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Prince Night~どこにいたのさ MY PRINCESS~ Full version

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Narnian Locations (6/?)

The Royal Library of Cair Paravel

Built by King Edmund The Just, the library held a collection of narnian history, laws, politics and geography books (among others rarities); besides of four statues of the kings and queens of the Golden Age.

Prince Night ~ Where are you !? MY PRINCESS  MV

ハイネと4王子(P4 with T)が歌う『Prince Night~どこにいたのさ!? MY PRINCESS~』MVを解禁 フル尺は6/30発売の【BD&DVD第1巻映像特典】として封入決定


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遅い時間までお付き合い頂いたプリンセス(プリンス)の皆様、本当にありがとうございました 引き続き、王室教師ハイネをよろしくお願い致します MV撮影の際のワンシーン


Fleur de Lys Tiara

This tiara, considered the most important diadem of their collection, called “La Buena” (The Good one) and only worn by the Queens of Spain, was a wedding present from King Alfonso XIII to his bride, Princess Victoria Eugenie of Battenberg. Made in 1906 by Ansorena with more than 500 diamonds set in platinum, it features the Fleur de Lys, the Bourbon’s emblem.

From the beginning, this diadem became one of the favorites of the young Queen, who was married wearing it and chose it for her first photo session as Queen of Spain in 1906.
Her Majesty was photographed and painted with the Fleur de Lys on numerous occasions. Shortly after her wedding the Queen opened the tiara and started wearing it in its current form.
Queen Victoria used the tiara throughout her life, and unlike many of her tiaras and  jewels, she never lent it to her daughters, the Infantas Beatriz and María Cristina.Queen Victoria Eugenia lent the tiara to her daughter-in-law, the wife of the Head of the Family, on a few occasions, one of them for the coronation of Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom in 1953.

In her will, the late Queen Victoria Eugenia left the Fleur de Lys tiara to her son Don Juan, Count of Barcelona and pretender to the Spanish throne. The tiara was left for the exclusive use of the Queens so when King Juan Carlos was proclaimed King in 1975, his mother, the Countess of Barcelona passed the tiara to the new Queen, Sofía of Greece and Denmark.
Queen Sofía has used the Fleur de Lys tiara on the grandest occasions, like State Visits from other Monarchies or the 60th Jubilee of the King of Thailand in 2006, the last time she wore the tiara. Following tradition, the next wearer of the tiara would be the Princess of Asturias after her husband becomes Felipe VI, King of Spain.

Glacier headcanons!!!

- whenever Cole does push-ups, he asks Zane to sit on his back so he “can actually have a challenge for once” (Cole does it because Zane keeps him from overheating, and also he likes to show off for the nindroid)

- Zane sometimes asks Cole to taste-test his recipes, and they use this time as a really sweet bonding experience

- Zane doesn’t tell anyone but PIXAL (since my headcanon is that she’s his long-suffering best friend/platonic soulmate) that he really, really likes Cole’s muscles

- seriously, Zane will stare at Cole who’s sweating and working out and PIXAL will just lightly scold him before teasingly pointing out all of Cole’s muscle groups

- Kai is super perceptive and instantly picks up on this thing between Cole and Zane, but doesn’t say anything because he wants them to figure it out for themselves

- Lou and the Royal Blacksmiths, Edna, Ed, Dr. Julien, Wu, Garmadon, and Misako (basically all the older folks) know what’s up with the Earth and Ice Ninjas. They have a betting pool going on for when either boy asks the other out

- Kai eventually learns about the betting pool and joins in (he’s got his money on Cole asking Zane out at a really romantic moment like watching the sunset after a battle because Cole is that kind of guy ya know)

- the Betting Pool Squad eventually renames the ship, “OTP: Triple Tiger Sashay” because of how Zane seems to melt whenever Cole pulls off that move

- Cole makes sure Zane is within eyesight whenever he does the Triple Tiger Sashay because he always does the famous Growl at him

- the Growl does things to Zane’s internal systems and PIXAL has to do a mini reboot to get him back online

- Zane isn’t consciously sexy or suggestive, but he moves gracefully and that draws Cole’s attention because he can appreciate that kind of movement as a dancer

- neither boy knows when they started liking the other, it just sort of happened naturally for the both of them

- in their down time, Cole and Zane often play chess; both are highly intellectual and love mental challenges. Most of the time their matches end in draws

- professionally, Cole appreciates Zane’s intelligence, insight, and ability to quickly adapt to new situations; Zane appreciates Cole’s hardworking attitude, leadership abilities, and focus in battle

- non-professionally, Cole likes introducing Zane to new movies and music and books, making him laugh or smile whenever there’s a chance, and being his taste-tester in the kitchen; Zane likes engaging Cole in deep discussions about anything and everything, being his regular sparring partner, and watching Cole do dance routines

- Cole and Zane are more introverted than extroverted, and so spend a lot of comfortable silence in each other’s company either reading or meditating

- funnily enough, Lloyd thought they were dating since way in the beginning. When he tells Kai this, Kai cracks up and includes Lloyd in the Betting Pool

- out of all the Elemental Masters, Karlof ships Glacier the most because he saw how Cole reacted to finding Zane alive in Chen’s dungeon and how close Cole stayed near Zane during the planning stage of the break-out mission

- Neuro also ships Glacier because he got snippets of their thoughts on each other, and secretly thinks it’s kinda cute but doesn’t tell anyone

- Karlof and Neuro eventually join the Betting Pool Squad, and that’s a whole other story