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I had to make this post.

I was accused to attack the adm and all my comments deleted from a IG i liked so because I said that these tiaras wasnt the same and for asking about the sources.

I know sometimes i can sound harsh because of my lack of knowledge in english language, its not my intention tho, i hate to be rude and i hate drama in general ( in special online drama) , but i also HATE misinformation.

These two coronets are different ones, both owned by two different branches of the Hohenzollern.

The first one is the prussian one, owned first by Kaiserin Augusta Viktoria of Prussia, then owned by grandson, Louis Ferdinand and used by his spouse, Princess Kira Kirillovna ( as you can see in the images i shared, in the 50s)

Later on, that coronet was modified in two tiaras (very dull ones, i must say, even tho i love Aquamarines, which is my birth stone lol)

I ignore who owns those tiaras now i hope they re still in hands of the prussian descendants of Louis Ferdinand.

Now, the Hohenzollern Sigmaringen nuptial coronet. Used in the 40s by twins sisters, Princess Maria Antonia and Princess Maria Adelgundes in their wedding. Afterwards it was used by their sister in law, Princess Birgitta of Sweden in her wedding in Sigmaringen (lets remember that she used the cameo tiara in the Swedish ceremony)

So, looking in details and with graphic and historial info avalaible, is clear to say that these two are TWO DIFFERENT CORONETS!! And no, the Hohenzollern Sigmaringen coronet its NO the Prussian clover modified

Trustworthy sources as Royal Magazin and The court jeweller agrees with this.

So please, reblog and/or share this, because with Birgitta s birthday, the misinformation about these two tiaras spread like the plague all over royal groups and pages in general.

Thanks ❤️


Export ban placed on Queen Victoria’s wedding coronet

A temporary export ban has been placed on a sapphire and diamond coronet that belonged to Queen Victoria, preventing it from being sold abroad.

The coronet, designed by Prince Albert for their wedding in 1840, is at risk of being exported unless a UK buyer matches the £5m asking price.

The temporary ban was imposed after the owner applied for an export licence.

Culture minister Matt Hancock, who imposed the ban, said it symbolised one of the UK’s “most famous love stories”.

The 11.5cm (4.5in) wide coronet is mounted with 11 sapphires, which are all set in gold, with diamonds set in silver.

Experts consider it to be one of the most important jewels of Queen Victoria’s reign, matching a sapphire and diamond brooch given to her by Albert the day before their wedding. 

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  25. Favorite Wreath Tiara (ivy, laurel, myrtle, olive, vine)
  26. Favorite Kokoshnik Tiara
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