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Time for some Scotland photos! It was seriously difficult paring my photos down and picking just a handful to post (I took 1100 photos just in Scotland!), and I’m still going to have to break them up into two posts!

It was cold and wet pretty much the entire time we were there but we still got to do so many amazing things! Edinburgh is an incredibly gorgeous city; every street looks like something out of a fairy tale, particularly the idyllic Dean’s Village (last photo). It might sound strange, but coming from Texas, I was blown away by just how GREEN Scotland is. And there’s flowers everywhere. Lots of thistles particularly, including some the size of my friend’s head- no joke (second photo). We walked the Royal Mile, visited Holyrood Palace (the ruined abbey there is beautiful), Edinburgh Castle, The World’s End pub, Elephant House Cafe where JK Rowling wrote most of Harry Potter, and of course had to make a pitstop at the print shop, or its exterior at least. 

Next post: the Highlands!

octagon tower ▴ studley royal park, north yorkshire, england

the structure was originally completed in 1732. it was made to be a classic lawn ornament but was later gothicised and made a romantic monument.


“The rise to power of the imperial harem is one of the most dramatic developments in the sixteenth-century history of the Ottoman Empire. From almost the beginning of the reign of Süleyman the Magnificent, who came to the throne in 1520, until the mid-seventeenth century, high-ranking women of the Ottoman dynasty enjoyed a degree of political power and public prominence greater than ever before or after. Indeed, this period in the empire’s history is often referred to, in both popular and scholarly literature, as “the sultanate of women.” The women of the imperial harem, especially the mother of the reigning sultan and his leading concubines, were considerably more active than their predecessors in the direct exercise of political power: in creating and manipulating domestic political factions, in negotiating with foreign powers, and in acting as regents for their sons. Furthermore, they played a central role in what we might call the public culture of sovereignty: public rituals of imperial legitimation and royal patronage of monumental building and artistic production.” - Leslie P. Peirce. The Imperial Harem: Women and Sovereignty in the Ottoman Empire.

The women of ‘The Sultanate of Women’ in TIMS’s Magnificent Century & Magnificent Century Kösem

good enough - royal!calum fluff

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word count: 1730

a/n: i had this saved in my drafts for ages and saw that there was a royal!5sos blurb night so i figured i’d post it. i hope you guys enjoy!

You could practically smell the judgement in the surrounding air. Girls traipsed around in glitzy gowns and skyscraper heels that tacked on years to their young ages, while the middle-aged women turned their noses up at the plate of hors devours that was clutched in your gloved hands. Their hair held pounds of hairspray, primped to perfection to match the makeup that disguised their inevitable wrinkles. The men were dressed to the nines as well, sporting crisp suits that displayed not a single crease as they strode through the ballroom.

Everyone looked fabulous, but it was all just for show; a facade to mask their internal conflict. You knew Prince Calum well enough to be acutely aware of this fact. Just because his mother - the nation’s infamous Joy Hood, the king’s beloved wife - was hosting a charity event, didn’t mean that the guests were making their appearances solely for their completely genuine desire to donate to a good cause. In their eyes, the evening ball was just another opportunity to look good, flaunt their money, and drive their corrupt families home in a sleek sports car.

It was a routine. Since you worked at the affluent city’s country club where the event was being held, you came across these types of people daily, although you were never truly associated with them. You only worked for them, served them their meals, cleaned up after their drunken messes left behind at dinners. You only earned your money while most of the families’ children were born with it. The thought of that alone left a bitter taste on your tongue, but the notion was erased whenever Prince Calum came around.

He was a paradox, an endless juxtapose. Although he belonged to the wealthiest family in the nation, he seemed to be anything but just another pretentious rich kid born into royalty. He drove past the neighborhood mansions in a second-rate, dented pickup truck that he purchased with the money he made himself while working for the local mechanic. He wore ripped jeans and oversized tee shirts all through the week until his mother forced him into a suit for the events that he was supposed to attend. His eyes gleamed and his smile shined and everything about him was real - authentic and unapologetically honest. The unadulterated truthfulness was what made you fall for him, especially when you were surrounded by people who lied for sport.

