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i’m so sad because there are so many amazing groups that are being slept on right now, y’all let me take u on a journey

  • ok you like groups that make u wanna go hard as fuck??? then listen to 24K
  • even their cute songs have a dope ass beat
  • speaking of damn good beats BIGFLO have a lot of um they get u so pumped and ready 2 go
  • boy groups that can go from cute to deadly in 0.003 seconds?? then high4 are the ones for you
  • groups that have hella dope dance moves, acrobatics and r just complete dorks then hop onto the SPEED train for a life of tears and joy
  • i know u want the weirdest kids that walk this planet that make damn catchy tunes
  • will also love you with everything they have because that’s what MYNAME do
  • OH! and you want to write fanfic about them? no need my lovely, they do it themselves
  • u want there to be instrument playing and beautiful vocals? give Royal Pirates a listen
  • some good head boppin tunes, great rapping and infectious ass dance moves then pls love Cross Gene
  • they also got them intimidating looking members that are actually the biggest fluffballs u know what i mean
  • groups that go hard but also wanna stab u in the feels? u deffo for N.Flying
  • absolute losers that just want to have fun? heck they danced with animated penguins 
  • that’s right u guessed it.. UNIQ
  • oh ok so u want more of a hip hop feel rather than a cute boy group??
  • or maybe not bc they are the dorkiest, shyest lil babies ever. love madtown
  • i don’t even know how to describe hotshot they actually leave me a lil bit speechless they r just so good u will deffo not regret this decision
  • also body rolls for days i tell ya
  • Snuper are those mad dorks that u will fall in love with in all of 2 seconds, good luck
  • did u hear face off by A6P?? just listen to it u will be jamming for weeks
  • and the concept was so good
  • pls come back babies i miss u
  • B.I.G just give off a vibe that make u love them, take these losers in as ur own they r ur children now also all their songs are SO catchy
  • not to mention the hit song hello that will always have a special place in my heart
  • r cute girl groups ur weakness?? because my dear u will love Laboum
  • what about a group that work with whatever sound they take? also got some hot vocals and some nice beats to get u up or just to chill and jam to whatever u feelin BIGSTAR got it
  • i also just wanted to include hot boy because it’s the song of the century ok
  • boys republic just put so much into making some good tunes and some damn amazing mv’s like that shit is just so nice to look at i cannot recommend them enough i’m !!!!!!!!
  • M Crown??? That’s all i should have to say really just go listen to them
  • cute but not so cute boy groups? u feel me? also some good dancers and can work them hips oh my god i got u covered with halo
  • speaking of dancing if u into that then check out romeo plus they’re just so fun sounding and such a feel good listen !!!!
  • ok so back to the girl groups, u want a bit more after the cuteness. my friends, sonamoo are waiting for you 
  • what about the biggest dorks on this planet?? no i’m serious
  • i mean sure there is some questionable styling choices but u won’t even care when you listen to topp dogg because DAMN
  • also throw back to when they got brazilian waxes because i feel the world needs this trust me ok
  • the sweetest group to walk this god damn earth (also the dork level is pretty high) but hella pushed aside by their company
  • but still make absolute bangers from cute to sexy u got it all
  • why r boyfriend still not loved???
  • and finally, the ones most of you will know
  • stop
  • ignoring
  • infinite
  • dammit

ok i think i’m done, pls add more because there’s so many good groups out there that i want to know about too 


The nation’s leader Jonghyun & Hyunbin during the preparation for the ‘Sorry Sorry’ stage ★ [trans cr.]

+bonus: Jonghyun encouraging Hyunbin

Current Underrated Boy Groups [Part. 2]

Cross Gene

Fave Songs: “Amazing Bad Lady”“Billion Dollar”“Noona You”

Reasoning: They seriously are just not well known. But talented and handsome. Their songs are super catchy. So you should listen to them. 


Fave Songs: “Special Guy”“Fly To Love”

Reasoning: It honestly breaks my heart when I think about unnoticed Lunafly is. There talent is incredible. It’s also sad they have lost a member. It just breaks my heart. Their songs are so good and amazing and also you should check out their numerous covers of other songs. Ugh they are just so talented why don’t more people like them. 

