royal orb


Joyas de la Corona de Prusia
Jewels of the Crown of Prussia

Corona de Guillermo II de Alemania (1889)
Crown of William II of Germany (1889)

Corona de Federico I de Prusia (1701)
Crown of Frederick I of Prussia (1701)

Corona de Sofía Carlota de Hannover (1701)
Crown of Sophia Charlotte of Hanover (1701)

Cetro real de Federico I de Prusia (1701)
Royal Sceptre of Frederick I of Prussia (1701)

Orbe real de Federico I de Prusia (1701)
Royal Orb of Frederick I of Prussia (1701)

Hey, so Pariah Dark had a crown and a signet ring

Could he have had a royal scepter/orb too? One that could control any ghost that looks at it and was so dangerous to ghost-kind the ancients banished it to a different dimension instead of locking it up?

‘Cause I mean

that’s a pretty powerful artifact Freakshow is using to populate his circus

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Prompt: Trimberly fluff with Tommy

A/N: I wrote Tommy as a girl, and I most definitely pictured her as Zendaya…

“Z to T, do you copy?”

“T is present. You there, B?”

“Yup.” Billy chirps. “Any sightings of our targets?”

“Negative. But I’ve got the south side covered and guarded.”

“Same on the west, target hasn’t moved since we set up base.”

“Interesting. Okay, troops, move in closer.”

Trini draws her walkie-talkie away from her mouth and dramatically rolls onto her stomach. As soon as she is comfortable, she begins to move quickly across the grass with a glare; her walkie-talkie is clutched close and she has two pink lines drawn under her bright eyes, she is ready for war.

In her spacious backyard, Trini’s family is crammed around the pool with a full party going on around them. In a moment of boredom, Trini had pulled Zack and Billy into one of her schemes. Trini scrambles to hide herself behind a bush as she presses a protective hand to the water gun tucked into her bikini bottoms while she keeps a close eye on the loungers nearby.

“Any movement?”

Zack’s voice scratches through the speaker as she leans further into the bush, “We have slight movement. Target two has switched positions, he has a clear view of us if he opens his eyes.”

“Jason is target two, right?” Billy demands.

Trini smiles and rolls her eyes, “Yeah, B.”

“I don’t think he’d do anything,” Zack muses as he ignores their side conversation. “I think the only target we need to keep an eye on is one. Kimberly won’t hesitate to attack if she feels threatened.”

“That’s because my girlfriend is insane.” Trini grumbles and her walkie-talkie booms with laughter from Zack. “I think we should go for a frontal attack, I don’t think they’ll see that coming.”

“No, bad idea. We can’t. We should go in from the sides. If things go bad then we can just separate, it’s impossible for them to catch all three of us.” Billy mumbles as he appears at Trini’s side.

“B is right. I’ll go in from the left.” Zack offers as he pops on the opposite side of Trini, and three gazes dart over the bush.

“Are we sure this is a good idea?” Billy frowns.

“It’s an amazing idea.” Trini snorts, and Zack eagerly bobs his head in agreement as the three bump their fists together. “You two sure you’re ready for this?”

Zack smirks, “Couldn’t be more ready if I tried.”

As the three drops their fists, they trade quick glances and smiles before they pop out from behind the bush with a loud battle cry. As they run, wide eyes track their movements and watch in amazement as Zack clears a chair while Trini springs easily towards the corner lounge chairs.

The three hover their friends and pump their water guns causing yells of surprise to fill the air. Jason is the first to recover from shock as he rolls off the lounger before he springs forward to wrap his arms around Billy’s body, the boy yells in surprise as his gun clatters to the ground.

“What the hell, dude?” Jason demands as he tightens his grasp on Billy while his friend desperately tries to free himself. “Billy, would you stop moving?”

Tommy gasps as Zack continues to spray her and she is quick to fumble from her chair with a hand held up in a weak defense. After a few moments, she makes it to Zack only for him to deflect her reaching hands as he aims his spray of water towards her face.

“Zack, stop!” Tommy orders as she tackles him into the pool.

Just a few feet away, Trini gives a breathless giggle as her water gun finally empties and she is left to stare at her girlfriend who is sputtering on the chair with hair plastered to her face. Trini bends over with her hands on her knees as she laughs while Kimberly sweeps her hands over her face to clear away the water.

“What the hell, Trini?” Kimberly growls as she easily sweeps a hand through her hair while her eyes narrow. “Are you seriously laughing? Do you really think this is funny? I’m soaking wet!”

