royal princess walk

Imagine being the princess and heir in a distant realm, and walking into your private rooms one day to find a man waiting for you. He introduces himself as Loki and informs you that your father assigned him to you as your personal servant. You’re annoyed by the information, having specifically told your father you didn’t want a personal servant, but decide to keep him anyway to spare him from being used as an example of what happens to those who displease the royal family. At first you treat him with the same cool detachment as the rest of the servants, wary that he’ll simply try to use you to better his position like everyone else, but as time goes on he proves himself different as he can relate and becomes a confidante and friend.

On the day you ascend to the throne, you free him from servitude and offer to send him wherever he wishes to go. Instead he asks to stay, having grown to care for you as much as you cared for him, and you offer him a position as you advisor, more than happy to make use of his sharp and cunning mind. He gladly accepts, knowing you would recognise and appreciate his talents like no one else had, much to the displeasure of your father’s council, who were hoping to manipulate you in order to rule through you. Together the two of you become a force to be reckoned with, as your kingdom thrives under your leadership.

Princess Gabriella of Monaco, Countess of Carladès and Hereditary Prince Jacques of Monaco, Marquis de Baux’s 1st birthday celebrations on 11 December 2015