Mr. Mr.

Fave Songs: “Do You Feel Me”“Highway”

Reasoning: They’ve been around since 2012 but no one knows about them. They are so far under the radar. They have appeared on a few rookie shows even far after they should have been considered rookies. It’s so sad because they are so talented. 


Fave Songs: “Overcome’“Face”“Every Afternoon”“Good Bye Bye”“Sleep Talking”“Action”“Fine Girl”

Reasoning: Firstly I just wanna say I could honestly right a whole novel about this Produce 101 situation. But the point is, Pledis thinks it’s the boys’ fault that they aren’t popular enough and that they failed and so that’s why they put them on that dumb ass show to begin with. It’s not their fault, they are so talented and work super hard. And it just breaks my heart to see them being treated as rookies/trainees. Why is it this way? Why have people ignored and overlooked Nu’est for so long. They are so cute and sweet and precious and talented. I know they are gaining popularity now but it doesn’t count to me seeing as how their situation is so pitiful they are being treated like trainees by their own company because they “failed” in Baekho’s on words. I’m going to stop talking about it now otherwise I’ll cry. Just listen to them and support them. 


Fave Songs: “Head Banging” “Bebop”

Reasoning: Let me start by saying I really thought they had disbanded but I couldn’t find any information on it, and no official statements and apparently they were at some Kcon or something somewhere in 2016 so….I guess they are still together. But honestly no one even knows they exist. I swear no one has ever talked about them anywhere. But they are pretty awesome group and you should listen to them. 


Fave Songs: “Touch”“Ouch”“Driving”“Magic Girl”

Reasoning; This is not the very first original A.cian. It was made up of different members but the line up has changed so much that these 4 now make up A.cian. These four are super talented too. I hate that no one really knows about them. Also they’re super cute haha. Give them a chance they’re charms will grow on you I promise. 


Fave Songs: “From My Heart”“Hey U Come On”

Reasoning: Well no one really knows about them honestly. But then again they were more meant to be just for a drama anyway. But they have the potential to much more than that. And they deserve to be more than that as well. They are talented. I hope you will listen to them and give them a chance. 


Fave Songs: “Tantara”“AB CITY”“Oh My Gosh”“Surprise Party”

Reasoning; Sigh…such a sad fate Alphabat has had. So many members have left and they have failed to add new ones. They haven’t had a Korean comeback since 2014. They’ve switched companies to a Japanese label…so maybe they will get more of a chance in Japan. Sadly I wish they had been more popular in Korea and maybe we’d see more of them. Anyway, you should check out their songs. I really love them and I wish things had turned out better for them. 

Boys’ Republic

Fave Songs: “Get Down”“Video Game”“Dress Up”“Party Rock”

Reasoning; They are so talented and yet no one notices them. They have such good and catchy songs yet no one cares about them. It’s so unfair because they work so hard. 


Fave Songs: “I’m Better”“Not That Kind of Person”“Can’t Be Friends With You”

Reasoning: I really love their songs and I think they are talented. I don’t understand why no one knows them or likes them. It’s so sad really. Also I really thought they might have disbanded but I didn’t find any information that says they did. 

Royal Pirates

Fave Songs: “Run Away”“Drawing the Line”“Shout Out”

Reasoning: First they haven’t disbanded from what I know. They are on a hiatus. And James did leave the group but I personally think he will come back eventually once he has fully healed from his injuries and all. Anyway, they are pretty unknown but they are so beyond talented. Their songs are absolutely amazing as well. I promise after you listen to them you will love them. 

Say Yes

Fave Songs: “Get Out”“Feel Good”

Reasoning: I honestly bet you have never heard of them. But they are another band that doesn’t get much recognition at all. They are super talented and I love their songs and vocals. I honestly don’t understand why more people aren’t interested in them. I bet you’ll like them once you give them a chance. 