“That’s the point, Kim.” Trini snorts.

“It’s not very fair that you’re standing there all dry and warm.” Kimberly points out as she stands from the lounger and steps towards the younger girl whose go wide while her laughter trails off. “Something wrong?”

Trini swallows hard as she catches sight of the mischievous glint in Kimberly’s eyes and the smirk that pulls at her lips. With a frantic look around, she sputters at the sight of Zack struggling to climb from the pool with Tommy on his back while Jason stands over Billy and douses him with his own water gun.

“Look as if you’re on your own.” Kimberly hums as she continues to her prowl towards Trini who takes a small step back. “I think you might want to start waving a white flag, babe.”

“Ha. Never.” Trini scoffs.

Kimberly glides towards her girlfriend and Trini immediately takes a large step back. She knows she’s screwed, she knows that her plan has royally backfired. Dark orbs jump anxiously around to her family members who watch on with amusement and laughter.

“Well, I think I should probably…” Trini trails off and clears her throat before she juts a thumb over her shoulder. “I think I’m just gonna go ahead and go.”

Trini turns and scurries off with a squeal of fear as she vanishes around the side of the house. Kimberly watches her go with a smile of adoration that turns to a hard laugh as Billy and Zack struggle by her, both boys pushing the other aside in attempt to flee.

“Tell me you have a plan.” Tommy huffs as she drags a hand through her soaked locks. “We cannot let them get away with that.”

Jason arches an eyebrow, “Do we even stand a chance?”

“Probably not. They’re too smart, and they have Billy.” Kimberly sighs before she leans down to scoop up a yellow water gun. “But we do have their water guns which means we’re at an advantage, we can’t let them think this is okay.”

“It’s not like they were starting a war.” Jason chuckles as he shakes his wet locks out and wiggles a finger in his ear. “They were only having fun, Kim.”

“No, we have to get revenge.” Kimberly scoffs as she looks to Jason who simply shrugs in response. “There’s no way I’m letting Trini think she can just throw water at me and not face any consequences.”

“That’ah girl.” Tommy hums. “Let’s do this.”


“We’re dead. Do you realize what we’ve just done? We’re done.” Billy mumbles as he paces the length of the living room with his hands on his hips. “That was such a bad idea, Trini. Why did we do that?”

“Kim is plotting my death, I could see it in her eyes.” Trini sighs as she crosses her arms over chest and nibbles at her lower lip. “Fuck. What are we going to do? I clearly didn’t think this one through.”

“Tommy was so mad that she was slapping me in places that I never even realized could hurt so badly.” Zack huffs as he rubs at his side before he glances anxiously towards the patio doors. “What are we going to do?”

“What is there to do? They have all of our guns, dude.” Trini points out as she tosses her hands up and glances to her defeated friends. “I don’t think there’s anything we can do now. We’re fucked. Unless…”

Trini stands suddenly and darts towards the kitchen, and after a moment Billy and Zack follow. As they turn the corner, both boys have to hold back their laughter as they watch their tiny teammate crawl onto the counter before she begins to rummage through the cabinet before she hisses in happiness and turns to reveal a bag of water balloons.

“What are you three doing now?” Marie demands as she walks into the kitchen in time to see Trini slide off the counter. “Why do you have water balloons, Trinity?”

“You saw the horror show out there, Mami. We don’t have a choice. They have our guns and we need to make sure we can protect ourselves.” Trini declares as she clutches protectively at her balloons.

“Alright, you three,” Marie chuckles as she waves them off. “Have at it.”

The trio once again darts from the space as they hurry to the backyard to plan their next move. Trini is the first to finish filling her balloons and she turns to watch as Zack and Billy struggle to tie their own while they trade laughs and excited chatter.

After a few minutes, the package of balloons is empty and their waiting ammunition is resting at their feet. With nervous glances, the trio scoot towards the tree on the side of the house. The silence is almost unnerving, and Trini can hear her racing heartbeat; she knows Kimberly, there is no way the older girl is going to let her get away with the little water fight she has started.

They can hear the party continue on without them and Zack sighs as he falls back against the tree. Billy is the first to straighten when he hears a twig snap, and the other two follow in example as they look around. Before they can process anything, they find themselves covered in water and they can hear twinkling giggles and loud, wet high-fives.

