royal chairs

O for a Muse of fire, that would ascend
The brightest heaven of invention,
A kingdom for a stage, princes to act
And monarchs to behold the swelling scene!


(Lines taken from “Henry V” by William Shakespeare, 1598-1599. The scene before the Royal Shakespeare Company’s performance of “Henry V” at the BAM Harvey Theatre. The throne is replica of the Coronation Chair/King Edward’s Chair. Photo by Riffchorusriff. March 31, 2016.)

i think my favorite thing about mcpoyle vs ponderosa is the implication that the mcpoyles are familiar enough with bird law to know about the three-strike rule and therefore know to protect royal from the chair. or lethal injection. or perhaps some sort of small bird guillotine. i wouldn’t understand the physics of it, i’m not an executioner. i’m just the best goddamned bird lawyer in the world.

Zelda: Ugh, that child had to jump on this chair in particular. I don’t believe we can salvage it.

Ganondorf: It is just a chair Zelda, no need to look so sour.

Zelda: It was a royal heirloom! It has been here for centuries! Count on a child from your loins to go and ruin it (¬_¬)

Ganondorf: He’s your child too, in case you forgot dear.

Zelda: Sigh…I suppose it cannot be helped. I shall call the maids to get rid of it.

Ganondorf: Ah Zelda, you cannot do that!

Zelda: And why not?

Ganondorf: Because Zelda, royal chairs should not be throne out.

Zelda: (¬▂¬)

Ganondorf: (¬、¬)

Zelda: I will always be amazed at your impeccable talent of making any situation infinitely worse (;¬_¬)