royal nocturne


Hey so if anyone has a copy of Accent: Nocturnal Cosmos - Royal by Pesticide that they’re willing to trade/sell please message me here or on FR. This accent honestly looks like it was made for this dragon of mine so


To those people who like bio templates, here’s one simple one I’ve worked with. Nothing special, but it’s nice and clean…
The third column can be removed or added with ease, and you don’t know the chaos it takes to get that wind flag where it goes in Marishi’s bio. (Art credit goes to ammyfr)
Additionally, all images used are in my reference tag, which I’ll also tag this as. I don’t claim any as my own, though I certainly want to edit that ice divider to be more… Purple. The two blank bios belong to the Royal/Maize nocturne twins, and the screenshot doesn’t show it, but I added the ice banner below the rune.

I made the bio template for Priestess first, when I decided she’d head off to a new clan, so yes, that’s the beta version of this template. I didn’t get playful with colors until now~

The code (and keep in mind, all images are replaceable, most are just placeholders~):

[columns][center][size=7][font=Times New Roman][color=#751975]{Name}[/color][/font][/size]
[size=4][color=#3A0C3A]{position} [/color][/size][/center][nextcol][/columns]

[columns][img][/img] [nextcol]

[color=#230823]{Description/background/etc goes here}[/color]

[color=#3A0C3A]{In-character/other’s POV of dragon/quote/etc - I usually do it in “quotes”, but whatever you choose is also good.}[/color]