royal dutch family


♔ Future Kings and Queens of Europe ♕

Elisabeth ➞ Belgium ♕

Catharina-Amalia ➞ the Netherlands ♕

Ingrid Alexandra ➞ Norway ♕

Christian ➞ Denmark ♔

Leonor ➞ Spain ♕

Estelle ➞ Sweden ♕

George ➞ the United Kingdom ♔


Queen Silvia of Sweden, Queen Máxima of the Netherlands, Queen Mathilde of the Belgians and Queen Sofía of Spain greeting members of the Thai Royal Family at one of the funeral services for King Bhumibol Adulyadej “Rama IX” of Thailand. (26th of October 2017)


In the Netherlands we have this holiday on 27 april and we call it koningsdag (kingsday). On that day we celebrate the royal family with some tradtions.

This is our royal family

From left to right it is: our king Willem Alexander, our queen Maxima and their kids, Ariane, Amalia and Alexia.

Here are some traditions,

We all dress in orange, because it is our national color and eat a lot of orange colored food.

We have flea markets all across the country.

At those flea marktets we usually also have some traditional games such as koekhappen. The goal of that game is to eat a cookie of a wire above you without using you hands

There is also this game, it is called spijkerbroekhangen. (jean hanging). The goal is to hang as long as possible to the trousers. Sometimes we even place a little pool of dirt underneath the jeans.

I hope you liked this post and as we say in the Netherlands, tot ziens!

Here is a bonus picture of our king throwing a toilet bowl.


The most regal looks on royal women → As requested by anonymous


Various Royals  arriving at the gala dinner at the Royal Palace in Oslo, Norway on May 9, 2017 to mark the 80th Birthday of King Harald and Queen Sonja. 

Photos by Haakon Mosvold Larsen /AFP/Getty Images


Queen Maxima of the Netherlands absolutely killing it in a new floral embellished gown designed by Jan Taminiau while attending a 50th birthday celebration dinner for King Willem Alexander at the Royal Palace of Amsterdam on April 28th, 2017.


Dutch State Opening of Parliament
The Hague, Netherlands, 19 September 2017.

Prinsjesdag – the third Tuesday in September – is the State Opening of Parliament. The King travels in the Golden Coach from Noordeinde Palace to the Binnenhof. On his arrival, he is welcomed to a joint session of the Senate and the House of Representatives. He delivers the annual Speech from the Throne, in which the government outlines the current state of affairs in the Netherlands and its main plans for the coming year. After the Speech, the King returns to Noordeinde Palace in the Golden Coach. The day’s events are surrounded by pomp and ceremony.

Source: Het Koninklijk Huis
Photos: Ministerie van Defensie, Ministerie van Financiën, ©Patrick van Katwijk, © ANP / Robin van Lonkhuijsen, © Hollandse Hoogte / Frank van Beek, ANP