royal earrings


Leuchtenberg sapphire tiara, necklace and earrings

This diamond and sapphire parure (set) was a wedding gift from French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte to his adopted son’s wife, Princess Augusta Amalia of Bavaria. The Duchess of Leuchtenberg (as she was known after her marriage) gave the set to her daughter Josephine when she married the future King Oscar I of Sweden in 1823. The parure is now in the family foundation in Sweden and has been worn mostly by queens and those acting as first ladies of the country.

Klance AU - please give credit if used in any way

Okay I had this idea while dosing off and I regret not getting it down sooner because I forgot almost all of it within an hour but imagine almost everything being the same expect the blue lion accepted Allura as her paladin instead of Lance momentarily because Lance lives on a far away alienated planet and is the prince of said planet, so Keith found the red lion and basically is in Lance’s place only he is still the same as he was in canon. Keith flies the Voltron team out to Altea and Pidge was the one to go down to where Shiro had been held captive because she recognized Keith and knew Keith was brothers with him. Pidge hoped that he was going for something involving her family and impulsively went after him. Then it follows the story line until red paladin Keith and yata yata the shit mentioned before. Allura tells them that Voltron can’t be formed without the blue lion but the lion unexpectedly accepts her because blue knows they are in danger and wants Allura to lead her and the others to the rightful paladin (the blue lion was also in the ship with the black lion). They fight off Zarkon the same way they cannonly did only with Allura in Lance’s place. Then the Worm hole bs happens and Keith is sent to this old planet that is basically only three colors: black, purple, and white and is very dark except for occasional glowing purple lights with golden decor. There is also a strange aura of light coming from a supernatural crystal ball. The ball shows a palace in a light purple aura. Said palace looks completely abandoned and you can see the tension around it. The planet is in chaos and in a war with itself, basically an outer space civil war. There has been a bunch of highly intelligent traps set up around the royal palace including false wormholes, tunnels, magic hallucinations and other stuff like from the blade of Mamora trials only more dark. Red flies off in the direction of the palace (somehow knowing where to go) and Keith follows. Red uses their mental link to tell Keith to go through the boundaries up around the palace. After two days of non stop fighting himself and the mind tricks set up by the palace Keith makes it through only to be injected with an alien tranquilizer and is instantly knocked out, but not before seeming a darker skinned, glowing figure in a white royal robe with pointy ears. When Keith wakes up he is in a holding cell and chained down to a torture gurney. Keith begins to scream and is frantically yelling that he comes in peace and doesn’t even know where he is and just wants help. He then noticed a slightly glowing creature in the corner of the room move, and is then blinded by the bright stare of the figure he caught a glance of earlier. Keith instantly shuts up at the fierce glare of the strangely stunning character. The being has strange, swirling markings around the sides of ?his? face, right around his temple and stopping at the tops of their cheeks, pointy ears that are a little bit longer than human ears, and a glowing white complexion despite being on the darker side of tan. The figure asks who he works for while taking out a blade. Keith’s Mamora blade (Keith doesn’t know it’s origin yet). Keith begins to panic more as the being gets closer and gives his a glare Zarkon himself would be impressed by. He stuttered out that he is the red paladin of Voltron and the being all but falls back in surprise. They quickly untie him, and introduce themselves. it’s Lance, the missing blue paladin. *might turn this into a story but idk*

Diamond Girandole Earrings, formely in the collection of Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent (1770s).