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Located in the northwest corner of Lake Superior Isle Royale National Park in Michigan is the place to go for solitude. The park is an island of roadless backcountry reachable only by boat or seaplane – making it the least visited national park in the lower 48 states. Photographer Carl TerHaar captured this moonrise from Pickerel Cove, one of the islands’ campgrounds that consists of a narrow ridge accessible by small boat. Full moon photo courtesy of Carl TerHaar.


Humphry Davy’s landscape sketches

Humphry Davy was one of history’s finest chemists, and grew popular in his day through popular public lectures and scientific discoveries. Esteemed men like Sir Humphry travelled widely around Britain and Europe, and throughout his journal are sketches in pencil and iron gall ink. Being a scientist, he not only captured the landscape, but the geology itself. Included in his journals are images of Col de Tende, Perpignan and closer to home Loch Lomond.

These illustrations show: Route to Brignolles; Danube, possibly sketched during his trip along the Rhine; Canigou with part of Perpignan sketched during his continental tour with Michael Faraday; Loch Lomond; and a panorama of Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland, with geological features identified.