Fave Songs: “1.2.3″“Hello”“Are You Ready”“Aphrodite”“Between Night N Music”

Reasoning: Most people don’t know about B.I.G and they hardly ever get talked about. They work so hard. In a recent interview Benji even said he only wishes for their song to make it in the top 100 on music charts. They work so hard and they have been overlooked and ignored so much they don’t even dream of becoming #1 anymore they just want their songs to chart. That’s so sad and heartbreaking. Please give them a chance and love and support them. They are so talented, sweet, and adorable, and ugh just love them okay. 


Fave Songs: “Stardom”“Delilah”

Reasoning: They have been under the radar ever since their debut. They are super talented though. I think maybe their songs could be better but their songs aren’t bad. I just think maybe with even better songs they could climb in popularity. They deserve more love and support. 


Ben & Sophie at Wimbledon final, July 10 2016 - pt 2 (pt 1)

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anonymous asked:

Can you explain why Europeans were much more technologically advanced than the indigenous populations of Africa? I mean, these cultures hadn't even invented sewage systems, which is something the Romans were able to design and implement in 800-735 BC (a long fucking time before "the white man" colonized it)... I mean fuck, without "the white man", they would probably still be in the fucking bronze age.

I don’t really know what kind of history books bigots like you read.

The Great Libraries of Timbuktu? The steel metallurgy of the Haya? Dentistry? Caesarean section? Premature neonatal care? Mathematics, architecture, engineering? The goddamn Pyramids? All of Egypt?

I know it’s hard for a racist like you who imagines “technological advancement” to be some kind of end-all-be-all, or proof of some “inherent intelligence”. I know, I know. It’s hard to imagine, but Europeans have been drawing knowledge from everyone around them since the dawn of time. What did you think ended the Dark Ages?

Your magical (read: white supremacist) idea of a purely ‘white’ Rome never existed.


The Minoan culture on the island of Crete between 1500-1700 B.C.E. had a highly developed waste management system. They had very advanced plumbing and designed places to dispose of organic wastes. Knossos, the capital city, had a central courtyard with baths that were filled and emptied using terra-cotta pipes. This piping system is similar to techniques used today. They had large sewers built of stone.”

In case you needed further clarification, neither the Minoans nor other (later) Greeks were ethnically uniform. They also had the first flush toilets, dating back to 18th century B.C.E. They had flushing toilets, with wooden seats and an overhead reservoir. The Minoan royals were the last group to use flushing toilets until the re-development of that technology in 1596.

Oh, and look the Maya had indoor plumbing, acqueducts, and pressurized water too. I mean, you can ignore that the area Maya lived in had little to few rivers, no lakes or standing water, nor other sources of running water, while simultaneously dealing with monsoons and flooding due to one of the heaviest yearly rainfalls in the Americas.

Classic Maya even used household water filters using locally abundant limestone carved into a porous cylinder, made so as to work in a manner strikingly similar to modern ceramic water filters.

Of course, by this time millenia later none of your precious “white people” had developed any methods besides shitting in pots.


the earliest archaeological record of an advanced system of drainage comes from the Indus Valley Civilization from around 3100 B.C.E in what is now Pakistan and North India.

By 2500 B.C.E (almost 5,000 years ago), they had highly developed drainage systems where wastewater from each house flowed into the main drain.

All houses in the major cities of Harappa and Mohenjo−daro had access to water and drainage facilities.

Waste water was directed to covered drains which lined the major streets directed to covered drains, which also lined all major streets. Each home had its own private drinking well and its own private bathroom. The mains that carried wastewater to a cesspit were

tall enough for people to walk through.

Reservoirs, a central drainage system, fresh water pumped into the homes. Pools. Baths.

It was made from bricks smoothened and joined together seamlessly. The expert masonry kept the sewer watertight. Drops at regular intervals acted like an automatic cleaning device.

Filters for solid waste.

Sorry, what were the British doing up until like, 200 years ago? Shitting in the streets? Oh yeah. I mean, I could get into how by the Shang Dynasty (roughly 1600 B.C.E.), China had sophisticated plumbing including

pressure inverted siphons.

