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>> Just Peachy (( NEW ))

< lifeguard au > smut // fluff // angst


You never expected Jeongguk to fall for you, you were just meant to be the lifeguard for his family pool. You thought it would be a quick fling but soon it’s clear he’s drowning and you’re left wondering if you can save him.

chapters: one | two | three

>> The Seducer

< gang au > angst // violence // fluff // smut


At first, you were just the person they kidnapped by accident but after discovering your talent for cards, they give you no chance but to join them.

But soon your first impression of these tough, indestructible boys melts away to reveal a set of loveable dorks that you can’t help but want to keep safe.

However death follows you like a shadow and with every heist and mission, your desire protects your adopted family from your past increases, but how will you do that when you’re the one harming them?

chapter: one | two | three | four | five | six | seven

>> Cosmogyral


< space au > (loosely based on voltron) fluff // angst

The princess in the moon goes searching for her fallen stars with the help of her royal bodyguard, who she’s had a crush on ever since he saved her life.

Together they will travel the cosmos in search of the missing zodiacs to restore peace and hopefully, Jeon Jeongguk will fall for her in the process.

chapters: one | two | three

>> Euphuistic ( overly flowery )


< flower shop and tattoo shop au > angst // fluff //smut

Just another cliche story about the girl with flower tattoos and the boy who works next door in the flower shop. A girl with endless hookups and confidence to spare and a shy boy, who only took the job because he needed some extra money but now knows the meaning of each flower.

This odd duo end up providing each other with a much needed, unexpected friendship, with a bit of help from the shop owners and customers.

chapters: one | two | three

(( Author’s Note: MY SURPRISE (!!) is that I have started some fics, just because i’ve only written drabbles and wanted to branch out a bit.One of them also contains my first smut scene…

I’ve been sitting on some of these ideas for almost a year, waiting for the right time to write them. I know a lot of you may follow me for drabbles which is why I’m not abandoning them! I am working on my 1k celebration and may start posting chapters of these every few days.

But this is a real dream of me and to ( hopefully ) have your support whilst writing these is amazing. thank you, everyone!  and whether you just read the drabbles or try out these is still amazing to me~ ))

Oddly Specific but Intruiging AUs
  • “Okay so when we were little I accidentally mentioned that I had a crush on you but I always thought you didn’t hear me because you just looked at me weird and never commented but now we’re in high school and omg you just introduced me as your boyfriend/girlfriend/datemate wtf we never discussed this!!!”
  • “Oh my god you just screamed ‘SO WHAT IF I LIKE YOU WHAT’RE YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT?’ at the top of your lungs in a very crowded restaurant and how about for starters I take you home and get you sober???”
  • “Why are you so clingy people will think we’re dating- I know we are but you’re the one who wants it to be secret you moron!”
  • “Umm okay I’m sorry you always thought your love for me was unrequited but on to more important matters YOU’RE GETTING MARRIED IN THE MORNING SO YOU HAVE A DECISION TO MAKE YOU ASSHOLE!!!”
  • “I’m a prince/princess/royal child and you’re a prince/princess/royal child from another country and my parents said to do whatever it takes to get this treaty signed between our countries. Hey I guess our forbidden romance will finally come in handy!”
  • “I understand that you’re my bodyguard but that was a freaking FRISBEE not a nuclear bomb jesus christ- Hey why are you still on top of me and why have I not noticed how beautiful you are?”
  • “Our mutual friend apparently has been waiting for us to get together and so they’re very angry/disappointed/upset when they find out that the reason we kissed last night was because we were black-out drunk, but hey I actually do like you so how’s lunch sound after we’re done being hungover and can actually stand being in the sunlight?”
  • “I’m a princess with magical powers, but I have to hide them because no one can know that my entire family are wizards. You’re a peasant but you’re very experienced with your magic so I start sneaking out so you can teach me how to control my magic”

anonymous asked:

One thing I never understand about the Dishonored lore: why is Delilah ostracized for being an illegitimate child of a ruler while Emily is completely accepted? Jessamine was never married and by the second game everyone knows that Corvo is her father. I mean Delilah's mom was a scullery maid but Corvo wasn't exactly seen as high society either because of his foreigner status. Maybe Jessamine made a decree about illegitimate children or something? Why is Emily so respected above Delilah?

1. It’s because Emperor Euhorn Kaldwin never acknowledged Delilah as his natural daughter. 

  • In general, I don’t know the precise social stigma surrounding illegimate children in the Dishonored universe, but from what I hear about Treavor Pendleton and others talking about it, it’s similar to our own Medieval-ish view, when heredity was paramount. 
  • In particular, Delilah was ostracized because when it came down to it, Euhorn didn’t step in and stop the Lord Spymaster from throwing Delilah and her mom into the streets. 

