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It wasn’t requested but here is a Royal Baekhyun. No need to post if you guys don’t want to but I just wanted to say that I learned how to make it looking at your work XD Thank you very much o/

Royal Baekhyun

Essays in Existentialism: Monarchy

I know you did a royal one but how about a different spin where one isn’t suposed to get the crown maybe second or third and then they get it or will get it? And they have to grow up quick to take over?

Pulled back from the front, the shore was a paradise, compared to inland where the stalemate waged, waiting for the big push. The sun took its time dripping through the July sky. Frozen in the thick, heavy evening, it glowed and made the world red and blue and purple and golden, while the water licked at the burnt shore and tried to soothe a bit of the earth for the soldiers.

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My Queen (King George III x Reader)

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Requested by: Anonymous who wanted some fluffy King George x Reader

Summary: It’s your wedding day and you are all ready to marry your fiancé, who just happens to be the King of England! When you start having self doubts, George is there to comfort you.

Warnings: None!

Time Period: Hamiltime

Words: 1530

A/N: So, I loved writing this because I love King George and Jonathan Groff. To the requester, I hope this is what you were looking for. Sorry if I got any detaisl wrong about royal weddings during the 1700s. Anyway, thank you so much for everyone’s support and please feel free to leave some requests!!

You woke up and rubbed the reminiscent of sleep from your eyes. As mind started to think about the day ahead, your eyes shot open and a huge smile stretched across your face.

Today was the day you had been looking forward to for months. Today was the day you would be marrying George, the love of your life.

Jumping out of bed, you looked around the room, and your eyes landed on a bouquet of flowers. Right next to them, sat a small card with George’s fimilar handwriting. It read:

My dearest, (y/n):

You are the light of my life, and I still cannot belive that you agreed to marry me. I am eagerly anticipating the moment your beautiful figure glides down the aisle so that we may become man and wife. Until then, just know that I am thinking about you.

Forever yours,

(King) George

You smiled down at the note and brought the flowers closer to your face so you could smell their fresh scent. After setting them down, you ate the tray of breakfast that had been laid out for you.

Next, two maids came into your room to help you prepare for the ceremony. They sat you down in front of a mirror and pulled your hair into an elegant updo, curling the front sections that framed your face. Afterwards, they applied some makeup.

Finally, they laced up your corset and helped you into your wedding dress. It was a white, ballgown styled dress with lace. It had three-quarters length sleeves and a train coming off the back. You were finally allowed to see the final product when your veil was put on.

You beamed at your reflection because you felt truly beautiful. Everything felt absolutely perfect. All that was left to do was wait until the ceremony started. You thanked the maids and they offered their compliments before they left.

“You look truly radiant, miss.” the shorter one told you.

The other maid nodded and smiled at you before saying, “You almost look like a queen.”

With that, the two bowed their heads and left you alone to your thoughts.

All of the sudden, you began to get this nervous feeling in your stomach. It made you feel like you needed to throw up, so you decided to pace back and forth to keep the feeling at bay. The feeling did not go away, and the thoughts running around in your mind were not making it any better.

Your mind was a jumbled mess, but the only thing you could make out was the phrase, “You almost look like a queen.”

What was that supposed to mean? Was she mocking you? Subtly saying that you were unfit to marry King George and rule by his side?

Unfortunately, these thoughts were not anything new. Ever since the beginning of your courtship with George, you had contemplated whether you really deserved to be with him or not. All of these thoughts took you back in your memoires when you and George first began your courtship.

It was not like you were born into royalty or any sort of nobility. Your father was a black smith and your mother was a seamstress. From a young age, you were given the reasonability of looking after your younger siblings and learning the duties of a housewife.

The life your parents lived was not one you could ever be satisfied with, and you had vowed that you would make something of your life. Never in your wildest dreams did you think you would end up marrying the King of England, but it happened.

You had been going into town to pick up some food, when you came across two men having a political debate. One was saying that the King (who was George at the time) was young, inexperienced, and had no right ruling the country, while the other man was defending the King.

Quickly, you had stepped in and defended the king. Eventually, the debate had ended and you turned to the man you were supporting, He asked if you could walk you home, and the rest was history.

