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“We will get out alive.”

Winter is like “the real ice queen” Denna always pretends to be one but she will always be a “summer princess”. And being Winter is like her goal. ;w;

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PS: I have no idea of Battle Royal I tried to read it but well….hey excuse for drawing Winter with one of my Fatesonas hurrah! ;w;

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If I ever have the time…

I’m gonna write an AU of Bertvannah where Bertrand and Maxwell are exiled, spurned nobles due to their ability to control ice and snow (Maxwell is still trying to further his skills). Out of bitterness, Bertrand titles himself the Ice King and turns Cordonia into a wintry kingdom, with his castle far up the mountain. Knowing they cannot destroy him, the people and royals try to make do. However, when Savannah comes to the kingdom, Bertrand is frightfully smitten and decides to crash a ball the King hosts to meet her. When she offends him however, he decides to show her true smite and power and curses her to have her heart frozen over the day she meets the man she loves.

Enraged, Savannah decides to confront him. Braving the snow, she gets to his castle. Maxwell is thrillled they finally have a visitor but Bertrand fumes at her insolence. Savannah firmly will not leave till he takes off the curse and he grouses that she can do what she will and storms away (because he cannot just kill her cos he loves her.) Savannah decides to understand more about the Ice King and read up on him and also walk in the snowy hilltops to find him with his pets; a snow owl and a tamed wolf. She starts to see the hurt in him and slowly, after months of interaction, she unfortunately falls in love with him. Bertrand is aghast at this because of the curse and at night, tries to break it but realizes the futility of it. He forces Savannah to leave before the curse takes over, not knowing that his own heart was freezing over from being separated from her. Weakened by his curse backfiring on him, his control over the weather is loosened and a blizzard comes in, threatening to bury the kingdom. Savannah, accused of being in cahoots with him, is thrown in prison and Maxwell must brave the storm and prove his abilities to get Savannah back. He succeeds and together, they head back into the castle where she finds Bertrand dying, his entire body nearly ice cold. Savannah cries over him, saying she doesn’t care if she freezes over, she can’t bear if he dies. He tells her he is sorry all this has happened and that he would rather die than watch the only woman he loved die for him. Savannah proceeds to cry against him, her forehead pressing against his, whispering how much she loves him. One of her tears slide down onto his chest and soak through his skin and he suddenly sits up, gasping, clutching at his heart.

It was warming up. Painful but not as bad as when it froze over. The ice was melting and Maxwell rejoices that the blizzard was dying down too. Savannah is overjoyed as Bertrand swings her up and kisses her and she comments how warm his touch and kiss feels. No longer bitter, he takes off the wintry spell that plagued Cordonia and is admitted back into Cordonian society where he marries Savannah and sometimes makes it winter in summer.


Frozen - November 27, 2013

‘ The cold never bothered me anyway. ’


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“I’m anything but a hero, but maybe I could help, if you want.”