royal naval uniform


Royal Naval uniform: pattern 1795-1812

This uniform, which belonged to Admiral Sir William Cornwallis (1744-1819) illustrates the principal changes to uniform regulations for the year 1795. These include the change in colour of the lapels and cuffs from white to blue and the inclusion of epaulettes. Epaulettes were a military fashion that came from France, and although they were not mentioned in uniform regulations until 1795, some officers wore them anyway. In terms of contemporary fashion, this uniform reflects popular styles with its narrow sleeves, cuffs and lapels, and illustrates the leaner silhouette that was popular in male dress towards the end of the 18th century.

“You know, you could actually help me collect driftwood. You’ve been lying around doing nothing all day. Or don’t you want to get away from this God-forsaken island?”

“I’ve been busy.”

“With what?”


“Oh, splendid. You could at least ‘think’ us some dinner, if you can’t be arsed to help with the beacon. I’m starving. Also, I’d like to know what happened to all the rum.”

“I needed it for an experiment.”

“You drank it, you mean?”

“No, captain, I used it to pickle sea-urchins.”

“Dear God, that’s my true punishment, isn’t it? Not the privations, nor the hopelessness of our plight as I doubt we’ll ever be rescued. No, your former 'friends’ marooned me here with a complete nutcase so that I may lose my mind as well.”

“Oh, calm down, John. In truth you quite appreciate my company.”


“For example when you need my spyglass, or my excellent fish traps, or someone to sing to you when you’ve had another nightmare. By the way, the urchins should be quite tasty after their rum treatment. So don’t worry about dinner.”

“I hate you.”

“No, you don’t.”

Drawn for mdsora based on their brilliant Exchangelock prompt “Pirate Sherlock and Naval Captain Watson”. Thank you so much for it. It was right up my street. Hope you like the result.

Oh, and should anybody feel compelled to write a fic about Pirate!lock and Navy!John marooned on a remote island … har!