royal glitches

when the whole fandom is loosing it but you’re actually a few chapters behind:

maxwell sweet honey child did you forget that i, the apple queen, named you my court jester like four seconds ago good grief this is why bertrand won’t let you have nice things

The Colonel’s Last Stand (pt. 4)

Part 3

Dark hovers at Wilford’s bedside, watching over the four men as they sleep. His angry, nervous aura has flooded the room, leeching all color and warmth away, so Dark tucks the blankets closer around his best friend.

Then his gaze travels to the other three. Host is still perspiring heavily and panting slightly in his sleep, and Anti’s form flickers as his head tosses from one side to the other. It is Bim, however, who is cloaked most heavily in the shadows, and he seems to mumble something ever so softly. “Will?”

“Will?” Bim glances around to make sure that no one else will overhear. “Will, come on. Snap out of this. We need to get back because the Host is already sick, and we’re not sure how long we can keep this up.”

The Colonel straightens up and squints his eyes through his glasses. “Who do you think you are, sir? I’ve never met you before in my life, and yet you seem to think that addressing me in such an informal manner is completely acceptable.” Colonel catches Bim’s shirt and drags him forward. “I will not stand for it.”

Bim searches the Colonel’s eyes for any small amount of recognition, and while he finds that spark of madness he knows all too well, it’s hidden behind the eyes of a man that Bim Trimmer does not know. He’s struck speechless until Anti gasps and whirls around. “Where did the Host go?”

“Oh, our gracious host,” Colonel says sarcastically, releasing Bim’s shirt, “has not deigned to descend from his chambers yet. I expect he’ll arrive when he’s ready to have his ego inflated even further.” With that, the Colonel brushes past Anti and stalks off.

Bim watches him go before the Colonel turns a corner and disappears. Then his gaze flickers to Anti. “What do you mean? Weren’t you watching the Host?”

“’m not his babysitter!” Anti grumbles. “One second he was standing beside me, and the next second he was gone. I don’t know what happened to him!”

“Is there a problem here?” the Butler asks, appearing behind Anti who screams and glitches away again.

“Would everyone ş̯̙t͏͇̞̞͉̲̩̳o̷̺͚p ̴̘̳do̧̰̭͕̘ͅi͙͖n̯̞̫͞g̠̳̣̣̹ ͝t̡̰̦h̶͙͕̹a̧̘̠̥͈̥t͟?” Anti grits his teeth and reaches to draw a knife, but Bim grabs his arm and stops him.

“No, nothing is wrong here, we simply seem to have misplaced our friend.” Bim’s eyes have grown darker somehow, and when Anti peers over at him, he notes it with a strange prick in his heart. “We’ll handle it. Thank you.”

The Butler nods, instead offering them glasses of champagne. “The Master will be coming down shortly, please come around to the main parlor for his reception once you have located your missing companion.”

“Of course,” Bim says with a forced smile as the Butler turns to leave. “Anti, as much as I know it pains you, I’m going to have to ask that you keep the stabbing here to a minimum. We are in Wilford’s mind, after all, and I’d hate it if we were to do any permanent damage.” He sets his champagne aside.

Anti grumbles and tucks the dagger away again before shrugging off Bim’s hold on him and knocking back his own drink. “We still have to find the blind one or we’re both royally…” Anti glitches and disappears, winking out of existence like a dead star. His champagne glass falls and shatters against the marble floor.

“Anti?” Bim turns in every direction and tries looking down one hallway only to end up in some brand new part of the house that he hasn’t seen before. “I…”

“Hey, you!”

Bim jumps and turns to see the shining, golden outline of a young woman reaching towards him. “Who are you?”

She tilts her head to the side a bit, and Bim thinks that she might be smiling. “You’re Bim Trimmer, aren’t you? The one that I’ve been waiting for.”

Bim takes a step back, suddenly even more wary. “H-how do you know me?”

The gleaming specter reaches towards him again almost as if in a plea. “There’s no time to explain, I’m sorry. You won’t be able to stay here much longer because of your friend’s sickness, but I need your help. You see, you might be the only one capable of freeing my brother and I from the darkness.”

There’s a knot forming in Bim’s stomach as he pauses and really looks at the young, shining woman. The longer he looks, the better he can make out her facial features. She seems kind and smart, trustworthy. Bim relaxes his shoulders and smiles back at her. “I’d do anything to help, but shouldn’t I at least know your name?”

The specter’s golden aura turns warmer, redder as she says, “My name is Celine.”

Part 5

“Don’t you ever blind me

Don’t be a foolish thief

Am I?
Don’t you ever bring yourself to grief

Don’t you ever blind me
Don’t ever trick my mind
Did I?
Don’t you think that you can lie to me
Did I lie?

Fortuna exprimitur artibus falsis
Et mendacem memorem esse oportet

If he is your moon, I will be your earth
To which you can return, safely or injured.

I feel only misery for myself when I
Look through the eyes of someone else

Don’t you choke and bind me
Don’t be a bleeding heart
Am I?
Fold then walk away or play your cards
Let us play!

Fortuna exprimitur artibus falsis
Et mendacem memorem esse oportet

If he is your moon, I will be your earth
To which you can return, safely or injured.

I feel only misery for myself when I
Look through the eyes of someone else
I can’t even recognize the path which has to be
Taken to enter infinity.

Don’t you dare me
I dare you
You don’t care about me
I care about you
Don’t you touch me

Fortuna exprimitur artibus falsis
Et mendacem memorem esse oportet

Adoratio permanebit
Quotiens me eges, adero

I prefer to be unhappy with you,
Rather than being depressed without you.
I belong to someone, I’m dedicated to
Nothing lasts forever but you, you do…

I prefer to be a lair just like you
To fulfill my deepest desires
I belong to someone, I’m dedicated to
But all that I desire is you

One thoughtless moment passes in slow motion
As I lie down, I realise that…
All I wish is to get rid of this Obsessive Devotion

Venia ad vitam aeternam
Non mibi, non tibi, sed nobis

Hit me as you can
Beat me as you wish

Fortuna mutual coniuncti
Per tota saecula futura

I have raised myself for you
But now I regret

Venia ad vitam aeternam

This is the end

The Obsessive Devotion ~ Epica

warm hands, warm hearts - songs about being utterly and disgustingly in love [listen]

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