royal earrings

Diamond Girandole Earrings, formely in the collection of Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent (1770s).


The Habsburg Peridot Parure

This impressive parure is a rarity as it uses peridot, a semi-precious stone that can be found in jewelry from as far back the early 2nd millennium B.C.. Peridot comes in shades of green ranging from a vivid yellowish/olive green to a brownish green. The Habsburg Parure features a selection of exceptional peridots with few inclusions, huge size, excellent cut, and a deep olive color. The diamond and peridot parure consists of a large tiara, earrings, 2 brooches, a devant de corsage, and a necklace with seven pendents. These pendents can be removed and attached to the tiara as uprights.

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Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates it!

This is the first year I didn’t paint eggs but I did take some time to draw a few of my favorite royal couples in bunny ears!

Please do not edit, repost my art on other websites, or remove this text! Thank you! (✿◠‿◠)

anonymous asked:

*yanks one of his ears* so cute!!! and soft!!

Ow hey carefully with the royal ears. *moves so anon has a better reach. Also gives one a quick feel* Your right they are soft. ((7/20))

Roswitha of Lorenzen, Second Princess of Nohr

After the poisoning of Second Consort Annaliese of Buelen, Irma of Buelen took her daughter and nephew back to Morbank to live out their childhood. When Jeremiah left to study magic with their uncle Horatio of Buelen, Irma decided to teach her the art of swordplay to ease her of loneliness, and the girl excelled at it. Roswitha returned to Castle Krakenburg at age ten more or less a master at the blade, but spoke little because of her mother’s urging to stay away from the other children of dragon’s blood. Her father welcomed her with open arms, and, impressed by her skill, named her a genius swordswoman of the family, a title she took with great pride.

One of the few people Roswitha was close with besides her parents was her brother Marius, who was eager to cross blades with her. He promised that they would fight alongside each other when she came of age, but this would not come to be when the elder died on the border of the Bottomless Canyon. Not long after, her mother died a knight’s death in the battlefield against a certain Kinshi Knight.At thirteen, Roswitha was allowed to join the army in the erupting conflict and drew her blade for her fallen brother and mother, driven purely by her desire to serve her father, the only living person she felt any closeness to, as long as she was useful to him.

Although she never fought in any major battles on the front lines, Roswitha served the ever expanding kingdom in the south, and helped Augustine of Albrand stomp out rebellion in Fallmount. One of her earliest conquests was a piece of territory in the very South of Fallmount, where she found and attacked a tribe of ice magic practitioners. In a matter of hours, she was said to have slain half the village and brought the tribal chief to his knees when she brought forth the bodies of his wife and daughter. She was known in the army as a notorious risk taker who possessed the devil’s luck for relying heavily on her own ability and strength alone.

When conflict died down, Roswitha returned to find that she wasn’t at all prepared for all the duties expected of the First Princess, now that Diantha was officially dead. With no battlefield to turn to and her initial upbringing disconnecting her from the court, she had become a liability than an advantage to the Buelens, who thought she was ineffective at the negotiation table for losing against the likes of Camilla, who flourished in the realm of politics. When the king no longer acknowledged her in the court, she finally understood the true meaning of failure. Inside, she knew she was too young to meet such lofty expectations, but she was a genius. It was her own fault that she was not making a place for herself in the court. Following a string of failures in domestic affairs, her unpopularity in the court sent her spiraling down to the point that she skipped meetings and preferred to stay in bed, despite her servants’ dismay. On days that she felt restless, Roswitha partook in solo hunting trips far from the castle where she could bask under the moon and feel any sort of joy or accomplishment.

One day, Camilla reached out to her in an effort to reunite the family again and made Roswitha realize her longing for a companionship. Even though she was disheartened that Jeremiah would no longer speak to her, the princess finally made peace with Xander, who had grown less disagreeable after his siblings’ urging to relax at Castle Arlcliff. He became more willing to lend her advice for future council meetings so she would quarrel less with him and receive praise from their father again. Life truly was improving.

Tragically, the princess was found dead on a hunting trip with Camilla, who claimed she wanted to lighten up her sister’s spirits. Her wounds appeared to have been inflicted by a ferocious bear, though some argued that it was a misguided axe on the younger sister’s part. Nevertheless, Camilla was consequently named First Princess of Nohr, and continued to hold the position with no more challengers. Many who suspected foul play wondered if she murdered her sister in cold blood. When Camilla requested for her crown to be constructed with the bull of Buelen in mind rather than the roses and crows of Minett, all was made clear.

I kinda like reading descriptions like these in some fantasy narrator’s voice, but I know I don’t have the talent or equipment to narrate things myself, haha. Also the royal house finally has a name for this AU.

Also there were several conflicts between Hoshido and Nohr prior to the main game’s events. The first major one started right after Ikona got shot out of the sky. The second one occurred after Sumeragi died trying to fix the first conflict, and this one ended in an awkward armistice thanks to Mikoto’s efforts, and another one started five years before the story begins and ends not long after Damian’s death, resulting in Nohrian defeat. I’ll index them on the past timeline later.

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