“What the hell?” Billy demands as he wipes his eyes and sees Trini’s little brothers watching them with wide eyes. “Aw, man. How could you guys do that?”

“Kimmy said to.” Mateo shrugs.

“Are you serious? My girlfriend used my own little brothers against us? She’s the worst.” Trini complains as she ruffles her dark locks. “I can’t believe she actually managed to convince Mateo and Alec to turn against me.”

“Do you not remember who she’s dating? She learned from the best.” Zack hisses. “The real question is why them? What exactly are they planning?”


Three voices fill the air and suddenly another wave of water is thrust upon them. Zack backs himself against a tree with his hands in front of himself, but Tommy just smirks and continues to pump the water gun until the boy hits his knees with a cry.

Beside him, Jason laughs as he steps closer to Billy who has long past given up and is curled in a fetal position at his feet. Kimberly giggles as she sees Trini attempt to dodge the icy blasts of water, and Kimberly is too distracted to notice her girlfriend grab a hold of something; that is until the pink water balloon makes contact with her stomach and all hell breaks loose.

Water balloons begin to fly through the air as water fills the space between each throw. In the Gomez yard, in front of the wondering eyes of Angel Grove, the six teens allow the stress of their lives to leave them as they chase each other around with pink cheeks and aching ribs brought on by their laughter.

Trini manages to escape from the cluster, but Kimberly is quick to follow. She barely makes it to the opposite side of the lawn before she is wrapped in a tight embrace and carried off to the side. Trini laughs as she finds herself pressed against the warm brick of her house before the cold muzzle of a green water gun settles against her chest.

“Surrender?” Kimberly demands.

“You wish, princess.” Trini snorts and Kimberly simply narrows her eyes as she presses the gun a little harder into the dip of her breast. “I won’t go down without a fight.”

Kimberly stares at her for a long moment before she drops the gun and steps into her girlfriend’s space, Trini barely gets a sound out before lips are on her own. Just like a flip of a switch, Trini short circuits at the taste of strawberry lip gloss and something is purely Kimberly.

“That’s not fair.” Trini whines as she pulls away from the kiss and drags a gentle kiss over her girlfriend’s cheek. “Your kisses aren’t going to be my downfall.”

“I don’t believe you.” Kimberly laughs as she sweeps Trini into another kiss, and a moan of satisfaction burns in her throat as Trini presses closer to her. “You sure my kisses won’t make you surrender?”

“You fight dirty, princess.” Trini growls as she drops her head back against the house while smiling lips dance over the steady thump of her pulse. “You’re totally cheating, I hope you know that.”

“Do you surrender?” Kimberly asks in a soft whisper, the girl draws away slightly so she can lock her gaze with her girlfriend’s in time to catch a the glare she is offered. “Are you admitting defeat?”

“Eat your heart out.” Trini snaps, but she quickly melts and reaches up to smooth a thumb over the pout Kimberly gives her. “Hey, no fair. No pouting allowed.”

“Tell me I won.” Kimberly orders.

“Babe, why would I tell you something you already know?” Trini demands with a roll of her eyes, but a smile plays at her lips when Kimberly squeaks. “Just remembered you won this battle, boo. Not the war.”

“You’re so cute.” Kimberly grins.

“Hey, I am not cute. I’m a total badass.” Trini declares with a huff.

“My girlfriend is such a dork.” Kimberly hums as she drops their foreheads together while her grasp loosens around her water gun. “I love you. Even if you started a water war.”

“Lucky me. I still don’t know why you put up with me, you’re way too good to me.” Trini teases as she pulls away to drop her head against Kimberly’s shoulder.

“Wait. Babe, what do you mean you don’t know why I put up with you?” Kimberly scoffs as she tilts Trini’s head back up and cleans the line of pink from below her eye.

“I just don’t get why you put up with me sometimes, y’know?” Trini shrugs as she forces a laugh while a blush colors her cheeks. “It’s stupid. I didn’t mean to ruin our moment or anything. It just slipped out.”

“I don’t think it’s stupid.” Kimberly frowns as she ducks her head to press a soft kiss to Trini’s lips. “I, as you so lovingly put it, put up with you because you make me happy. I am the happiest I have ever been.”

“Ditto.” Trini hums as she curls her arms around Kimberly while her girlfriend rests her chin on her head. “Before you came along, I felt like my life was just a blur but being with you has taught me to slow down and enjoy the smallest moments.”

Kimberly sighs as she turns her head to press her lips against wet locks, “You don’t realize how much I really love you.”

