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I don’t want to be your mother


You mean the stuff covering most of Alphys’ possessions?

Aw, sir, c-come on!


Oh God, here we go again. 

Th-they’re just teasing you, sir. B-because they know they can g-get a reaction out of you.

Yes, well, if they tease me one more time, this blog is gone for good-



[Under the desk]







Numbers Do Justice

I’ve been needing to write for a while now, but I haven’t had any inspiration. Then I was scrolling through the Prinxiety tag and saw @incorrectprinxietyquotes​  post, and @theasgardiandetective​‘s  art, and it made me laugh. The art was fabulous and the post was great, so I decided to write a quick something on it :)

@use-it-ironically, and @lekawaiimelon (because I love your fics lol)

For once Prince and Anxiety weren’t been fighting. They were just sitting in the kitchen, up at the bench, Anxiety scrolling aimlessly through his phone and Roman eating a bowl of cereal. It was silent in the room, broken only by the occasional crunch from Prince or the sound of a quick tap on the phone screen from Anxiety. It was a comfortable silence, each more or less ignoring the other’s company. It was nice. But at the same time, the silence was strange. The two characteristics always seemed to be bickering, so for a room that held them both to be void of noise was almost disconcerting. In Prince’s opinion, however, the change was pleasing. At least for now.

Anxiety, of course, couldn’t let the sweet silence stay.

The darkly dressed boy looked up from his phone screen at Roman for a second, narrowing his eyes. He was suspicious; they never went this long with any snarky insults or arguing. He had to keep up the record! Anxiety frowned at his phone, trying to come up with ideas for what to say, when out of the corner of his eye he saw Prince studying his own reflection in a spoon. Anxiety’s eyes widened slightly and he began smirking to himself as he realised what he was going to say.

Roman’s flaw always was that he was too vain, which made him easy to insult.

“Hey, Princey?” Anxiety started out, making his expression look as innocent as possible. Roman looked away from the spoon.


“I know I can be mean to you sometimes, but… words can’t describe how cute you are.” He said. Prince’s eyes widened momentarily, but he soon regained his posture. Apparently he was used to being complimented all the time, if the stories he told about how he heroically saved damsels in distress were anything to go by.

“Really?” He sounded a little astonished. Then he smiled graciously. “Why Anxiety, that has to be the nicest thing you’ve ever said to me!” Anxiety smiled and shrugged, absently noticing the tiny blush that sprinkled its way across Roman’s cheeks.

“True. But hey, even if words can’t do you justice, numbers can!” He smirked wickedly and looked back at his phone screen. He could imagine Prince’s puzzled stare as he tried to figure out what Anxiety meant by that.

“3 out of 10.” Anxiety told him stoically. He had to force evil laughter back when he saw the royal boy’s expression, however. It was a horrified mixture of shock, disbelief and outrage. Roman’s hand flew up to his chest, silently conveying how dare you?

Anxiety simply grinned at him and looked back at his phone.

Prince had never been so offended.


colorful floral statement necklace with red, pink, blue, purple, burgundy, orange and green crocheted flowers - Anemone Coronaria by irregularexpressions by irregular expressions

You know what I think about this a lot, but am I the only one that’s actually made pretty uncomfortable by the idea that romantic/sexual attraction is what gender you’re attracted to?

I understand why that was changed from sex, because that was problematic in itself

But I don’t feel like gender is a better term either because that’s presuming that you can somehow see and determine gender when?? It’s one of the most volatile, indistinguishable and intangible things on the planet?? How in the hell are you attracted to gender?? What is gender?? Where is it???

idk maybe it’s just cause i’m non-binary (and quite clearly straight men and non-straight women arent attracted to me bc of my gender) so I suppose it affects me more directly, or rather I have more reason to question it…. who knows

The New Princess - chapter 1

Pairing: Dean x reader, modern prince!Dean AU

Summary: You look exactly like the princess of Genieve who is promised to marry the prince of your country, Prince Dean. But what happens if the princess doesn’t want to marry him and meets you, her look-a-like?

Words: 2200ish

Warnings: none

A/N: This is going to be my first series ever! I’m so excited for this one and finally: here’s the first chapter! Sorry that this isn’t the most interesting chapter but I need to set the scene a little before jumping into action. The part in italics is the same as the one in the teaser. Hope y’all enjoy! Feedback is very welcome and if you want to be tagged in future parts just let me know!

The New Princess Masterlist

Originally posted by unbrokenj2

Ruffling through your bed hair, clad in your pj’s, you descended the stairs step by step. Still a little groggy from just waking up, you reached the ground level of the house safely and made your way for the kitchen, your stomach rumbling at the mere thought of food. You rubbed the last remnants of sleep out of your eyes as you sat down at the breakfast table. You mumbled a morning towards your mother, grabbing a slice of bread and the jar of nutella. You spread a thick layer of the chocolate paste onto the bread and started eating your breakfast. Your mom kissed your cheek as you swallowed the first bite.

“Did you get a good sleep?” she asked, placing a glass of orange juice in front of you. You thanked her and nodded your head to answer her question. Taking another bite, you enjoyed the sweet taste of chocolate and washed it away with the orange juice. Your dull eyes settled on the little tv placed in a corner on the counter. With another mouthful, you started following the news that was airing at the moment.

“… landing today. We have footage off the princess exiting the plane and meeting a part of our royal family. King John and Queen Mary welcomed the princess to our country,” the female reporter announced as the screen changed to a plane landing and a little while later to a girl appearing at the exit door of the plane. She waved at the crowd before walking down the stairs and greeting the King and Queen. You looked at your plate, finishing the sandwich before making another one. As you were focusing on your breakfast the camera footage changed to the princess’ face for a while.

“Oh my! Princess Elizabeth grew up so much since I last saw here on tv,” your mom gasped.

“Princess who?” you mumbled as you glanced at your mother, a questioning look on your face.

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