Once you and George had been courting for a few months, (he had revealed his true identity already) he decided to let your relationship be known to the people of England. The news was not well received.

People of nobility and those you were not were appalled over the fact that you were just a commoner. Instantly, you received letters upon letters saying how you were nothing more than a dirty whore, looking to steal the government’s money and destroy the monarchy.

Each time you would receive one of these letters, George would rip it up and gather you into his arms. Then, he would draw patterns on your back, while reassuring you of his love.

You were brought from your thoughts with a sharp knock on the door. You wiped away the few tears that had slipped down your cheeks and called to see who it was.

“It’s me, my darling,” A familiar voice spoke.

The grin you wore earily returned as you heard the soothing voice of your fiancé. You took a few steps forward and you were about to open the door when a thought hit you.

“Goerge, you know it’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding.” you chided him.

“I do not care, I want to see my beautiful bride. I cannot wait for you to officially be my queen” he admitted.

At the word queen, your smiled dropped and sat down on the nearest coach. Although a your heart was racing, you knew what you had to do.

“George?” you spoke, your voice barely above a whisper. “Are you absoutlley positive that you wish to marry me?” you questioned, voice cracking in the middle.

“Of course, my love. Why would you ever doubt the love I hold for you?” he asked you, shocked at your comment.

“I-I just, I am not royality.” you admitted, half ashmaded. “And I know many people did not want that wedding to happen for that reason. And while I was preparing, one of the maids told me I almost looked like a queen. I know she didn’t mean anything by it, but it just made me worried.” you explained, rushing through your sentences.

It was awhile until George spoke again and you knew it was partially him trying to deicive what he said. Finally, you heard shifting on the other side of the door, and you saw a bit of his hand underneath the door, searching for your hand.

Smiling, you let your fingers brush against his and sighed. “(y/n),” George started. “I do not care what others say, or if you are royalty or not. All that matters is I love you, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” he confessed.

Now, a few tears of joy slipped down your cheeks, and you brushed them away laughing gently at yourself. How could you ever think such thoughts or doubt George’s love?

After you thanked your fiancé, you heard his footsteps get further away, and you took a look at yourself in the mirror. Luckily, your makeup was still in place, and you just had to pin back your hair a bit.

Not long after your conversation with your soon to be husband, a knock was heard at the door. You knew it was time to walk down the aisle.

You gripped tightly onto your wedding bouquet and took a few deeps breath to try and calm yourself down. Then, the wedding march started and the doors opened. All heads were turned towards you and you put on your brightest smile.

Slowly, but confidently, you glided down the aisle, your dress and veil flowing gracefully behind you. As you reached the alter, you turned towards George and he was beaming right back at you. He extended his arms and pulled back your veil, showing off your radiant face.

Once vows and rings had been exchanged the officiator of the wedding asked you both a simple, yet so important question that you had the same answer to.

“I do.”

“Then I now pronounce you husband and wife.” you heard briefly.

But before you could move, you one of George’s arms wrap around of your waist, while the other cupped your cheek. He brought you into a passionate kiss, pouring all of his love into it. 

When you pulled apart, you felt happier than you ever had before in your life. Taking your hand, George gently turned the both of you to face the crowd. Gazing across the sea of people, you saw everyone smile, which boosted your own confidence.

“May I introduce for the first time, King George and Queen (y/n).”

While the crowd applauded again, George leaned in and whispered in your ear, causing you to giggle.

“Did you hear that? Your my queen.”

making it work.

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inspired by these prompts (one) (two) by @the-modern-typewriter

“Why do you hate me?”

“Hate you? I don’t hate you, that would require me spending far too much time thinking about you.”


“You could at least pretend to care about someone other than yourself.”

“I could, but lying is a sin, dearest and it seems like a lot of effort. Or are we also pretending you think I’m a good person?”

genre: angst(?), romance 

word count: 1.7k

Getting married to Jimin, sorry Prince Jimin, wasn’t my choice nor his. It was obviously my parents, they had arranged all of this since the two of us were in the womb. I hated being engaged to this jerk, he knew he was on top and took advantage of it, at least I was still humble despite my power. “Do I have to marry him?” I asked my father seriously, “It’s already been decided, so don’t you go off.” How he knew I would flee, I had no idea but I was going to do it anyway. I couldn’t stand Jimin, he was the definition of ‘I’m the prince so bow down to me because you’re unworthy’, specific as it may be that pretty much was a summary of Jimin.