“I love you, too.” Trini grins as she pulls back and tips her head so Kimberly can kiss her, but their moment is shattered as they hear Billy squeal. “We should probably go make sure our friends aren’t killing each other.”

“Or we could stay here.” Kimberly suggests even as she pulls away, and she is quick to cringe as Billy yells loudly. “I guess you’re right, God knows what Tommy is doing to Billy and Zack right now.”

With a sigh, Kimberly pinches Trini’s chin between her fingers before she guides her head up so she can steal a kiss. Trini immediately settles into the kiss, and she feels like she could take on anything so long as Kimberly was beside her. When Kimberly kissed her like this, Trini swears the world is hers to have and to hold.

And fuck if she ever lets go of it or this girl.

Imagine helping Human!Castiel get his new balloon down from the bunker’s ceiling.

You peered up at the small, royal blue orb that floated fifteen feet above your heads. “I’ll get it down, Cas. I promise.” Cas just glanced over at you with a sad darkness in his eyes.

After fetching a taller than possible ladder, you slowly stepped to the top. Once you reached the second to last step, your stretched your arms towards the small, silver ribbon attached to the blue balloon. But you just couldn’t reach it.

You glanced down on the top step, just one more from the one you currently stood on. Do Not Use as Step. You always lived life on the edge. And today was no exception. You had a sad, adorable former angel to cheer up.

So, took a big breath and slowly stepped up onto the last step. Just for three seconds, Y/N. Your right foot planted soundlessly before…

“Ah!” You shrieked, gripping the silver ribbon at the same moment the ladder tipped. Your eyes closed as you prayed that you wouldn’t land on your head.

A gasp left your lips as your fall was broken by two strong arms. “Unh,” Cas grunted as he pulled you against him. Once Cas regained his footing, he froze, holding you close. “You have to be more careful, Y/N. Warnings are posted for a reason,” Cas reprimanded as he lowered you to the ground.

You smiled, handing the blue-eyed angel his balloon. “I know, but when have I ever played by the rules?”

You’re Welcome [a Leonard Snart AU]

Request: Can you do another mayor Snart x reader Au! And please take your time! No rush at all! It’s the weekend, do your thing! :-)

a/n: i just thought of it idk

You push through the crowd of people, hiding your face with the vanilla folder. Honestly, these political rallies are insane! How is anyone supposed to move? With a heavy sigh, you slither around the old women, past the baby, and land at the front of the stage. How do you know it’s the front of the stage? Your chin slams into it at such a high velocity that you’re surprised your jaw isn’t broken.

A cold, familiar, hand wraps around your wrist, guiding you to your feet. Immediately, you recognize those royal blue orbs. Adjusting your jasmine colored blouse, you stare up at Len, Mayor Snart, fanning the folder in his face. “I found it!” you say in a sing-song voice, standing on your tiptoes. “I told you I could do it!” you gloat proudly, head high as you lightly pat his cheek, feeling the scratch of his stubble.

He snorts, smirking while he snatches the file out of your hand, leaning down to pepper a kiss to your forehead. “Knew you would. Left it in an obvious spot. Didn’t have to search that hard, Y/N.” he drawls, voice low while he gazes around at the crowd. He will never admit it, but trying to ‘be one with the public’, or whatever the fuck he’s doing, scares the shit out of him. The only reason he agreed to do this, is because of your persuasion.

Rolling your eyes, you take a step forward; the bright green grass flattens underneath your light brown ankle boots. “What I believe you’re trying to say is ‘thank you’…… No, it’s okay, you’re welcome.” you mumble sarcastically, a faint smile creeping on your lips. Len breathes through his nose, peering at all the different people surrounding the stage from the side. Grabbing his dark blue button down, you yank it gently, smoothing the material against his chest. “You’re going to do great, Len.” you comfort, holding his chin with your thumb and pointer finger, angling it down so he faces you.

His ice coated eyes soften, outlining your features silently. “Would it be acceptable to take you home and skip?” he pouts, arms snaking around your waist, moving you closer. Your boobs touch his lower chest and you roll your eyes, giving him a fake frown, shaking your head. “After?” he asks, hopefully; you nod, making him sigh. His fingertips dance along your curves (a/n: or lack of curves), pink lips parted ever so slightly. “You wanna come up with me?” he quips, quirking an eyebrow.

