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royal arranged marriage au

february 15 | “family”
(Here’s the overview for an AU with all of the tropes because why not.)

Royal Arranged Marriage AU with supernatural fantasy elements. Gabriel is a wraith who’s the literal Prince of Darkness, equally loved and feared by everyone in Blackwatch, his city. Overwatch, a nearby kingdom that Gabriel’s always been wary of, approaches him one day, seeking an alliance. They offer him their Prince’s hand in marriage in exchange for Gabriel’s help defending against Talon, an insurgent force seeking to usurp them from within. 

Gabriel is irritated but agrees to meet his potential husband-to-be, since he’d apparently accompanied the envoy anyway. He’s surprised when the handsome, scarred vampire he’d assumed was a bodyguard steps forward and introduces himself as Jack, the Prince of Light. 

BONUS: Jack and Gabriel had already met the night before out in the city while avoiding their royal duties and being Grumpy Old Immortals. Neither had realized that the other was a Prince.

Whatever It Takes: Chapter 2

ACOTAR Figure Skating AU

Summary: Nesta firmly believes that if you want something, you have to work your ass off for it. And she wants a National title attached to her name. But when her coach decides that a change in discipline is what Nesta needs, she’s far from impressed. Now, instead of training as a ladies single skater, she has to switch gears and skate as a pairs skater. And her partner? Someone she can’t stand. Non other then cocky, flirtatious, former Men’s skater Cassian.
Edited by: @ilikebigbooks-and-icannotlie

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Azriel stood just a few feet away from boards waiting, watching.

He watched everything. He kept his eyes on the players around him, skating up and down the ice at top speed. He kept his eyes on the puck, watching as it was passed from player to player.

He watched everything, taking it all in. No one paid much attention to him. They were all too concerned about the puck and trying to get it in the net.

But that’s how it always was.

They called him the Shadowsinger - no one ever knew where he was or when he was going to show up. Even if they knew to keep a look out for him, if someone looked away for just a moment, he was there, sneaking up behind them. His blades seemed to not even make a sound, as if he appeared out of the shadows themselves.

Azriel hadn’t been too sure about the nickname at first. But after a while, he’d grown accustomed to it. He played off of it. He took the name and made it a part of him.

So he stood back. He let the other players do what they needed to do. They passed the punk between them, slapping it across the icy surface. They took shots on the net only to have the goalie deflect them. There was yelling - from between the players and the coach - mixed in with the sound of blades plowing up snow.

Throughout the chaos, Azriel simply stood in the shadows. Waiting. Watching.

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mc/maxwell college au

so i’ve been talking with my good buddy Bri and she thought of a cool Choices au where you take characters from one story and place them in the setting of another

and she suggested the trr characters in the freshman/the sophomore setting, because she wanted a quote A NICE AU WHERE MAXWELL’S STATUS ISNT IN JEOPARDY unquote

i was so ready for this but then she said, “liam and friends as frat boys” and i nearly died of a heart attack because what the fuck

i resurrected at the prospect of being able to bang maxwell in a dorm room and ended up condensing the au in the following bullet points. you’re welcome.

  • what it is: a regular life au where liam, tariq, maxwell and drake are a group of friends in college
  • what you get: mc and maxwell having #relatable conversations as college students such as

maxwell: hey mc find anyone cute lately
maxwell: (like uh ME?)
mc: sorry what
mc: im trying to figure out what an integral is its been 2 months and i still dont know

  • more details: so mc and maxwell have a class together, and maxwell thinks she’s the bee’s knees
  • he introduces her to his friends… and mc initially falls for liam because Classic Gwaps 
  • in true maxwell fashion, max teases mc about liam when they’re in class

mc: i dont have his number yet we just met 2 days ago 
max: here u go

  • #MaxwellForBestWingMan…ButEvenBetterBoyfriendLmao:

max: i got u liam. ill find out what shes into. stuff you have in common. get to know her for you. take her on a date for you 
liam: what 
max: what

