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Contractually Obligated (AJ Styles) Vol. 2

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Characters: AJ Styles X OFC

Summary: Madeline Langely has been a valued employee at WWE for almost a decade. She started as an assistant for Stephanie McMahon. With hard work and loyalty to Stephanie, she began to climb the corporate ladder. She has won over Vince and Hunter being trusted with contract signings and scouting. Her first major contract without any assistance from the McMahons comes with the name of, AJ Styles. Having never met the man before she’s not sure what she’s in for. At the end of the meeting, she will realize in full why AJ Styles is labeled, The Phenomenal One, but not in the way you expect.

Notes: This is a fic I have been thinking about for well over a month. It’s something new to me. I’ve done research here and there to accurately depict the situations presented. Also, @unabashedwwesmut is a contributor. We are parenting this fic to life together. I hope you all enjoy what is to come!!

Warnings: None quite yet!

Word Count: 2k

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So @protect-drake found an absolutely dreamy face claim for Maxwell: Xavier Serrano (originally shown in their amazing TRR Instagram edit! 😍) and I couldn’t resist revealing the fruits of my Instagram snooping *objectively compiling a few photos.

That last gif is totally Maxwell going, “Dance, dance, dance!” 😂

Thoughts, Maxwell lovers? 😊


Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire by disneylori


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