I was grateful that I had decided to learn how to drive when I put an overnight bag into my car; the way I dressed made me appear like a commoner, this was a recurring thing I did. The hood of my jacket was pulled up as you drove away from my mansion into the next city over, where I usually ran away to. The car windows were down and I drove at a high speed until I reached your favourite place to be. It wasn’t magnificent, nowhere near home but it was comfortable and warm, unlike home. My phone was switched off, I had an emergency backup if I really needed someone. I entered Kai’s, my secret best friend, house and flicked the light switch.

“Yo, Kai! Where you hiding?” I shouted and her small head appeared from around the corner. “___? What are you doing here?” she laughed as she placed down her frying pan. “First of all, you’re ridiculous for thinking a murderer or burglar would switch the light on when they enter your home. Second of all, I wanted to get away from the hectic stuff at home. The parents are making my become Jimin’s fiancée.” I told her, dropping my bag and rolling my eyes simultaneously.

“Oh, the dickhead prince that the whole nation knows about? The one that has a new girl back at his everyday?” she asked as she walked towards her kitchen. “You got it. I’d be okay with it if it weren’t him, he’s so arrogant and annoying and I want to punch him every time I see him but enough about him. What’ve you been up to lately?” I asked Kai as she poured me a glass of juice. “School stuff, a couple dates, guys and girls. No luck.” she muttered as she sipped her juice. “At least you have the freedom to date.”

“Where is the princess?” father spoke as I was found missing from my room. “Did she leave? I specifically told her not to!” he said, practically ripping his hair out of his head. “You know she’s more likely to do things when she’s told not to.” mother told him calmly as she had her breakfast. “Where did she get that from?” “You were no difference as a prince, honey. Sneaking away to see me. You know, maybe we shouldn’t have arranged her marriage, we’re not arranged.” she told him. “But we’ve done what we’ve done now.” father muttered, giving up on wondering where you were. “She’ll come back in her own time.”

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Come Closer

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❝ The proposal had reached the walls of Queen Imanie’s castle, the letter of approval had reached yours. All that was left was to waste away the days until your fiance reached your door, spent in a constant state of excitement and flushed cheeks. But little did you know that this royal servant, now your fiance, would not only settle in your bedroom chambers with a heart belonging to someone else - but also bring annihilation to your kingdom. ❞

Queen!Reader x Sehun

Word count: 2,3K

Sweaty palms, excited grin made it’s rushed way down the grand stairs of the royal hall. The clicks of your delicate, heeled shoes against hard stone followed you as you skipped down ever marble step, down onto the vast, pale-stoned floor. Sweaty palms became aware of their inconvenience in the situation and let themselves be dragged over the soft cloth of the queen’s long, relaxed dress, effectively losing the disgusting moisture.

The sounds of wagons upon wagons arriving at the front of the royal castle, the chatter and the welcomes from your staff to the newly-arrived met your ears as you stepped out. What met your senses next - was the ethereal sight of your fiance, whom you had actually never spoken to before. His hair was dark, relaxed over his forehead and his brown eyes met yours with hidden mysteries, dreams, opinions, and interests.

You were to marry this man, and never before had the idea of a wedding sounded so fantastic to you before. You could only imagine his gratefulness; the opportunity he was given; from royal servant to Prince. He smiled shyly at you, reserved, and bowed his head slightly before taking the hand of one of your servant, moving out of the wagon and jumping down the small steps leading to the sturdy ground. Once the servants present noticed your own presence, they fell to the ground, leaving you and Sehun the only one standing.

As Sehun made his reluctant way across the palace yard over to you, you thanked Queen Imanie’s invite to tea only a few weeks ago, you thanked her for having this beautiful, mysteries boy as a servant, you thanked her for her approval when you asked for his hand in marriage - you thanked the heavens for bending to your very will.

“Sehun,” You spoke his name softly, fluency due to practice. “I’m thrilled to have you here as my fiance.”

