royal family's tomb

Death in the family

During our campaign, the prince of the kingdom was planning to meet our female barbarian player at night, by the fountain, to exchange information to continue the campaign.

Prince: Now, before I spill on the location of the royal tomb, I need to know if I can trust you intimately.

DM: The prince advances on (barbarian’s name) and corners her between the flowing fountain and his commanding presence, making a move for a kiss.

Barbarian: I slap the prince for disrespecting my honor!

The barbarian rolls for accuracy against evasion and passes, then rolls for a barbarian multiplier (house rules) and lands a nat 20

DM: You wind up, ready for the slap, but some otherworldly force seems to guide your hand. The hands of a million barbarian warlords seemed to be lending you strength as you slap the prince’s head clean off, sending it careening into the stone walkway with a meaty thud. The prince’s body slumps into the fountain and the water turns a deep crimson. Whatever the prince knew is lost to all who do not see past the veil.

(The story only continued because our thief tailed the prince’s casket as it was taken to the royal family tomb)