(If you believe Delilah’s story as she told it in DH2, then there is the possibility that Delilah is a year older than Jessamine, and was conceived possibly because his wife Beatrix had trouble conceiving an heir. Beatrix died during the birth of her second daughter, so the implication is that she had trouble with carrying a child to full term, and had fertility problems before this. Thus when Jessamine was born and survived into her teens, Euhorn saw no further need for Delilah.)

2. Emily isn’t completely accepted. When she was born it was highly rumoured that Corvo was Jessamine’s lover and thus the father. It was therefore scandalous that the heir to the throne be half-serkonan, and not even noble-born serkonan at that.

  • The fact that Jessamine never married is actually less troublesome for Emily than the fact of Corvo being her father. Although we can’t know because Jessamine never had any surviving siblings, it’s possible that in the 1800′s in the Empire of the Isles, male-preference primogeniture isn’t practised, so any issue of Jessamine’s body would be accepted as the royal heir (”accepted” as in “okay”, not “accepted” as in widely and publicly loved). [I’ve said it before and I might be totally mistaken in that the Royal Physician would naturally attend the birth of new heirs, but even if Sokolov didn’t, then I’m sure several doctor(s), nurses, maids or servants did, the point being that there would be several witnesses to Emily being born “from Jessamine’s body” and therefore being unquestionably her heir, no matter who the father might be.]
  • If Emily was completely accepted it would have been much, much more difficult for Delilah to execute a coup against her. If that was the case, upon hearing of Delilah’s ascension, the entirety of Gristol - if not the whole Empire - would have revolted, and I don’t know how many witches, clockwork soldiers, and guards Delilah and Abele had on the inside, but it’s got to be less than the number of people in the whole Empire. Even considering that your average citizen can’t hold a sword or shoot a bottle at twenty paces, Delilah and co would have lost very badly in that scenario.

3. Delilah’s mom being a scullery maid may have been one of the reasons Euhorn Kaldwin didn’t want to declare her as his natural daughter. We don’t know what Euhorn thought of having a daughter by a scullery maid but we can make a pretty good guess by his actions (allowing her to play with Jessamine only as long as she, Delilah, behaved herself). There’s also the ugly possibility that some might think a random daughter brought out and claimed as the daughter of a scullery maid might belong to another man.

4. You’re right, Corvo was never seen as high society, plus he was a foreigner. Those in the know would be aware that he came off the street, won the Blade Verbena, was granted an officer’s comission by the old Duke, then presented to Euhorn as a political offering. Relates to #2.

  • I agree with you, anon, on Corvo being seen like this. I’m not sure how many people know, and I don’t exactly make a habit of going around asking this - but the title “Royal Protector, Lord Corvo Attano” doesn’t come with any status, it’s only a formality, used instead of calling him “the Royal bodyguard.” They can order around almost anyone else at court in the name of royal safety, but the only purpose of the Royal Protector is to protect the Emperor/Empress. The Royal Protector holds no land and has no vote in Parliament. My point is that it would be extremely irritating to have to address Corvo as “sir” or “my lord” or bow to him, when everyone is viewing him as an unwashed Serkonan who can’t shave properly, has long, wild, unfashionable hair, and (possibly) a thick accent.

5. It’s possible that Jessamine made a decree about illegitimate children, we can’t know for sure, but given her personality, it’s unlikely. Remember how affectionate she was with Emily, and how she would not accept Hiram Burrows’s solutions to the rat plague? I can’t see Jessamine turning away Delilah in that fashion. We won’t know, though, because various individuals in authority already turned away Delilah much, much earlier (the Lord Spymaster and the chief jailer).

6. Emily is respected above Delilah 

  • in universe (Watsonian) because she was crowned at the end of the rat plague and the start of a new era of peace for Gristol. She may have ruled ineffectually and childishly for some or all of the fifteen years between the two games, but she was still the Empress, the ruler in which the people had to put their trust, and she was visible and somewhat respected. Delilah, on the other hand, is an usurper, and only managed to come to power via the coup - setting up the Crown Killer murders to look like Emily or Corvo were exacting revenge against their political opponents (weakening Emily’s position) and literally overpowering Corvo and the guards in the throne room. The people don’t know her.
  • out of universe (Doylist) because Emily is the daughter of the protagonist of the first game and second game/protagonist of the second game. There’s a minimum amount of sympathy that’s required for you to play a character for 10+ hours without you putting down your controller and saying “this character may be the PC, but they’re morally repugnant”. On the other hand, Delilah is the villain in both games. She’s set up to be antagonistic if not downright morally questionable. Basically you’re more likely to like Emily over Delilah because you’re supposed to, otherwise how can you sympathise with her plight?

I do hope I’ve answered your questions, anon =)

I needed more Royal Bodyguard au!! When they’re relaxing together, Yao always softly sings “Mice Love Rice” to Ivan who doesn’t understand a lick of Chinese but likes the melody and he assumed from the title that it was a silly children’s song. But then Yao shows him the song with translated lyrics and Ivan gets super adorably flustered at first but now demands Yao serenade him with it. ;//w//;