Said man looked thrown off guard but smiled a shy smile again nonetheless. “I’m honored, Queen Y/N.”

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Did you know?

Understanding the growing interest of the British in colonizing various countries in Asia, in 1830, Taufa'ahau, started making strategic decision that would make it less likely for his country to become a British colony.

The steps that were taken including adapting himself as the King of a unified Tonga, changing his name as well as that of his wife to George and Charlotte, changing his style of dress to be more Westernized, encouraging spread of Christianity to the citizens of Tonga, creating a new legal code, outlawing alcohol consumption, and making Sunday a day free from work. His plan worked, Tonga was not colonized. George did take extra precautions in order to prevent colonization, he made it law that only Tongan males could only own land.

Before Midnight.

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pairing: jeonghan x reader
words: 1262.
au: cinderella

Never had you thought that godmothers were real, neither the thought that you were sitting in a carriage that had once been a pumpkin. Bubbling with excitement, you bounced on your feet. You were truly going to the ball. The carriage slowed down in front of the steps of the castle. You quickly covered your mouth with your hand: it was as beautiful as you ever had imagined it to be. ‘’Thank you,’’ you said to your footman, as you hurried up the stairs, praying that weren’t arriving late.

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otaku-alert  asked:

“you look like an accident.” for the prompt plz~ :))))

Thank you Hazel~

“You look like an accident,” Xanxus muttered, hardly looking up from his wine. Squalo grimaced at the lackluster response and grabbed the kid’s wrist more tightly. No telling what the little monster would do after such an obvious snub.

Fortunately, the princeling seemed to be in good spirits. He grinned widely and laughed. “Shishishi. I was a surprise,” he corrected. “Mother and Father weren’t expecting twins.”

“Bet they weren’t expecting to be murdered by one, either,” Xanxus rumbled, quiet. This was good. Xanxus was never quiet when he was agitated. Who knew, maybe the newest recruit was going to survive the night, after all. Still, Squalo didn’t dare to venture a sigh of relief—it wasn’t his style, for one thing, and for another, Xanxus was incredibly volatile and prone to rather explosive mood swings that Squalo was very careful to not accidentally set off. Little Belphegor, however, was trained to do no such thing and was consequently likely to be the catalyst of his own demise, and perhaps Squalo’s, too.

“They weren’t,” he said, agreeable enough. “They had such horrified looks on their faces when they found I’d killed ’Siel, and even more so when I killed them. Did you know—royal blood isn’t actually blue? It’s as red as the commoners’ when it encounters oxygen. Such a pity.”

“Is it, now,” Xanxus murmured. He took another sip from his glass, looking thoroughly uninterested.

“It is,” Belphegor confirmed gleefully, and he looked like he was about to go on, but a sharp tug on his wrist from Squalo forced him silent.

“So?” Squalo asked. “Is he in?”

Xanxus considered, swirling his wine around and watching Belphegor appraisingly.

“Ah, hell. Little monster’ll fit right in,” he decided, then waved a hand to dismiss them. Squalo immediately bobbed his head in affirmation and dragged Belphegor in the direction of the door. “Assign a Mist to him,” Xanxus called, already slouching in his throne of a chair. He didn’t elaborate on why, but then, none was needed—it was fairly obvious that otherwise, Bel would leave too many distinct tracks.

“Roger that.”

Squalo dumped the little Storm in front of Mammon’s room, eliciting a squeak and angry yelp. “Congratulations,” he said, glancing at the petulant little shit. “You’re in.” And then he knocked.

And that’s the story of how Bel joined the Varia and became attached at the proverbial hip to Mammon. The end.

Life of the Camelot Royals ft. Sick Tedros
  • Tedros: *is very sick* Aggie, i'M COLD
  • Agatha: *trying to finish Tedros' paperwork since he's sick* you are literally swaddled in blankets
  • Tedros: can you tuck me in, Aggie?
  • Aggie: Tedros i am trying to accomplish this report you were supposed to send in yesterday
  • Tedros: *sighs*
  • Tedros: Aggie, i'M HUUUNGRRYYY
  • Aggie: *sighs and decides to humor him* wait for a moment
  • Aggie: *leaves the room and comes back later with a bowl of Tedros' favorite soup* here, you big baby
  • Tedros: *stares expectantly at Agatha*
  • Agatha: *sighs* fine
  • Agatha: *starts feeding Tedros*
  • Tedros: *makes sound of contentment* tell the staff the food's getting better
  • Agatha: *blushes* i'll be sure to tell them
Domestic Drarry

“Potter, I’m home, let’s go eat someth-!”

