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Japanese Fans List The Manga They’re Worried Will Never End

There are manga that last a long time, and there are manga that last a long time. While series like Dragon Balland Naruto went on for over a decade, their creators eventually brought them in for a landing.

On the other hand, there are series that look like they’re just never going to end. Ranking site Goo asked its readers to list the manga they’d like to see finish, but are worried never actually will, and the results looked a little something like this.

Year in parentheses represents the year serialization began.

18. Kingdom (2006)

17. Vagabond (1998)

15 (tie). Akagi (1992)

15 (tie). Kachō Kōsaku Shima (1983)

14. Big Windup! (2003)

13. Hajime no Ippo (1989)

12. Five Star Stories (1986)

11. Golgo 13 (1968)

10. Bastard!! (1988)

9. Yūkan Club (1986)

8. Berserk (1989)

7. X (1992)

6. Crest of the Royal Family (1976)

5. Nana (2000)

4. Glass Mask (1976)


3. Hunter x Hunter (1998)

2. One Piece (1997)

1. Detective Conan (1994)

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Royal Stumph Appreciation Post

For years, I have appreciated Royal’s work! He is truly a master of fuming, constantly improving and innovating. This post is dedicated to a few of his newer works. Some day I hope to own a piece!


*Pictures not taken by me (RKBGlass). All credit to owners/photographers. For appreciation purposes only.*

We should go to bed.”
Rowan had surveyed every inch of the apartment within moments of arriving, but he asked as casually as he could, “Where should I sleep?”
She patted the bed behind them. “Just like old times.”
He clenched his jaw. He’d been bracing himself for this all night - for weeks now. “It’s not like the fortress, where no one thinks twice about it.”
“And what if I want you to stay in here with me?”
He didn’t allow those words to sink in fully, the idea of being in that bed. He’d worked too damn hard at shutting out those thoughts. “Then I’ll stay. On the couch. But you need to be clear to the others about what my staying in here means.”
There were so many lines that needed to be held. She was off-limits - completely off-limits, for about a dozen different reasons. He’d thought he would be able to deal with it, but -
No, he would deal with it. He’d find a way to deal with it, because he wasn’t a fool, and he had some gods-damned self-control. Now that Lorcan was in Rifthold, tracking them, hunting for the Wyrdkey, he had bigger things to worry about.
She shrugged, irreverent as always. “Then I’ll issue a royal decree about my honorable intentions toward you over breakfast.
—  Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas

I was in London last week, and bought way too many books (but I had a lot of fun doing it!) Featuring Hermione, mug from Warner Bros studio tour, and bookmarks from Waterstones.