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an incomplete list of Actual Canon Things that roronoa zoro has done
  • attempted to cut off his own feet when they were stuck and he was slowly being turned into a wax statue like seriously he has scars from it still
  • in that same scenario, struck a pose because if he was going to be turned into a statue he was going to be majestic goddammit
  • got separated from his crew on skypeia but figured he’d be fine, really, because he’d already memorized the map–he just needed to go right
    • he went left
  • fought off a gang attempting to steal from them in his sleep
  • slept through the first major storm on the Grand Line while everyone else freaked out, woke up when it was done, then asked why everyone was just lying about so lazily
  • when a bunch of small children came up to ask him about their captain usopp, he grinned at them and said that they’d eaten him (the children ran away screaming)
  • in one of the only occasions where he and sanji work together, they grab their captain (who can only move his head at this point but still wants to fight the dumbass) and without talking about it, use his rubbery body to send a shitton of cannonballs flying back at the warships firing at them
  • somehow wound up babysitting a bunch of small children wearing a t-shirt about 5 sizes too small on him that said “MAMA” (ok so it’s a filler episode and not technically canon but whatever it happened)
  • went for a swim in freezing cold water for training??? then got lost and realized that being half naked and soaking wet in freezing temperatures fucking sucks and beat up some soldiers primarily to get their coats
  • accidentally??? occupied???? the royal palace in fishman island????? oops???
  • was invited to join a criminal organization before he met Luffy, turned them down because they wouldn’t let him be the leader
    • also i’m pretty sure he killed the guy who brought him the message i could be remembering that wrong it’s been a while
  • got handcuffed to usopp so he couldn’t use all three swords like he’d like, made usopp “stiffen up” so he could swing him around like a sword

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my favorite lyric from each song on double dare.

hawaii (stay awake): i was bitter but i’m fine now.

gloom boys: i brought a knife to a gun fight, i brought my words to a fist fight. i brought my hell to you and now the boys are back, the boys are sad.

stupid for you: i’m color-coding my moods; you’re yellow, i’m natural blue. let’s get together and be green like my insides.

royal: i’m sick of everything i’ve been around enough to get used to.

take her to the moon: you cloud my head, but can you really get lost in heaven?

made in america: we’re fucked and don’t care at all.

dizzy: i don’t wanna talk about, i don’t wanna think about. and the worst part of it is that i don’t hear from my friends anymore.

powerless: you can devastate my personal space, i never liked it anyway.

little violence: show me your violence, while i’m dipping my toe into the silence.

21 questions: it sucks to sleep ‘cause you aren’t talking to me; i wanna give you space but the amount between us is wrecking me.

it follows: kiss me like nobody would when i was fifteen, i am tired of the waiting and the wondering.

plum island: i’ve got a crystal ball: “nobody wants to hear you cry about your breakups so drop it” well that’s fine too because i’m fucking sick of talking about it.

i’ll always be around: i’m dying to be your everything.


Spirit Bears

The Kermode bear (Ursus americanus kermodei), also known as the “spirit bear” (particularly in British Columbia), is a rare subspecies of the American black bear living in the Central and North Coast regions of British Columbia, Canada. It is noted for about one-tenth of its population having white or cream-colored coats like polar bears. This color is due to a double recessive gene unique in the subspecies. They are not albinos and not any more related to polar bears or the “blonde” brown bears of Alaska’s “ABC Islands” than other members of their species.

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Sapphire Brooch given to Queen Elizabeth II commemorating her Sapphire Jubilee from The Canadian people, July 19, 2017.

The Sapphire Jubilee Brooch was made in Canada by Hillberg & Berk. The design is a snowflake shaped like the North Star

  • 48 Canadian sapphires of varying color and shape, totaling 10.19 carats
  • More than 400 diamonds of varying size, including Maple Leaf certified diamonds, totaling 4.39 carats
  • Certified 18K Canadian white gold
  • The brooch is 61mm tall and 66mm wide

This distinctive piece will be added to the Queen’s collection of sapphire jewelry.
The sapphires are unique Canadian beluga sapphires from Baffin Island, Canada’s only known sapphires, discovered near the hamlet of Kimmirut on Baffin Island. 

What your favourite Double Dare song says about you!

Hawaii (Stay Awake): You ship Gawsten
Gloom Boys: You ship Gawsten
Stupid For You: You ship Gawsten
Royal: You ship Gawsten
Take Her To The Moon: You ship Gawsten
Made In America: You ship Gawsten
Dizzy: You ship Gawsten
Powerless: You ship Gawsten
Little Violence: You ship Gawsten
21 Questions: You ship Gawsten
It Follows: You ship Gawsten
Plum Island: You ship Gawsten
I’ll Always Be Around: You ship Gawsten

Every Nancy Drew game suspect ranked from worst to best.

Methodology: All rankings are personal taste. I only included characters that both had character models and were presented as suspects during the course of the narrative. Obviously, spoilers for every game.

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Hey Clue Crew I have something to ask you

Earlier this year I Made a Playlist on my OLD YouTube channel that consists of Nancy Drew walkthroughs that I listen to to help me sleep and help me relax. Do you think I should make the Playlist public for everyone to enjoy and post a link on here?