“Come on Draco we’re married, stop calling me that. And I cooked…uh…what is it? Why are you looking at me like that?”

“It’s… did you cook everything on that table?”

“Well, of course I did, your royal dumbness. Who else could?”

“… I… didn’t know you could cook…”

“One can never stop learning, uh? Come here, taste this.”


“Potter, let’s go to the cinem… what the hell are you doing?”

“Pijama, pop corn and sofa. There’s Titanic on TV.”

“That’s ridiculous… and that obscene pijama is four sizes bigger than you.”

“I have one for you, too.” *Throws it*

“I can’t believe I’m actually doing this. What’s Titanic anyway…?”


*cry together*

“Draco come here, please.”

“What is it, Scarhe-!!! *cough* What…the…”

“Bath with me, Draco… I’m feeling lonely.”

“…LIKE I WOULD BATH WIth you, Potter… oh… ok… but stop with that face…”


“…Move further, you prick…”

“Yes, Sir…

wait… are you bathing in your slip?”





“I was thinking… would you not sleep on the sofa tonight?”


“I mean, we’re married… you could sleep with me… once in a while. Honestly, I don’t get you…are you in love with me or not?”


“ No, never mind. I get it… I’m going upstair-”

“POTTER! I… I’d like to sleep with you tonight…”

“Yes, I get i… WHAT?! Are you for real?”


“OF COUR-…of course, the sofa, yeah… just for that…”


“Potter… are you asleep?”




“I love you… Harry…”



“Good morning, Drac- Oh woah… you made breakfast!”

“Or, at least, I tried. OH, don’t eat that, it might poison yoU- NO… why did you do that… ”

“I like it, it’s mine.”

“…you can’t possibly be serious…”

“Thank you, Draco!”



“Enjoy your free day, honey. I’ll be back soon.”

“Have a safe trip, Scarhead.”

“Thanks. Ha! And, Draco?”


“I love you, too.”

“………..YOU UTTER BASTARD!!!!!!”

Did you know?

King George VI and Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother were the first reigning British monarchs to ever set foot on American soil. Thunderous applause greeted the royal couple when they arrived in Washington on June 8 for their five-day stay. The president and the first lady took the king and queen to Hyde Park, the Roosevelt’s home in New York. In a letter to her mother-in-law, Queen Mary, Elizabeth called the Roosevelts “a charming and united family” and wrote that they were “living so like the English people when they come to their country house.” The Roosevelts served them Hot dogs and details were later published on the front page of the New York Times.

My Playlist!

Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Grunge, R.I.P. Kurt Cobain)

The Dunwells - Lucky Ones (Pop rock? They aren’t well known but they are amazing)

Melanie Martinez - Dollhouse (Creepy and cute!)

BABYMETAL - KARATE (Kawaii Metal/J-Metal, a Japanese Metal group)

Hayley Kiyoko - Girls Like Girls (thanks @insertnerdycacklehere for telling me about this awesome gay pride song!)

The Royal Concept - Fashion (I found this from the Sims 4 soundtrack from Alternative Radio)

FOB - Light Em Up (Pop rock, the second FOB song I heard)

Imagine Dragons - Radioactive (Liked it after I listened to a Minecraft parody *blushes*)

Martin Garrix - Wizard (Really awesome song. Done.)

P!ATD - Emperor’s New Clothes (Pop rock, I love P!ATD)

LOLO - Hit and Run (I found this from the Sims 4 soundtrack from Spooky Radio)

My Chemical Romance - Teenagers (Rock :3)

DELAIN - Stardust (thanks again @insertnerdycacklehere for introducing me to DELAIN!)

Lady Gaga - Alejandro (pop, always been a fan of Lady Gaga!)

Namika - Hellwach (German pop, amazing singer)

Stromae - Papaoutai (thanks to my languages teacher for telling me about Stromae!)