Or into the city of Amarna, Ancient Egypt. Or Persepolis, Persia and the Achaemenids in 600 B.C.E. But, I mean, it sounds like the only one still in the Bronze Age is you.

While watching the new ep, I realized that Furuwau’s architecture looked really familiar.

So this is the Furuwau district

and this is Abu Dhabi and Dubai

Basically we can assume that Furuwau is based off of Dubai and the UAE.  Aside from me appreciating the homage to middle eastern and muslim culture, this also has a lot of frightening implications about Lillium’s character.

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So You Cheat? : Spencer Reid

request: Reid and reader first meet while they play poker at the casino. They have a show down-esque at first. like in 7x13. Reid is intrigued by readers mysteriousness.

requested by: anonymous

A/N: so I had to do some research about poker, because nothing other than what I deem excellence will be allowed for people’s requests. This is actually one of my favorite episodes of criminal minds because Reid is just fantastic.  I really hope you like it! xx aubree

pairing: Spencer Reid x reader

warnings: none. 

word count: 556 (sorry, it’s short) 

(gif not mine)


The table was full of intense looking men, one scruffy looking dude, and one gorgeous woman. The dealer began to hand out the cards and everyone each took their turns calling, folding, or raising. 

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Groups more people should listen to:
  • C-Clown (Disbanded 2014) :(
  • History
  • MR.MR
  • Cross Gene
  • Royal Pirates
  • Boys Republic
  • 100%
  • M.Pire
  • N-Sonic
  • Speed
  • AlphaBAT
  • 24K
  • Monsta X
  • Beatwin
  • A.cian 
  • F.Cuz
  • BTOB
  • A-Jax (Where are they at these days tho?)
  • K-Much
  • B.I.G
  • Boyfriend 
  • NU’EST
  • UNIQ
  • UP10TION
  • Topp Dogg
  • Bigflo
  • ZE-A
  • MASC (Fairly New but good stuff)
  • FT Island
  • KNK
  • VX
  • Teen Top
  • N.Flying
  • JJCC
  • INX
  • VAV
  • Map6
  • Legend
  • Laboum
  • 9Muses
  • Cosmic Girls (WJSN)
  • Stellar
  • Brave Girls
  • Hello Venus
  • Oh My Girl
  • Fiestar
  • Ladies Code
  • Dalshabet

*UPDATED~ 7/9/2016*


70th Anniversary of VE Day, 8th May 1945.

The future Queen Elizabeth II and her sister Princess Margaret were allowed out in to the streets of London for the first time, to experience the joyous occasion first hand.

The two princesses and their royal party, including the King’s enquiry Peter Townsend, charged with protecting the girls, left Buckingham Palace to join the celebrations. They mingled anonymously with the chanting crowd outside the palace gates and then continued along The Mall.

“It was like a wonderful escape really for the girls, I don’t think they’d ever been out amongst thick crowds and walked with a million other people. It was just freedom - to be an ordinary person.” - Margaret Rhodes, the Queen’s cousin.

Having danced along The Mall, the group of about sixteen people arrived at Horse Guards Parade. 

“I remember lines of unknown people linking arms and walking down Whitehall, all of us just swept along on a tide of happiness and relief.” - Queen Elizabeth II (x)

Determined to join in with the fun, the royal group also played pranks on unsuspecting members of the public, as the Queen recalled the moment a Dutch sailor had his hat exchanged with another and was forced to follow the group in order to get it back.

An hour and a half after leaving the palace, Elizabeth and Margaret arrived in Trafalgar Square, which was “jammed from end to end” as Margaret Rhodes recalls.

“Everybody was laughing and shouting and crying, and kissing policemen and kissing other people. Generally mayhem, but a rather nice mayhem.“

As one of the most crowded areas in London on VE night, King George VI was naturally apprehensive at the thought of his beloved daughters being caught up in this rowdy area. For the princesses, however, it was unavoidable.

The Queen and her friends entered the Ritz and started a conga line in the lobby, singing and dancing through the hotel. They passed guests who were oblivious to the fact that the young princesses - and their future Queen - were amongst the party.