But you and Calum couldn’t be together - at least, not in public.

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Kaiser Wilhelm monument in Porta Westfalica, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Northwestern Germany. Kaiser Wilhelm II of Prussia (1859-1941) was the last German Emperor, ruling the German Empire and the Kingdom of Prussia from 1888-1918. He was the eldest grandchild of the British Queen Victoria and related to many monarchs and princes of Europe.


Monument of Aemilius Paullus


167 BCE

9 m. high

the monument commemorates the Roman victory in the Battle of Pydna against King Perseus of Macedon. The partially completed pillar was intended to be a base for a portrait of King Perseus. It was originally created to make the Macedonian presence known in Delphi to remind the Delphians of the tradition of friendship existing between them and the royal family. However, the monument was taken over by Aemilius Paullus to celebrate himself and Rome’s victory noting that, “it was only proper that the conquered should give way to the victors.” The Monument of Aemilius Paullus stood in front of the Temple of Apollo along with two other commemorative pillars to Eumenes II of Pergamon and Prusias II of Bithynia. However, this pillar dominates over the other two. The completed monument was a bronze equestrian statue atop a rectangular pillar that soared over 9 meters high. While the equestrian statue that was originally on top of pillar no longer remains, the cuttings in the plinth show that the horse would have been in a rearing position. An inscription near the base of the altar survived, which translated reads, “Aemelius, son of Lucius set this up from the spoils which he took from King Perseus and the Macedonians.”


“The women of the imperial harem, especially the mother of the reigning sultan and his leading concubines, were considerably more active than their predecessors in the direct exercise of political power: in creating and manipulating domestic political factions, in negotiating with foreign powers, and in acting as regents for their sons. Furthermore, they played a central role in what we might call the public culture of sovereignty: public rituals of imperial legitimisation and royal patronage of monumental building and artistic production.” - Leslie P. Peirce

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The Cambridges Most Iconic Moments 12/15: Leaving the Lindo Wing with Charlotte (2015)

On May 2nd 2015, William, Kate and George welcomed a little princess to their family. The Duchess was admitted in the early hours of that day and shortly after came the happy news that she had given birth to a girl. Later on in the day, William left the hospital to pick up George who was at home at Kensington Palace. Soon after, father and son arrived back at the Lindo Wing, ready for George to meet his little sister. That same day, the proud parents left with their daughter, smiling for photos for several minutes. Charlotte, slept through her first public appearance, oblivious to the world’s excitement. To celebrate the royal birth, several monuments around London lit up pink, including the London Eye, The Golden Jubilee Bridge and Trafalgar Square. On May 4th, William and Kate announced that they had named their daughter Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, and would be formally known as HRH Princess Charlotte of Cambridge.

Hadi Hollanda

Hadi özgürlüklerin başkentine gidelim Hollanda Krallığı..

Bir çoğumuzun gidip gördüğü yada internetten bildiği ülkeye ve güzel şehri Amsterdam'a bir de farklı açılardan bakmaya çalışalım.

Hollanda 16. ve 17. yüzyıllarında tüm dünyada ticaret ve sömürgecilik sayesinde altın çağını yaşarken Amsterdam ise bu dönemde dünyanın en zengin kentiydi.

Bununla birlikte, gelişen farklı kültürler ile etkileşim yaşamasını sağladı. Günümüzde kentin kendine has rahat yaşamı, mimarisi, kültürlere ve yeniliğe açık olması geçmişiyle bağlantılıdır.

Hollanda Meşruti monarşi ile yönetilen Avrupa ülkesidir.
Üç büyük nehir tarafından iki ana bölgeye ayrılır. Bu nehirler Ren ve onun ana kolları olan Waal ile Meuse nehirleridir.

