sa salapi.

Nakakainis lang dahil alam niyang no choice ako dahil siya na lang yung nag-iisang tricycle dun sa kanto kaya bigla niyang tinaasan yung pamasahe. Pero hindi ako sumakay.

Mas matigas ako kesa kay Basha. At may respeto ako sa sarili ko kaya ayoko yung parang iniisahan at niloloko lang ako, kahit sa konsepto man yan ng pag-ibig. Kinukurakot na nga yung buwis na kinocontribute ko sa gobyerno, pati ba naman yung pamasahe ko sa tricycle? Hustisya!!! Dahil ang layo layo ng nilakad ko kagabi at hinabol pa ako ng tatlong aso. Ang pride ko kasi. =(

I’d rather have a treat

So I was in bed, trying to go to sleep. It was 2AM, and for some reason my brain thought, “hey… You wanna know what would make a good one-shot?” Thus resulting in me staying up, laptop in bed, typing this story to get it out of my head. Oh shit… I rhymed!

Summary: Halloween is here! Natsu and Lucy get into the spirit, deciding to throw a party before trick or treating! NALU, Modern AU. I don’t own Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima does. One-Shot!

Rated: T for adult situations and slight cursing.

Pairing: Nalu, Gajevy, Gruvia, Jerza

Genre: Humor, Friendship, Romance

Word count: 6,175

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I’d rather have a treat

It all started with a simple trip to the store. Lucy needed another composition notebook for class, and Natsu needed a new basketball because somehow he managed to pop another one. It was only supposed to take ten minutes tops, but when they walked by the Halloween section, they both lost track of time.

“This is adorable!” Lucy lifted the woman’s costume high enough for Natsu to see.

His green eyes flitted from the bottle of fake blood in his hand up to what his girlfriend was showing him. He grinned, knowing the full-body leopard print suit would look fantastic on her. Especially since she tended to wear clothes that clung to her body, revealing her curves. “Looks great,” he said, earning a smile from her. “Don’t expect me to match ya though.”

Lucy merely giggled, tucking the costume under her arm to look around at other things. She was pretty sure she was going to get it, but it didn’t hurt to see what else the store sold.

By the end of the shopping trip, they had a cart full of Halloween party supplies, costumes, a cape -for some reason, and a fog machine. The couple were halfway to Lucy’s house before they realized they forgot to get her notebook or his ball, resulting in a U-turn and another long look through the Halloween section ‘just in case’ they missed something the first time.

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