“I don’t think they realised who was amongst the party, I think they just thought we were a lot of rather drunk young mad people. All I can really remember is sort of old ladies looking faintly shocked.” - Margaret Rhodes.

The royal group made their way back to Buckingham Palace as midnight approached, having partied on the streets of London for over two hours. Their route from Piccadilly took them through Green Park, another notorious area of London. Well known for its nocturnal activities during the war, as the group passed through the park, they caught sight of couples kissing and hugging… and even fornicating!

 “There were places like Green Park and St. James’ which one would never have walked through at night in the war, and there we were.” - Jean Woodroffe, Former Lady-in-Waiting.

Having been out for three hours, the two princesses and their entourage had completed a five mile trip around London on VE night and arrived back outside the gates of Buckingham Palace. Joining the roaring crowd once more and making their way to the front, the group began chanting for the King and Queen along with the sea of people. As an insider, anonymous amongst the crowds, Queen Elizabeth II later recounted how she had pulled some strings to give the people want they wanted.

“We were successful in seeing my parents on the balcony, having cheated slightly because we sent a message in to the house to say we were waiting outside.” - Queen Elizabeth II (x)

A once in a lifetime opportunity for the Queen to mingle freely with her future subjects had now come to an end.

“I think it was one of the most memorable nights of my life.“

(The Queen’s Big Night Out, Channel 4)


Marcel Dzama is a contemporary artist who was a premier member of the Royal Art Lodge, a group of Winnipeg artists founded in the mid-1990s. Unlike many art collectives, the Royal Art Lodge was more whimsical than radical. The Course of Human History Personified incorporates a selection of Dzama’s work with introductory essays by Jason Rosenfeld and Jason Tougaw and an accordion-folded print (pictured at top) bound separately into the case binding.

Rosenfeld and Tougaw discuss Dzama’s life, influences, and development, noting that the cultural significance of Dzama’s anthropomorphic soldiers is up for debate, yet “more and more seems apropros to our moment.” In addition to 23 plates of Dzama’s ink and watercolor paintings, The Course of Human History Personified contains pages from Dzama’s bedside notebook, where he sketches and writes notes based on the lucid inspiration that comes to him between wakefulness and sleep. Dzama later translates these sketches into his drawings, paintings, and other work.

Dzama, M., Rosenfeld, J., Tougaw, J. D., & David Zwirner (Gallery). (2005). The course of human history personified. New York: D. Zwirner.

From the Book Arts Collection, University of South Florida Libraries

#Marcel Dzama #contemporary art #surrealism #caricature #painting #collage

Title: Opening Gambit

Chapter: Oneshot

Fandom: Tamora Pierce, Tortal, Trickster’s Series


A decision had to be made soon, and what a choice to make. It was almost unfair to have to do this twice. Wasn’t the first time around enough?

Queen Dovasary Bailtang Haming of the Kyrpish Isles sat in one of the many conference rooms that dotted the palace. She was waiting for her spymaster, and sometimes adviser, to arrive.

Ten years had passed since the Great Revolution had brought the Krypish Isles back into Raka hands and their queen had worked hard to make sure the land and all its residents, Raka and Luarin alike, had prospered. The years had seen her grow taller and her features sharper. She looked more like a cat now the she ever had, with her high cheekbones and high forehead. While young, her youth was hardly commented on by her peers or subjects. Intelligent, wise,fair, intense and strong were the words that most often came to mind when talking of the queen. Some took her age to mean she would be weak, but they always learned their folly soon enough.

For this meeting she was dressed simply. She wore a black gown made of crinkled silk with neat green embroideries on hem and sleeve. Her hair was styled in braids that were wrapped at the top of her head and decorated with cooper drops to resemble the crown she wore for formal occasions. Even her jewelry was plain; a cord of gold that wrapped her neck, simple earrings of the same metal, and only two rings: the black kudarung symbol of her household, and a simple gold band with a large emerald- the sign of a widow in the isles.

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