Hollanda’nın büyük bölümü deniz seviyesinin altında yer alır. Sular üstüne kurulmuştur :)
Su seviyesini kontrol altına almak için kanallar kazılmış köprüler inşa edilmiştir. Van Gogh tablolarının nereden geldiğini artık daha rahat anlayabiliriz :)

Ülkeyi ülke yapan özellikleri Peynirleri, Yel değirmenleri, Bisikletleri, Laleleri, Holştayn Adı verilen inekleri, Takunyaları ve sosyal hakları ile bilinir.

Ülkede eşcinsel evlilik, uyuşturucu kullanımı ve satışı insanların günlük hayatının bir parçası olmuştur.
*Bundan 2 yıl önce bir sabah Amsterdam'da market alışverişine giderken gördüğüm manzara beni epey şaşırtmıştı. Kilisede cenaze vardı bir yanımda onun için dua ediliyor, diğer yanımda coffee shop da uyuşturucu tüketen insanlar eğleniyor, karşı tarafta red light district kadınları günlük işlerini yapıyorlardı :)

Her ne kadar özgürlükler ülkesi olarak bilinse de aslında çok sert kuralları da var. Bu özgürlüklerin yaşatılabilmesi için gerekli olan kurallar. :)

- Dışarıda Konaklamak
- Şişe birayla gezmek 
- Red light da fotoğraf çekmek 
- Coffeshoplarda sigara içmek

Bir de siz siz olun sakın bisiklet yolunda yürümeyin :)

Gelelim Hollanda’nın başkenti Amsterdam'a;

- Şehir merkezi yürüyerek kolayca gezilebilir; Dam meydanı, Royal Palace, National Monument ve Madame Tussauds gibi yapılar şehrin tam merkezinde bulunuyor. Özel günler bu alanlarda kutlanıyor.

- Kış gecelerinde Reguliersgract’da art arda dizilmiş yedi köprünün üzerinden yedi cücenin geçtiğine inanan çocuklar var mıdır bilmem, ama Hollanda kanallarında sular donduğunda, çocuklar ayaklarına buz patenleri geçirir! Köprülerin üzerinde ise bırakılmış bisikletler sahiplerini bekler.

- Rijks (porno kütüphanesi de içinde mevcuttur) ve Van Gogh müzeleri, 
 I AMsterdam harfleri ve Vondelpark (bir joint içip parkın tadını çıkarbilirsiniz) belli bir noktada toplanmış durumdadır.

- Almanya’da ki Yahudi Soykırımının simge isimlerinden olan Anne Frank Evini ziyaret edebilir, Ajax Stadyumunu ve Heineken müzesini gezebilirsiniz.

- Tabiki de bot turuyla şehri bir de kanallardan keşfetmeliyiz.

- Bu bilinen ana yerlerin dışında Sex müzesi ve Marijuana müzesine gidebilirsiniz.

- Pazarlarına denk gelirseniz şanslısınız çok ucuza güzel ve yöresel şeyler alabilirsiniz.

- Meşhur Kırmızı Sokak “Red Light District“’ de gece bir tur atın ve sokaklarında kaybolun. Gündüz her şeyin sıradan ilerlediği sokaklarda gece olup renkler değişince güvenlik sıkıntısı oluşacağını düşünüyorsunuz ama bu olasılıklar Amsterdam için çok uzak. Kanallarda korumaların bile olmaması sorunun da olmadığının göstergesi. 

- Red Light District ‘de ki bana göre biraz abartılı giriş ücreti olan Porno Tiyatrosu'na da gidebilirsiniz.

- Coffeshop denen uyuşturucu satılan kafelerde önemli olan ne kadar kullanacağınızı bilmek. Satılan ürünler asla hayati tehlike içerecek dozda olmuyor. Kişi başı 5gr’dan fazlası zaten yasak. Otlu kek ve magic mushroom olarak adlandırılan sihirli mantarda dozun kaçırılmaması tavsiye edilir. :)

- Herkesin bildiği turist merkezli coffeshoplardan sıkılırsanız ’‘Bulldog” gibi “Nieuwezijds Voorburgwall” sokağında bulunan “ütopya” coffeshop ta takılabilir üstündeki hostelde de çok uygun fiyatlara kalabilirsiniz.