You shrug, pecking his lips quickly. It’s not that you don’t like being on stage with Len, it’s just that, whenever you are, he gets distracted and loses his train of thought. “If you focus on your speech instead of me, sure.” you grin, holding his rough, dry hand. He really needs to moisturize; you’ve told him that multiple times. Yet, he never does.

Len grips the file containing his speech tightly, bouncing on the heels of his black cowboy boots while he bites his bottom lip. That’s a toughie. On one hand, if you were on stage, he would feel like a normal, random citizen, not the Mayor of Central City. But, on the other hand, you would distract him and he’d constantly be peeking behind his shoulder… “I’ll take my chances.” he shrugs, which makes you giggle softly.

Dragging you on stage, the Mayor scratches his shaved gray head, gulping as he flings the speech on the podium. “Good morning Central City!” he mutters into the microphone, a little tease in his tone. “So, today we’ll be talking about a extremely serious issue…I’m sure you all know what I’m referencing…” he pauses, grinning over his shoulder at you. Almost done with the speech. Only… eight more pages.


August 9, 1902 – Coronation of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra

‘  I would have liked it 20 years ago, ’

A proclomation issued in june 1901 announced that the Coronation would take place on 26 june 1902. As the date approached, Bertie was more than ever swamped in work. His belly was grotesquely extended and acutely painful. Laking suspected appendicitis, but Bertie refused an operation, cancelling the Coronation was unthinkable ’ The Coronation cannot be postponed. I won’t hear ot if. I cannot and will not disappoint the poeple… I will go to the Abbey on Thursday if I die there.’. Laking replied ’ If Your Majesty did go on Thursday to the Abbey in all human probability you would die there.’ News that the Coronation was indefinitely postponed was announced on Tuesday, Bertie was operated, the probelm was an abscess.

The King and Queen drove in the state cach from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey at eleven a.m.on the 9 August. Alix for once was punctual. The six weeks’ breathing space had given the Earl Marshal, the Duke of Norfolk, time to drill his courtiers and pages, and the processions, which would have been a shambles in June, were perfectly choreographed in August. The King’s procession followed, bearing royal regalia, the sceptre, orb and crown, and at last came the King. ’ Viva Rex Edwardus ! ’ shouted the boys, too early, so that they had to shout it twice. As Bertie walked briskly up to nave - so fast that he had to be told several times to slow down - people noticed a strange hush and extraordinary stillness come over the abbey. Consuelo, Duchess of Malborough, felt a lump in her throat and ’realised I was more British than I knew.’ When Bertie took the oath, a deep silence descended, and 'many ladies began to cry.’

 When Georgie paid hommage, Bertie pulled his son back by his robe as he turned, and kissed him twice in a gesture of touching emotion.           Bertie A Life of Edward VII

The loud beeping of an alarm clock was the sound a certain young teen awoke to every morning at exactly 6am. He would slowly get out of bed after shutting off the alarm and starting the shower, he took great pride in how he presented himself, washing his body with unscented soap and using a fruity smelling shampoo on his blueish black locks of silky hair. He would get out and dry off before applying some scented type of lotion, today he had picked a strawberry and mango smelling one, he would rub it all into his skin from his neck to his feet. He would put on some deorderant, brush his hair and teeth and then get dressed. He was from a family of money and everyone could tell by the high quality clothing he would wear that hugged his thin and toned body. He put on dark blue skinny jeans that were perhaps a size too big with a pure white belt hugging his hips, a tight black tanktop and a red plaid shirt that he left unbuttoned. He put on a few accessories such as a long chain necklace with a cross on it and the blue studded earrings he always wore in each ear, the same color as his beautiful royal blue colored orbs. Once he was completely satisfied with his appearance he grabbed his bag and an apple to eat and began walking to school. He didn’t live that far away, perhaps a ten minute walk or so, the exercise was good for him, not that he didn’t ‘workout’ enough because he certainly did quite a bit. He smirked slightly, taking a bite of his apple.


The Bohemian Crown Jewels, also called the Czech Crown Jewels (Czech: české korunovační klenoty), include the Crown of Saint Wenceslas, the royal orb and sceptre, the coronation vestments of the Kings of Bohemia, the gold reliquary cross, and St. Wenceslas’ sword. They were originally held in Prague and Karlštejn Castle but since 1791 they have been stored in St. Vitus Cathedral at Prague Castle. The crown was made for the coronation of Charles IV in 1347, making it the fourth oldest in Europe.