  • however mc and liam only see each other when max invites mc to hang out with their crew, since they don’t actually. have any classes together. lol.
  • meanwhile mc and maxwell partner up for a term paper and get ever closer as they work on it ;)
  • imagine them staying up late working on the paper, then getting fed up and driving to a mcdonalds at 1 am in their sweatpants and bonding :)
  • they talk about their friends, and when maxwell says stuff about liam, mc realizes that she doesn’t… actually know much about liam lmao 
  • the Crush has been fading and she didn’t even realise nyai
  • What Should Be A Canon Development: maxwell as the original wingman, but later on liam is subtly wingmanning him and mc instead (and max doesn’t even realise it lmao)
  • fic setting idea: the beaumonts are known for hosting Legendary Parties and they’re throwing another one
  • but for some reason maxwell is the only one not enjoying it… until mc keeps him company
  • oh look there’s even a song for this scene how nice (tbh it even fits canonverse i think)
  • anyway!! you know that trope where the characters accidentally confess something during a drinking game? well we’re gonna abuse the fuck outta it!
  • so someone asks the mc the iconic question of “fuck marry kill”
  • and she automatically says mAXWELL FOR MARRY LMAO SAME
  • “hahaha fuck liam marry maxwell kill drake” then they close their eyes cause theyre getting kinda dizzy. its silent. THEY FREEZE UP BC THEY REALIZED WHAT THEY SAID BUT NOW THEYRE GONNA PLAY IT OFF AND PRETEND THEYRE PASSED OUT

maxwell: ha ha…i think they forgot that its not marry fuck kill…they got the order wrong…

  • the next morning someone brings it up and mc is like “what? fuck maxwell marry liam kill drake right?”

drake: this is a fucking attack

  • meanwhile liam’s subtly side-eyeing mc like “yeahhh suuure thats totally what u meant”
  • also ! max has a foreign language class ! and he keeps flirting with the mc in a language she doesnt understand ! to hide it !
  • the language is french jsyk
  • and right before they get together, mc flirts with him in french and hes like :( 
  • so they’re finally together and happy right? it’s all good right?
  • but i’m writing this au so what if the beaumonts still get broke in this au (☆v☆) 
  • so there’s this whole Plot where they make maxwell try out some sports and/or get him to raise his grades so he can apply for a scholarship and, you know, stay in their university. so he can stay with mc
  • but he still gets kicked out because he’s not really performing well in school 
  • it’s because he’s too focused on hanging out with mc and his friends since he’s scared to lose them ;)
  • so there’s this whole going away party for maxwell and everything seems tragic…
  • until it’s revealed that maxwell’s just going to the university a couple blocks away lmao
  • maxwell and mc as college sweethearts everybody!!

FFXV | Overdressed in the Crestholm Channels  

(Or, I felt IMMENSELY guilty about making Noctis splash around the Crestholm Channel sewer water in his tailored three piece Royal Raiment.)



Prince Harry knows how to crack up a president.

No. 44 and His Royal Highness hit up Day 7 of the Invictus Games in Toronto. Obama and Prince Harry sat courtside for a little wheelchair basketball action.

After the game, they posed for pics with the American team in the locker room.

Former VP Joe Biden and his wife, Jill, were also there. We’re used to seeing Obama and Biden yucking it up but Obama and Harry? Gotta figure that conversation’s super smart and, clearly, super hilarious.























Who Will Play Who In The Crown Season Two? (Vogue UK Aug 11, 2017)

With the arrival of the trailer for the second season of The Crown, excitement levels are soaring for the forthcoming installment of Netflix’s royal hit. From the new faces to the returning stars, see how the cast measures up to their real-life counterparts. 

  1. Michael C Hall is set to play president John F Kennedy. 
  2. Jodi Balfour will play Jackie Kennedy. 
  3. Matt Smith is reprising his role as Prince Philip. 
  4. Claire Foy is returning to her award-winning portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II. 
  5. Vanessa Kirby is once again playing Princess Margaret. 
  6. Matthew Goode will play Lord Snowdon (then known as Antony Armstrong-Jones). 
  7. Victoria Hamilton will return to her role as the Queen Mother. 
  8. Jeremy Northam will reprise his depiction of Anthony Eden. 

*Season 2 starts Dec 8, 2017


July 25, 1990

Following his first-inning single, a triple in the third, and a fifth frame two-bagger, George Brett hits a leadoff homer in the seventh to complete the cycle in the Royals’ 6-1 victory over Toronto at the Sky Dome. The Kansas City third baseman, who will retire with a lifetime .305 batting average, also accomplished the rare feat against Baltimore in 1979.