- Kalabalık arkadaş ortamıyla giderseniz ev tutmanızı öneririm çünkü Amsterdam’da ev ruhunu mutlaka yaşamalısınız :)

- “Elandsgracht” da bulunan De Looier Antika Pazarında alışveriş yapmak çok hoş.

- Çok kültüre açık olduğu için net bir yemek kültürü yok. “Stamppot“ diye adlandırılan patatesten yapılan geleneksel yemeğini denemek isteyebilirsiniz.

- Bol bol peynir ve süt tüketin. Sütleri çok güzel :)

- Pencerelerden sarkan lgbt bayraklarına alışacaksınız. Çünkü Hollanda'da eşcinseller evlerine, pencerelerine gökkuşağı bayraklarını gururla takarlar.

- Amsterdam'da Türk gazetelerini her yerde çok rahat bulabilirsiniz.

- Hema denilen cafelerde 1€ gibi ücretlerle sabah kahvaltıları yapabilirsiniz.

- Wifi sorununu da coffeshoplardan halledebilirsiniz.

Her şehiri birbirinden güzel.

- Rotterdam’da kubik evleri, erasmus köprüsünü ziyaret edebilirsiniz.

Utrecht’de Molenparkta yel değirmenlerini izlerken kahve içebilirsiniz. Geceleri kesinlikle şehir turu atın.
- Lebowski ise şehrin popüler buluşma noktalarından biri. Sıcak atmosferi, uzun barı içinde kocaman bir zürafası var.
“Kemal Atatürkstaat” sokağı da burada bulunmaktadır.

- Öğrenci kenti Groningen de tarih kokan eski binalar ve ikinci dünya savaşından kalma izlere rastlayabilirsiniz.

Daha fazla bilgi almak isteyenler mail yoluyla ya da facebook adresimizden ulaşabilirler.

İyi günleriniz olsun.



As part of the many events to celebrate the 350th Anniversary of The Royal Marines, Henry Cavill attended “The Royal Marine’s Freedom of the City of Gibraltar Parade” at Ocean Village. The event commenced with a Service at The Royal Marine Monument accompanied by the Band of Her Majesty’s Royal Marines, 100 members of 42 Commando of The Royal Marines exercised the freedom of the City of Gibraltar with a march along Main Street to The Convent.

Pictures of the event were shared exclusively to HenryCavillOnline by Katia Martinez. A special thanks to her for choosing our site to share her fantastic photographs!

Das Siegestor (“Victory Gate”) in München, Bayern, Southern Germany is a triumphal arch crowned with a statue and a lion quadriga, similar to the Arch of Constantine in Rome, the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, and the Brandenburger Tor in Berlin. It’s located between Ludwig Maximilian University and Ohmstraße, sitting between Maxvorstadt and Schwabing. The gate was commissioned by King Ludwig I of Bavaria and completed in 1852. It was originally dedicated to the glory of the Bavarian army (“Dem bayerischen Heere zum Ruhme”). Today it’s a monument and reminder of peace. After sustaining heavy damage in WW2, the gate was only partially restored. The inscription on the back now reads “Dem Sieg geweiht, vom Krieg zerstört, zum Frieden mahnend” (“Dedicated to victory, destroyed by war, reminding of peace”). 

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Could you do something on the Gibraltar Regiment?

The Royal Gibraltar Regiment firing a 21 Gun Salute for the Queen’s Birthday parade, Gibraltar

The Royal Gibraltar Regiment is the home defence unit for the British overseas territory of Gibraltar. It was formed in 1958 from the Gibraltar Defence Force as an infantry unit, with an integrated artillery troop. The Regiment is included in the British Army as a colonial force. In 1999, the regiment was granted the Royal title. The Regiment recruits from the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland and the Commonwealth.

Arm Badge Key of Gibraltar

Cap badge of the Royal Gibraltar Regiment


Gibraltar Defense Force Monument


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